calc you later

Fav moments with Ben Wyatt.

This won’t be going up on RedBubble because NBC have taken issue with that, but I am going to continue making the series.

Others so far: 

Chris Traeger
Ann Perkins
April Ludgate
Ron Swanson
Tom Haverford

Donna Meagle 

The signs as Ben Wyatt quotes
  • aries: im making mac and cheese pizza
  • taurus: i have been kinda tense lately. just thinking about the new star wars sequel...
  • gemini: gotham needs me
  • cancer: look, who hasn't had gay thoughts? who?!
  • leo: ba ba booey
  • virgo: im feeding your eagle. he's starving
  • libra: winter is coming for Sir Ben Lightstorm
  • scorpio: one for baking, one for directly into mouth
  • sagittarius: no, i threw up in the shower
  • capricorn: calc-u-later
  • aquarius: you just do your thing, baby smurf
  • pisces: the calzones...betrayed me?!

anonymous asked:

Your ATB fanart is a blessing! My job is getting more stressful as the tourist season picks up, but thanks to you I can easily smile throughout the day. Can't help but love the lighthearted humor in your drawings. My fav to recall during the shifts is the one where Tenma ate 15 crayons, and ''calc-you-later'' one. Thank you for helping me laugh and making my life a little easier. Best of luck to you in all your endeavors!

Thank you! Im happy to hear that

this is such a cute message ahah, I hope I can continue doing things that will cheer up your days

puppymish  asked:

there should just be a parks and rec au for destiel tbh *sobs* who would be leslie and who would be ben?

So I literally think about this every day.

If I were to write it, Cas would be the Ben in the relationship, a failed teen mayor-turned-fanfiction-writing sci-fi nerd with painfully “rusty” “people skills” and a penchant for terrible finance jokes. He’s a damn good accountant, though, because he can be ruthless when dealing with numbers. Budgets don’t care if he binge watches Game of Thrones; they only care that he’s a practical man and a practical man he is. He knows he won’t be in town for long so he doesn’t really bother making friends or fitting in. His role has been that of the awkward math guy for pretty much ever, and he can’t see how Pawnee will be any different. Plus, he’ll never understand all that fuss about a miniature horse. (It’s a miniature horse, okay? Not the starship freaking Enterprise.)

Cas also hasn’t dated in years, not a surprise given his constant moving. And he’s supposed to be all serious and level-headed, remember, so he stops looking - no matter how badly he wants a boyfriend to cuddle with after work.

It’s just the way things are, and Cas is satisfied, he really is. That is, until the Parks Deputy Director takes him to lunch at Ellen’s Diner because “They have the best pies, Cas. You can’t leave without trying a piece, or four.”

Dean is intense, yet warm, and loves his town to an inimitable degree. He and Cas didn’t get along at first, which was expected, considering Cas had swept in and cut a lot of budgets to fix the financial crisis. But now that they’ve made peace and Cas has a chance to observe the people of Parks instead of the spreadsheets, he’s impressed by Dean more and more every day, because he’s never met a civil servant more driven, dedicated, or passionate.

It’s a, um, perfectly platonic thing that he’s feeling, of course. Office relationships are against the rules and he’s a rational guy.

Yes, very rational.

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