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calculus gothic

-The limits keep getting farther and farther away. Where are they going? Where did they start? Will they ever stop?

-The unit circle tells us to bow before it. All hail the unit circle. All hail.

-You have been scribbling the integral symbol and the summation symbol for so long. You can’t write 3′s or capital S’s normally anymore. It is a reflex, muscle memory.

-Piles of math homework surround you as you become a machine, cranking out more math problems as you hone your skills. You build your own castle out of math homework. It is never-ending.

-Trigonometry rids us of our sins. and cosines. and tangents.

April 16, 2015 . 5:54 AM // everything is a bit messy at the moment, but I’m finally done!

My exam is in two hours, so that gives me a bit of time to have some breakfast and review a few things. I’m feeling surprisingly alright for someone who has pulled an all nighter. (Well, almost all night, I napped on the floor for an hour).

After the exam it’s back to work on my programming assignment. I’m certainly going to make sure I make time to sleep and relax this weekend. It’s been an extremely exhausting and productive week. (I say that every week, tbh).

AP tests are about a week away, so I thought I’d share some helpful resources everyone can use!

First off, my calculus teacher is AMAZING! He’s always so energetic about calculus and he loves teaching others about it as well. He’s so good that he has workshops throughout the year that other calculus teachers attend, so they can learn as well.

His website is Ask Mr. Calculus, which has helpful step by step solutions to FRQS + other resources. He’s also getting a hang of twitter, with #APTESTHELP
Youtube Channels:

Practice Tests:
2006 Practice Exams
2008 AB Practice Exam
2010-2011 5 Steps to a 5
Collection of Questions from 1969-1998
5+ Practice Exams

Other Resources:
AB Study Guide
AB & BC Final Notes
How to Justify Answers on FRQs
Things I Wish I Could Have Told Them ! Use these tips for FRQs

Honestly, after you get the concepts down, all there’s left to do is to practice practice practice! Good luck everyone!