calder eleanor

Louis screaming “what the hell is going on here?” was absolutely heartbreaking. You could hear how scared and shocked he was in his voice.

Eleanor getting attacked by a “fan” for no reason other than rekindling with Louis was absolutely heartbreaking. No matter what you believe or ship, no woman deserves to be attacked like that, especially by someone who calls themselves a fan of Louis. Eleanor is obviously someone that Louis holds very dear to his heart, whether as a friend or a girlfriend, and honestly? It’s nobody’s god damn business what she is to him. To attack her right in front of him, to stress him out and do all of this to him after knowing what he’s been through lately? There’s nothing lower than that. Have some decency and respect. People need to get their priorities straightened out and learn how to separate reality from fantasy.

that is so distressing to watch like the louis/pap situation is fucked bc from what i can see all that happened was louis tripped but what was happening to ELEANOR is a whole other story. she was literally being physically attacked & the only person to do anything was louis like no fuckin offence but when he yelled asking for help my heart broke how tf did he get arrested for that & those fucks laying hands on eleanor didn’t ???

DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEO? Watch it and tell me Louis was supposed to stay put and not do anything. FUCKING HELL THEY WERE PHYSICALLY ATTACKING EL !!! I don’t give a shit what you think or who you ship!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT OKAY and Louis was not wrong

there were girls literally pushing El into a corner and going at her. I ain’t gonna make presumptions what they ship but … you know. HOW FUCKED UP DO YOU HAVE TO BE RIGHT NOW to blame El or Modest or anyone other that fucked up people on that airport /?!?!!?!!?

like, notice that as SOON as eleanor was safe & out of the situation, louis removed himself & didn’t lay a hand on that girl. he wasn’t trying to fight he literally just wanted to stop his girl from getting the shit beat out of her which is y’know a good thing. he never hit that ‘fan’ he just pulled her away because nobody else was helping eleanor who was trapped in a corner three against one. fuck you if you think he did the wrong thing. fuck you.