Fun LtD Fact(s) of the Day

By the numbers:

The epilogue of Learning to Dance has just pulled into the lead notes-wise, becoming the chapter with the most notes at 133. <3

The chapter holding the previous record was Chapter 19 - Human with 127.

The chapter with the least notes is Chapter 12 - Undercover, with 31. By contrast, its continuation, Chapter 13 - The Ball, has 71.

Chapter 18 - Qo'noS was the first chapter to break 100 notes (it now stands at 115).

Two of the chapters I’m most proud of, Chapter 16 - The Cazadora and Chapter 21 - Tears, have 91 and 77 respectively.

(FYI, I’m not really concerned with numbers and notes, it’s just kind of interesting to notice the patterns in them!)

Besides, like Taz says:

Taz learns Calculus

Ok, this whole fic sucks. I’m not even going to put it on my fanfiction page XD But you asked for it people, so here it is. 


“This is hopeless, Up! I’m never gonna get it right!” Taz said, throwing down her pencil in frustration.

Up reached down for the pencil, placing it in her hands again. “Yes, you are. Taz, you’re not gonna let Calculus be the thing that keeps you from graduating top of your class, right?”

“No.” Taz moaned through the hands that were covering her face.

“Good. Now come here, and we’ll go through it again.”

After 2 hours, dozens of sheets of scratch paper, 4 pencils, a jug of orange juice, and a broken lamp, Taz finally solved the equation.

Dios Mios, I solved it. I solved it, right?” She asked excitedly.

Looking over her work, he smiled. “Yeah, you solved it.”

Taz bounced up from the desk and through her arms around Up. “Gracias, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!”

“No problem, Taz.”