caldo de tomate

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Could you share your pozole recipe?

I can… try? it’s more of a knowing what to do and winging the amounts of ingredients needed recipe than an actual follow-to-a-t recipe. it also all depends how much your making but I can explain what I do sans amounts? I usually make a big stock pot so I use a lot of everything.
you’ll need a pork roast, adobo, a jar of caldo de tomate, soft dried red chiles (lots of big ones, some little ones), bay leaves, whole garlic, tomatillos, hominy, cumin and cumin seeds, and oregano.
like I said, I usually make a big stock pot full so I use 2 pork roasts, a giant can of hominy, quite a lot of chiles, etc but I don’t know exact measurements so you kind of just have to know what you’re doing to make this.
you can dice up the pork meat or boil it whole it doesn’t matter, it’ll shred up in the end if you cook it long enough. you season it well with adobo and put it in a pot of water. add more adobo to the water, a decent amount of caldo de tomate, and bay leaves. boil it for hours until the pork is done and on the brink of falling apart.
when the pork is at that point you remove the seeds from the chiles. put all the seedless chiles (small and big) in a pot of water. take the husk off the tomatillos and put them in the water with the chiles. boil until the chiles are soft and the water is dark.
when the chiles are ready put some (not all in one go unless you’re making a small amount) in a blender. make sure you put the tomatillos too. add a clove of garlic to one blender full. put a little bit (if your blender is full to the top a good guestimate would be about half full or even less) of the pork broth in the blender. blend it up. now dump that red sludge into the pork brother. repeat until your boiled chiles are gone or you’re satisfied. next add the hominy to the broth, all of it. juice and everything. stir it then add cumin seeds, cumin seasoning, and oregano (again all subject to the amount you make) add a very small amount of salt and simmer for an hour or so, stirring occasionally.
it’s done! serve with whatever you like. tortillas, limes, cilantro, onions, etc.

total this usually takes me 6 to 8 hours but again, everything is subject to the amount of pozole you’re making.