calderon beta


Modern ‘Doctor Who’ screen captures of the week: First Night


RIVER: “The dress is a little daring.”

THE DOCTOR: “Yep, so I went for this instead.”

RIVER: “Are we going out?”

THE DOCTOR: “Parents are asleep. How’s Storm Cage?”

RIVER: “I’m on the first night of 12,000 consecutive life sentences, kind of early to say. Where are we going?”

THE DOCTOR: “Calderon Beta - boring planet of the chip shops. But there is a 400 ft tree growing out of a cliff top on the north side of a mountain in the middle of the sea. And if you take the lift to the top and look up, at exactly 12 minutes past midnight on the 21st of September, 2360, you can see more stars in one sky that at any other moment in the history of the universe. It’s like daylight, only magic. You could read a book by it. ”

RIVER: “Is it okay if I don’t?”

THE DOCTOR: “We’ve got 10 minutes. Get dressed.”

RIVER: “Oh, that’s so close to the perfect sentence.”

THE DOCTOR: “Hmm…Did you bring the diary?”

RIVER: “It’s a diary?”

THE DOCTOR: “It is now, because River, from now on, there are rules.”

RIVER: “Ooh, you’ve gone all strict. Not that I mind.”

THE DOCTOR: “River, you and I, it’s all in the wrong order. We never meet in sequence. You put everything in the diary so we know where we are.”

RIVER: “Put what in the diary? Sweetie, I’m in the highest security prison in all of the known universe.”

THE DOCTOR: “River Song could walk in and out of the prison like the walls aren’t there.”

RIVER: “I’m River Song.”

THE DOCTOR: “Then you’ll be fine. If you don’t like the dress, there’s plenty more in the wardrobe- first right, second left, just past the helter-skelter.”