calculation machine

I still can’t quite believe that they wrote the beautiful line ‘that is the version that I present to the public. The brain without a heart. The calculating machine. I write all of that, Holmes, and the readers lap it up, but I do not believe it’ and completely contradicted it in the final minutes of the Grand Finale with 'who you really are, it doesn’t matter. It’s about the legend, the adventures.’

Honestly take Sherlock Holmes away from Men because they do stupid things with his stories. Sir Arthur was the only one who nailed it lol and other dudes have been fucking it up for 130 years. Sherlock Holmes actually does have warmth and charm and emotional intelligence. That whole “calculating machine” thing was. A really really really transparent lie. Holmes loves helping people.

The Storyteller

First it was Jim. Richard Brooks presents us with Sherlock as Sir Boast-a-Lot, he’s just a big ol’ liar who makes things up to make himself look good.

Then it was John. Watson, the writer, who presents a version of Sherlock to the public as a cold, calculating machine, but doesn’t believe it’s true.

Now it’s Sherlock turn. Something’s happened, Mary has died, and Sherlock is covering the facts of her death with a fairy tale. A romance, filled with temptation and a damsel in distress and trekking to foreign lands, the promise of love, the pain of loss, the joy of redemption––a story about the Watsons, with a Grimm ending indeed, completely the fault of boastful Sherlock.

But it’s not real. None of it’s real, this is the lying detective, the storyteller. And this isn’t the end of Sir Boast-a-Lot’s problem. No.

This isn’t the final problem. 

Think whatever you want but it’s still Johnlock to me.

They are family.

They live together and rebuild they life.

They bring up a kid together.

They love each other and it didn’t come easy for them to be together.

I don’t need any explicit confirmation to believe.

I don’t. 

All those seasons I was told how strong and beautiful their relationship was, that love conquers all. And it’s true.

In TFP I heard Sherlock ask “You’re okay?” for the first time (also, he called Lestrade “Greg”), which gives me hope that finally he became human, not a calculating machine and now he is able to built a true and deep relation with John.

I know what made him and I see who he has become.

One thing I’ve always liked about the show is the title. It’s not ‘Sherlock Holmes’ or 'Holmes’, it’s Sherlock, and it feels more intimate and human.

As I thought about this I realized there’s more to it. Hearing the name Sherlock Holmes puts a certain image in your mind, one of a calculating machine, uninterested in romance or other people. This image is false: it’s not supported by the canon or the show, but it’s there nonetheless. So, Mark and Steven changed it. They made it real. They made it human.

Within the show itself Sherlock’s name has been used as a sign of his humanity and very real romantic desires. One example is Janine, who first addresses him as “Mr. Holmes”. John does the same thing, but is automatically corrected and told to call him “Sherlock,” showing once again that Sherlock’s interested in john, and not women.

We all know that john and Sherlock calling each other by their first names in TAB is a big deal, because in Victorian times people using each other’s first names was reserved for family and lovers. Most meta points have at least one moment that solidifies them, and for Sherlock’s name being his humanity/feelings this is it.

The title is everyone’s first impression of the show, so even that supporting johnlock is a clear sign of the creators’ intent. It shows that this show will be exploring the side of Sherlock that has been largely unrepresented.

The biggest thing to take away from the greenhouse conversation isn’t that Sherlock is a virgin, or gay, or even that he wants to be alone because of his fear of vulnerability. The most important thing to take away from that moment is that Sherlock WANTS to have that conversation with John. He’s dying to have it. Ironically, in the scene, he is severely uncomfortable and begging for death so that he doesn’t have to continue talking about it. But remember- THIS IS ALL TAKING PLACE IN HIS MIND. Sherlock is imagining a scenario where John not only acknowledges that Sherlock is not a calculating machine but a living breathing man. And one where John pushes to know what Sherlock is feeling, really PUSHES, because even if Sherlock is uncomfortable, even if he is afraid to tell John how he feels, he wants to SO BADLY.

Skype with a scientists?

Hi guys,

This election has reminded us that many people in our country have a negative perception of scientists. Some of the scientists here at UConn were kicking around the idea of offering to have skype sessions with classrooms that are isolated from places scientists tend to congregate (e.g. cities) and have an ask-a-scientist day in your science classes. If any of you guys would be interested, have your teacher e-mail me at sarahj(dot)mack(at)

We’d also really like to know your thoughts on this. How can we do better at reaching a broader audience and helping people see that scientists aren’t cold calculating machines with an an agenda but just people like the rest of the country? We know sometimes scientists come off as pretentious and preachy and we want to avoid that perception. If you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of exposure to scientists or you think you might be in an area of the country that doesn’t view scientists favorably, we’d really like to hear from you.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Sarah (and the other UConn scientists)

“I will burn the heart out of you”
“Everyone you love will die if you don’t”
“The heartless, calculating machine, the brain without the heart. I write all that, and the readers lap it up, but I do not believe it”
“Pain, heartbreak, loss, death. you always feel it Sherlock, but you don’t. Have. To. Fear. It. ”
“But this? This is your heart, and you should never let it rule your head”
“Every day as they tore into me I heard it: amo, amo, amo, amo”

It’s almost like…. the show has always been about Sherlock’s heart……

Holmes brothers

I just realize, these Holmes brothers aspire to be each other and that’s why “hates” (actually envy) each other because they want what the other has.

In Sherlock’s case, it’s pretty clear and we’ve always known. He envies how emotionally unaffected and stable Mycroft is, compared to his more emotional self. And Mycroft IS cleverer than him and Mycroft always emphasizes on how less clever Sherlock is and how foolish Sherlock is for having “sentiment”. It’s very common for a younger signing to aspire to be like their older sibling, especially considering Mycroft and Sherlock’s age gap. And that’s why Sherlock tried to mould himself into this “cold, calculating machine” persona, he wants to reject his emotions to be more like (what he thinks is) Mycroft.

Meanwhile for Mycroft, I think he too envied and aspired to be more like Sherlock. To be more emotional. Mycroft has been described as a “rubbish big brother” by Sherlock because of how frequently Mycroft tells Sherlock he’s stupid or teases him about sentiment. But why would Mycroft deliberately do such a mean and petty thing to Sherlock? The answer is in tfp. When mummy Holmes said to Sherlock “you’ve always been the responsible grown up”. I think the reason why mummy Holmes said this was because Sherlock was more emotional as a person and more in touch with FEELING empathy and compassion, whereas Mycroft is more logical and rational in his thought process. And we all know that “logical rational” isn’t always the best way out when it comes to matters of sentiment. For instance, Mycroft sent eurus away because he knew from his assessment the kind if potential threat eurus could pose. And to spare the parents emotions, he tells them she’s dead and therefore provided them with a humane context in order to move on without eurus in the family. But in reality, these actions were probably deemed by his parents (and people in general) to be too harsh and cold and immoral. The thing with Mycroft, imo, is that he has GOOD INTENTIONS. He wants to help and he does love his family. But he isn’t in tune with sentimentality, he only comprehend it in theory, he comprehends how human emotions work in theory, but he doesn’t FEEL it in the way most humans do. It’s like kinda detached. And he is envious of Sherlock because of how easily Sherlock gets emotions. And I imagine growing up mummy Holmes must’ve done a lot of comparing between the brothers. Mycroft as the older brother feels a sense of responsibility and protectiveness towards the family, but in all the things that he tries to do to help, he might’ve miscalculated the sentiment aspect and causing mummy Holmes to make comparison. “Why can’t you be more like Sherlock? He’s younger than you but he’s so much more responsible” This doesn’t immediately make mummy Holmes a bad person. I just think this is a common mistake that parents everywhere tend to do, without realizing how much their words can shape their kids.

So in conclusion, Mycroft wants to be more sentimental like Sherlock and that’s why he is envious of Sherlock. Sherlock wants to be less sentimental like Mycroft because he is envious of Mycroft. But because they’re them, they would never admit to this out loud, and so instead they put on the facade that they “hate” each other.


Mathematician and pioneering software developer Phyllis Cady Johnson (right) and two unknown women working on an IBM calculating machine, date unknown. Johnson specialized in nuclear mathematics, first working at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and later Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where she worked on the Manhattan Project and later went on to a career developing scientific software for the Atomic Energy Commission.

remember that speech root gave to the psychiatrist at the end of 3x01, where she was like, “wanna know what me n the voice in my head were talkin about? just casual things. like if i’m gonna kill u”

so, immediately afterwards, we cut to this calculation thing the machine is doing, generating predictions and showing us some possible paths.

blue is whatever, red is violence/death scenarios, BUT here’s how the yellow path starts out:

normal, normal, we’ll get back to the difference between asset and admin in a second, but then:


this leads me to

the very real, very true, definitive proof that the machine is working towards a shaw/root marriage endgame:

the “ASSET ACTIVATION: 28.49%” part is clearly that whole un-killer-fying training at the asylum thing. for now, or until root passes the test or whatever, the machine is still just referring to root as Her asset (as opposed to Her analogue interface, aka the light of Her life, aka auxiliary admin).

so in one possible branch off, in the case of root’s capture, the likelihood of her then becoming the “AUX_ADMIN” for the machine drops down to 2.06%. but then in the same branch after that……… “MARRIAGE/PROCREATION: 0.04%”?!?!?!

we now know the following:

  • the machine had basically already adopted root at this point. She was like “how am i going to get admin grandbabies out of this” and already lining up marriage options for root even before anything was official.
  • if root had gotten herself captured it would have been very difficult for the machine to use root as an auxiliary admin, and thus even MORE difficult for the machine to be able to do Her matchmaking thing after that
  • implying that the machine needed for root to become Her analog interface so She could go about setting root and shaw up on all those cozy lil mission dates.
  • and let’s not forget that this was the first episode shaw really started actually workin as part of team machine, so.

in conclusion:

IF shaw’s chance of survival at the stock exchange was 0.000000000001% (the machine is so dramatic, sheesh), and there was a 0.04% probability rate of asset marriage/procreation, 

BUT we all know shaw is 100% alive, 

THEN there is a 4000000000000% chance that root and shaw will get married and have a family and stuff because this is just how probability works, okay, i’m sorry, it’s just math.

(and this was all classified as non-relevant but let’s be REAL the machine filed this away in a special “shaw/root” folder for later reference. we all know this)

(…in fact, it was REclassified, so really that just means the machine instinctively considered it to be relevant at first because the machine is just the #1 shoot shipper ever. it is known)

“We see Holmes as something other than this rather hard, calculating machine, that forensic side of Holmes that you get so strongly in Peter Cushing, or in Eille Norwood, is replaced [in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes] by a figure who’s capable of suffering romantic agony. And so, you get the possibility of Holmes being in love.”

Matthew Sweet, Writer and Broadcaster, How to Be Sherlock Holmes: The Many Faces of a Master Detective

Famous Women in Computing

Ada Lovelace

British Mathematician (1815 – 1852)

Lovelace is known for her work on Charles Babbage’s early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine.

She spent the better part of a year translating and annotating a French paper about Babbage’s machine. Her annotations were so extensive that they dwarfed the original paper.

In her notes, Lovelace emphasised the difference between the Analytical Engine and previous calculating machines, particularly its ability to be programmed to solve problems of any complexity.

Her notes also include what is recognised as the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine. As a result, she is often regarded as the first computer programmer.


One thing i’ve always noticed about A:TLA and LOK is that there are so many characters who have this habit of clasping their hands behind their backs. I first noticed it with Amon, and I thought it was so cool, because it made him seem so damn confident. Then, I began to notice that freaking everyone in this series does it. I looked up the posture, and it’s meant to either showcase apprehension or confidence. 

So, the question becomes is this just easier to animate…or are the animators so damn good with details that they’re shoving it right under our noses, that YEAH GUYS, Kuvs, Amon, Unalaq, and Long Feng (etc…I’m sure there are more) are calculating muthafuckers and they own it. (Not sure about Tonraq; I feel like he may be either feigning confidence or he’s apprehensive.)

If someone can find a screenshot of Azula doing the hands-clasped-behind-back, I’d say it’s official. She was a mad calculating machine.