About One Day At A Time

I don’t usually make personal posts here, and I’m not sure why I’m making this one, but yesterday I spent the whole afternoon watching One Day At A Time on Netflix. I started watching it after seeing a post here on tumblr about someone being queer, and as the super gay I am I just had to check that out. I was not expecting to love the show as much as I did.

Sure, there’s gay stuff, but honestly, even though it’s the reason I started watching the show, after just a few episodes it became just a bonus, a the icing on a very delicious cake. 

The show has super awesome, strong, independent, badass women. And it talks about so many great stuff. Feminism. Sexism. Immigration. PTSD. These are just a few I can remember now.

But most importantly to me, it shows a young girl coming out as gay to her parents. And it was so beautifully done. It shows a 14 year old girl questioning her sexuality, figuring herself out. Accepting her sexuality. Talking to her mom, and then her dad. And it was real. All of it. 

And maybe the reason why I loved it so much is because it was so much like my own coming out. I’m not a 14 year old girl - not even close, I’m 20 now. But everything that happened on the show was exactly how it happened in my life. From questioning my sexuality, to “I feel more looking at a picture of Kristen Stewart than I do kissing him”, to the way my parents reacted. I laughed so hard at the similarities, actually. The first person I told was my mom, and she was okay with it. And I don’t know how she was inside, but I just remember her the next day being exactly like Penelope was. Like she wanted to show how supportive she was and not really knowing how to do it so just exaggerating? I’m not sure how to explain. Watch the show. And then I didn’t actually have the guts to tell my dad, but my mom said she would talk to him and the next day she says “I talked to your dad, he says you’re just confused.” And that hurt. Because I was not confused, for the first time. 

So I guess the point of this post is to tell anyone who read to this point (I’m not sure if you exist but if you do, thanks for reading) to please watch One Day At A Time on Netflix. It is honestly such an amazing show. And to thank the show’s cast and crew, the writers, producers, everyone. I know no one will read it but… oh well. Thank you guys anyway. So much. You have no idea how great it was to see such realistic things, that I could relate to in my life, in television. 


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