Day 10 - Favorite secondary character


Calcifer is the best secondary character ever. He’s not only a hilarious little fire, but he actually is smart and gives good advice. Of course that is when he isn’t being completely selfish lol.

So, funny story.

My sister and I both love the movie (and the book) Howl’s Moving Castle so of course we both love the following Calcifer scene:

So whenever she gets mad at me (about what, I just don’t know xD), she’d always yell out that she had a curse for me and may all my bacon burn. Sweet little thing, yes? Well, unfortunately for her, I stopped eating meat a few years ago so she stopped using this as her comeback. Until the other day, when she, er, switched it up a  bit:

So here’s a GIF for all us vegetarians. Though the picture itself still shows bacon; I’ll leave up that to your imagination.


Joe Hisaishi’s Howl’s Moving Castle Main Theme [Cover]

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