Anyone taking AP Calculus?

with the Pearson AP calc textbook??? (Finney, D.W. (2007), Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic 3rd Edition) I’m dumb and didn’t get my textbook during orientation and the library is now closed, and also didn’t get anyone’s number from that class (also dumb mistake RIP) and we have homework tonight. If anyone has the textbook can you take pics of 2.1A practice problems (pages 66-68 or so)? tysm ahh <3


November 5// “No great achiever – even those who made it seem easy – ever succeeded without hard work.”~Jonathan Sacks

Nothing feels better than getting all your work done. Just completed all of my Calculus homework ahead of time. Now I have more time to focus on my mid-term. 

MARCH MASTERPOST MADNESS PT I as part of a follower milestone and celebrating spring break, i present to you march masterpost madness: a series of masterposts/guides on studying by yours truly!! first up we have math & how to study for it!!

i love math so much it looks like i spend almost all my free time doing it. anyway, i got a few requests asking me how to study best for math and about resources, so i thought it’d be best to start off with this one!!


  • practice, practice and practice!! this is so important, omg. math is heavy on problem-solving, and most problems require analytical thinking and application of logic — the best way to hone these skills is through plain practice! besides, once you get used to math questions, you find them less intimidating and you get faster and more accurate at solving them! i suggest using practice books (your textbook should be a good starting point) or finding problems online (Khan Academy is great!). A pro tip is to look around your school community (ask teachers, students, librarians) for practice books — most of them will gladly lend you a book they’ve gone through! it’s ideal to practice/do at least one-two questions everyday, or even more! if you’re stuck on a practice problem and have no one to ask to, feel free to ask the mathblrs, wolfram alpha or the internet! (google your question: it has saved me numerous times!!)
  • pay attention in class!! this is definitely recommended, but it’s really not a must. if you don’t have a strong aptitude for math, i really urge you to do this! listen actively, you don’t have to take note of every word the teacher/lecturer says, but do listen to the most important parts! when a teacher emphasizes something, pay extra attention to that (but don’t leave out any parts of the chapter!).




  • algebra I: x, x, x, x
  • algebra II: x, x, x, x
  • geometry: x, x
  • trigonometry: x, x, x, x, x, x, xx
  • calculus: x, x, x, x, x, x, x


  • remember all your formulas!! know the syllabus!! know how to apply the concepts in problems!! those three things alone will get you to pass — i’m sure!!
  • try not to cram — study a week (at least) in advance for an exam!! (bigger exams need more prep time!!) an all-nighter won’t do you good!!
  • always remember, if you fail, you are not a failure!! there’s always a next time that you can get a better score in!!

Hey guys! So I decided to put a complete math masterpost (algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus) together for all of you kids in high school like me! 


cheat sheet here

free online textbook

resources to go along with a textbook

some practice problems

another algebra cheat sheet

one more cheat sheet


online textbook for free here (hover to see the table of contents)

resources to go with the textbook

khan academy

cheat sheet

and another cheat sheet

some video lessons

practice problems

amazingly helpful post by @etudiance here!!!

tips and tricks

test practice

general tips

multiple choice practice

standardized test practice

the textbook I used when I took geometry last year + the username is ILOVEMATH9 and the password is ILOVEMATH


my recent post on algebra 2 here


free online trig textbooks

trig cheat sheet

sheet with trig functions and definitions

learn how to do trig

trig problem solver

another trig problem solver

trig problems with solutions

more trig practice

standardized trig practice


practice problems

pre calc cheat sheet

resources for students

free online textbook

another free online textbook

this post by @attackonstudying

this post by @etudiance

this post by @productivityjunction

this post by @themathblrs

another post by @etudiance

precalc tips

khan academy precalc youtube channel

another precalc youtube channel

and another precalc youtube channel


free online textbook

another free online textbook

this post by @angestudies

this post by @cherrypikkins

this post by @munirastudies

this post by @studygene

some tips

calculus cheat sheet here

more calculus tips

how to ace calculus

tips for success in calculus

calculus exam tips


a post on success in any math class by @humanlties

a post on math tips in general by @thepoisonivyleague

post with helpful sites for math by @mathbrain

a post with general math tips plus resources for algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus by @studybuzz​

and that’s all! I hope this was helpful to someone! Good luck with all your classes and see you next time! hugs, mel
This ancient Babylonian map of Jupiter just changed history as we know it
You're looking at the foundations of modern calculus.
By Bec Crew

Analysis of an ancient codebreaking tablet has revealed that Babylonian astronomers had calculated the movements of Jupiter using an early form of geometric calculus some 1,400 years before we thought the technique was invented by the Europeans.

This means that these ancient Mesopotamian astronomers had not only figured out how to predict Jupiter’s paths more than 1,000 years before the first telescopes existed, but they were using mathematical techniques that would form the foundations of modern calculus as we now know it.

“This shows just how highly developed this ancient culture was,” historian Matthieu Ossendrijver from Humboldt University in Germany told Maddie Stone at Gizmodo. “I don’t think anybody expected something like this would be discovered in a Babylonian text.”

Continue Reading.


Scans of the inside covers of Strang’s Calculus, which you can legally-download for free here from the MIT website. This is my all-time favorite math or physics textbook.

Scanned it so I could cut and paste it into my new sketchbook, wanna try and make a ~cool artistic~ reference poster out of it, ‘cuz I’ve been real into that idea since I took notes about rings for the algebra midterm on a big piece of watercolor paper.

As a university student whose course load is heavily math-based, I’ve had my fair share of encounters with math problems that seem unsolvable, and notes that make absolutely no sense. Fortunately, I’ve also come across a lot of useful resources that I thought I would share with my fellow math comrades! So here is my list of “life-saving” math resources that will hopefully make your math life a little bit easier.

Wolfram Alpha

Definitely the most used resource when I am doing math homework. It’s capable of solving basically any math problem. You have to pay to see the step-by-step solution, and I have a shared account with my friend, so that’s an option if you want to pay a little bit less!


Similar to Wolfram Alpha, but free! You can see the step-by-step solutions without paying, so that’s great. However, the downside is that if your math problem is quite complicated, it may not have the solution (i.e. crazy integrals)

Paul’s Online Math Notes

This website has notes on algebra to multivariable calculus, with plenty of examples and explanations. This is an actual life saver for my friends who are doing advanced/university level math. Especially if your professor has atrocious writing but can’t seem to stray away from hand written notes. 

Khan Academy

Has video lessons on elementary to university level math. Great for visual learners, since the lessons include a lot of graphs and diagrams. Not to mention this website offers video lessons on a variety of subjects!


Graph functions (single and multivariable) and plot data tables!


Textbook solutions!!! You can probably find the solutions to most of the calculus textbooks used in universities. Really great for those who like to study by doing a bunch of practice questions.

Bonus: Scannable (not really math related, but still useful)

For those with professors who prefer digital submissions of assignments: turn your phone camera into a scanner without the bulk. The best scanner app I’ve come across - it will make your papers look like they’ve actually been scanned, even if you take the photo in bad lighting.

  • Me:*works really hard on lengthy math problem*
  • Me:*did one part wrong, over and over, must restart*
  • Me:I am a failure. What is wrong with me.
  • Me:*tries again, finishes it flawlessly*
  • Me:I did it. Me. I did it all by myself. I fucking did it. Me. I am amazing. Look at me go. I am the best. The master. You can't stop me now

11:29 PM // January 9, 2016 | Here’s a ‘Magic’ Trig Hexagon trick I found a while back when I really needed help learning my trig identities! Hopefully this helps you guys memorize them a bit better and add a trick up your sleeve for exams!