The Crystal Cave is a cave system in Belize that was used by ancient Mayan shaman for ritual ceremonies. Fire pits, exposing the ashes of ancient fires; charcoal pieces; beads; obsidian knives; ceramics & broken pottery; a human skeleton - calcified in the limestone floor- all evidence of the flourishing ancient Maya civilization.


Why are oysters dying?

Increasingly, oysters are dying off largely due to ocean acidification, which is the reduction in the pH level of seawater when CO2 is absorbed by the ocean.

As a result, the acidic and corrosive water breaks down the calcium carbonate minerals in seawater that many calcifying organisms need to build their protective shells and skeletons, making it harder for them to survive and reproduce.

Another culprit of the oyster larvae deaths have been pathogenic bacteria that have been getting into the waters in the hatcheries.

So what are researchers doing to monitor the effects of ocean acidification? Watch the most recent episode of California Matters: What Oysters Reveal About Sea Change.


I figured this post would be fitting considering this is October, a time for creepy and scary stuff to come out in full force. These pictures were taken by Nick Brandt on the shorelone of Lake Natron in Tanzania. The lake, which reaches temperatures as high as 60 C(140F), also has a basic pH between 9 and pH 10.5 and can calcify any animals that die in the lake. Supposedly, the reflective nature of the lake’s surface confuses the birds and they dive into it, much like how birds in some areas crash into windows. These pictures are downright haunting, but very beautiful. Pretty much showing both the beauty, and cruelty of nature.

calcifie asked:

is it still okay to refer to non binary filipinxs as "pilipino" when speaking in tagalog? given that tagalog is spoken and written without gender specific pronouns. sorry if the FAQ answers this, but i just wanted to make sure!

I think in the case of Filipinx/Pilipinx, it was only meant to be written vs to be spoken. If you do say it, or want to say it as Pi-li-pin-eks (or however you say it), that you could explain why the x is in place of the o! That being said, spoken is inherently different and I’m not one to police how people use Tagalog so by all means, Pilipino should be okay. :)

- Admin V


⚛☥⚛☥⚛☥⚛☥MELANIN ⚛☥⚛☥ ⚛☥⚛☥

⚛☥⚛☥⚛☥⚛☥MELANIN ⚛☥⚛☥ ⚛☥⚛☥
Melanin is an organic dark carbon chemical pigment substance. Melanin is what makes Black people black and gives the dark color to their hair, skin and the Substantia Nigra of the brain. This is an area of the brain where the cerebrum connects to the pons. Melanin is secreted by the Pineal Gland.

The Pineal Gland is the most important gland in the body. It is the commander in chief of all the other glands but they teach us that the pituitary gland is top dawg! ⚛☥LIES⚛☥ the pineal gland is not talked about because of course that’s knowledge of self. It is found most useful in ppl of color and calcified in whites.
⚛⚛⚛You would ascend to Jesus status & beyond ⚛⚛⚛
In the pineal gland Serotonin connects to other substances and forms into melanin. It causes muscles to contract, regulates blood pressure and has the ability to alter consciousness. (That natural high) The heighten ability to create spontaneously is a characteristic of Black people this is why our music, dance, acting, dress styles, hair styles, language usage, inventions, science, art and culture are so unique! The pineal gland ability to secrete melanin is dependent on sunlight. This is why sun gazing is good for you! But they teach us not to stare into the sun because it will damage the eyes ⚛☥LIES⚛☥

The alkaloids serotonin and melatonin which are produced in the pineal gland contain a similar structure as other alkaloids. It is the aromatic benzene structure and amino groups that cause the melanin hormones to easily merge with dangerous drugs such as crack, cocaine, caffeine, codeine morphine, etc. Black people have higher melanin content which causes them to become twice as addicted to synthetic drugs than other races. But they teach us if we would just pick ourselves up by our boot straps we would be straight

& it’s not just illegal drugs, practically everything we eat in the Standard American Diet (SAD) & use in daily life like toothpaste (which contains fluoride which is known to calcify the pineal gland) can have a negative affect on the production of melanin. The preservatives, food additives, caffeine, table salt also know as sodium chloride (chloride is bleach, ok) are all doing us damage. We ingest these things into our body & are baffled when we sit in doctors offices miserable because we just got diagnosed with heart disease or Cancer. Then they prescribe us more synthetic drugs & harmful treatments to treat a symptom (not the problem) which only create more problems in the pineal gland essentially causing more problems in all the other glands/body.
⚛☥Don’t you see the vicious cycle⚛☥
⚛☥ Don’t you see how they do us⚛☥

⚛☥Poetically Outspoken Expressing Truth⚛☥

Tell me.

Tell me again how Happiness is a choice as I lay in bed, feeling a constant, confusing ache in my chest to add on to my scars and then in my fist to apologize for all that I am to the nearest wall…
Explain to me in detail what it is to Love so that I may, at last, fully understand and bring ease to my mind, which trembles constantly with thoughts of uncertainty…
Read to me, over n’ over again, the stories of Shakespeare…In the hopes that my Heart may recognize something within their sonnets, allowing me to finally bask in this seemingly mythical feeling of Contentment…
Look deep into this hole in my chest which those before you have selfishly sucked dry and then poor into me, your molten soul until whatever was left by others to stagnate at the bottom of my heart overflows and is forced out onto the cold concrete…
Release me from these blissful poisons that have calcified my heartstrings for so long, which strive so badly to be played, and fill me with your purest love so that I may finally feel at home with my own Heart as it is shared solely with yours.

what if we somehow got every god damned politician and billionaire/ millionaire to roll with a fuckton of social activists at some huge public house roll thrown by a bunch of philanthropists (maybe at the White House) think abt it what if we end all of humanity’s ailments what if we could get these lizards to see the Bigger Picture what if money no longer ran the world what if what if what if
Clark Gregg Speculates About Coulson's New Hand

When the Comic-Con poster for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 was revealed, fans got their first look at Agent Phil Coulson’s (Clark Gregg) new hand, and it looks like a prop from another popular Disney franchise.

From the San Diego Convention Center, asked Clark Gregg about his black-gloved new hand. Gregg claimed ignorance of any certain knowledge, saying he was looking for clues in the poster as much as anyone else was, but he did have some ideas.

“That may be a temporary hand,” Gregg speculates. “That may be a placeholder hand. Or it may have some powers. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be seeing new models. That’s my hope.”

In the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Season 2 finale, Coulson heroically caught a falling Terrigen Crystal. The crystal began to calcify Coulson body, so Mack (Henry Simmons) – in a moment of decisive action – used an axe to amputate Coulson’s hand and stop the spread of the crystal’s effects.

Later, when asked by May (Ming-Na Wen) about the injury, Coulson said he was considering his options. It looks like he may have found one he likes.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 will premiere Sept. 29 on ABC.

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