calcite deposits

These are a new concept that I saw no one else was doing!
They’re Cave Pearls! Pearls are made out of calcium carbonate inside the shell of the mollusk, but! In caves there are Calcite deposits that trickle down into small pools of running water, and can cling to a nucleus! Forming over centuries, they make a Cave pearl. 
They’re non-nacreous of course so they’re not shimmery or brightly colored, but they’re still beautiful.

This is my concept for what Cave pearls look like! Big! -The green one is Canon Pearl’s height!- with torn looking sheer and some form of skin markings. 
They’re all usually blind or have extremely bad eyesight, though some can use correctional visors if their sight is strong enough.

Please make some of your own! Or send me asks about what they’re like!