calculus 2

this is how I take my notes for Calculus II. enjoy!


  • attend your lecture
  • designate a notebook, only for lecture notes. I recommend using a notebook with graph paper, but lined works too. it really doesn’t matter.
  • take your notes in pen! I know it’s weird to use a pen in a math class, but pencil fades and using a pen makes you confident
  • use only a maximum of two pens! I usually only use one, but using two helps differentiate two functions when graphing them
  • when working a problem, if you need to write in an extra step or make a side note to explain what you did, DO IT! 
    • professors work the problem while talking so, on the board, they only show their steps and they usually skip basic algebra steps. If you need to see those basic algebra steps to understand the lesson better, then add it in to your notes.  


  • my lecture notes are always messy, so i rewrite them on loose leaf graph paper ON THE SAME DAY! 
  • rewrite your notes in pen! 
  • use a different color pen to write in those side notes from your lecture; highlight all equations
  • after I’ve rewritten my lecture notes, I place them in a binder, number them and update my index
  • at the front of you binder, create an index, contents page, etc. where you can add the title of your notes (ex. 10.1 integrals) with its corresponding page number 
    • this makes referencing back to any method so much easier


  • all of my homework is online, so I use my lecture notebook to work out my homework problems
  • when doing my homework problems, I make note of any problems that I didn’t fully understand or that I found incredibly difficult 
    • I just put a question mark by the problem number in my notebook
  • after I’ve completed my homework, I go back to the problems I had trouble with and rework it to try and understand it better 
  • after I completely understand it, then I rewrite it on loose leaf graph paper and add it to my notes that correspond with that section or lesson
    • I usually review my homework problems when the test date is coming up. I find this is a great way of studying. 


  • after all my notes and homework problems have been rewritten, I go back through all my notes and make notecards
  • I make notecards of all my equations, methods, theorems, special integrals, derivatives and integrals of trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, etc. that I find in my notes
    • I make the notecards when the exam is coming up because it is another study method

all the love.

steph x

GOT7 during Finals Week

Jackson: energy drinks!!! “Eat acai, it will increase your brain power and your skin will clear. Here, I have extra!“ , runs through the fountain after his last final

Mark: studies for five minutes and aces the exam. 

Youngjae: accidentally takes part of the wrong test by mistake, spends a long time at the puppy stress-relief station

Yugyeom: all of his finals are on the last day. stares forlornly out the window while jackson runs through the fountain

Bambam: presentor for all his group projects, steals six free slices of pizza from a giveaway on the quad

Jinyoung: has a schedule detailing every hour of each study day. From 1-2 is anthropology. 2-3 calculus. 3-3:05 bathroom break.  

Jaebum: the guy in the library huddled at his own table, looking studious but actually playing neko atsume

I Feel Spectacular.

I passed Calc 2. By only a point but I passed it. I needed a 65.22 on my exam. A 65 if you assumed that they rounded up to the next whole point. I got a 66. I passed Calc 2. My time with derivatives and integrals, sequences and series, they’re over.

I can move on and healing can begin.

  • me: i hate math. why do i have to do this? sure, it's easy to apply once i've learned it, but it's too many steps. it's long and stressful. i don't like it. i don't even plan to have a career that has anything to do with math, so why do i need to know all these advanced things?
  • also me: lol i found some of the trig students' warm up questions do u think i could do them i'm gonna do them they look like physics i'm gonna do them and do trig next year even though i'm in geometry do it 4 queen nadine

As many of you know, i am taking the following AP classes next year:

- AP English Literature

- AP Chemistry

- AP European History

- AP Calculus BC

- AP Physics 1

- AP World History

I would like to set up study groups for these courses for other students taking them! (Likely, this would be me setting up a group blog and adding members as they apply, along with a chat on groupme/a similar platform.) If you are taking any of the above courses, please reblog this post (so more people can see it) and send me a message with what course(s) you are taking!

Best of luck to you all, and I hope you decide to join my study groups!