Joe and Kendra Wedding Registry

Who do you think is paying for Joe and Kendra’s wedding? That might effect the need for them to publish the registries list over the sisters (woman’s family pays for the wedding and all). Or does TLC pay for everything and it’s not an issue at all?

This ended up being a longer answer than I intended it to be, lol. I just started thinking this all through. 

This is a good question! Traditionally, in the United States, the bride’s family pays for the wedding and the groom’s family does the rehearsal dinner. Jessa’s wedding certainly seemed to have that format, with the Seewalds clearly in charge of the dinner the night before the wedding. However, I would guess TLC is definitely involved in the wedding. Jessa reused a lot of Jill’s decorations to save money; she told us this in talking heads during the season she got married. Joy and Jinger’s weddings had much more elaborate and personalized decor. I bet TLC stepped in because they didn’t want us to watch the same wedding 9 times over. 

Pastor Caldwell is a mechanic and a pastor (obviously) with a good sized family to support. I bet TLC will have to help financially if the Duggars expect him to pay for the wedding on his own. 

However, registries are for guests invited to the wedding to bring gifts that the bride and groom request to help start their lives together. It really wouldn’t matter whether or not the Caldwell’s, Duggar’s or TLC pay for the wedding, its the guests who buy gifts off it. So publishing it, to me, comes off like they want the general public to send them gifts. Which, in my opinion, is not super classy.  

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Hi I love the @drawfee squad, and I love the draw the squad memes. So I put them together and made these. I will make more but I wanted to post the ones I have so far. Hope you can figure out who is who(btw I’m the smol bean in the pink); I tried sticking with consistent outfits for most of them, and I hope everyone enjoys these. If not, I’m sorry.


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