calculus 2

Method of study: repetition My lecturer once ever told me repeating and do over and over again will come to a habit and it will soon become part of your memories. I think it’s worth it.

How I’m Preparing For My Calculus 2 Final
  1. Complete WebAssign Quizzes
  2. Outline chapters and sections from the textbook so I know ALL the material appearing on the final
  3. Study quizzes and notes
  4. Look over past Tests for errors/mistakes
  5. Make a separate sheet for formulas and such that need to be memorized (or create flash cards)
  6. Make a step by step “How-to” for each section so I know the gist of how each problem should be done
    • How to identify the problem for which section
    • What to do after the problem has been identified
    • Write in the errors/mistakes to avoid from past Tests
    • Continue with appropriate steps to take to finish the problem