calder eleanor

people who weren’t in the 1d fandom in like 2012/2013 when elounor was in it’s prime have no idea of the impact eleanor had on this fandom fashion wise………….the amount of girls i saw with wavy middle parted hair, a green button up tank, black leggings, and drinking starbucks……..the vast amount of eleanor fashion blogs…………..people would sell her exact clothing items on ebay for hundreds of dollars ……….like she was ICONIC

y'all know… louis and eleanor are probably going to get married. like, they’re both in their mid/late twenties and dated — what, four years? — and now they’re back together. hell, louis has a son he has to think about, and a group of sisters he has to help take care of. he isn’t just going to get with anybody, and eleanor has shown her love and support for louis so many times other the years. they’re truly it — they are true love personified, the kind of people you write stories about. i’m so happy for louis and i’m so appreciative of eleanor.