calc u later

The signs as Ben Wyatt quotes
  • aries: im making mac and cheese pizza
  • taurus: i have been kinda tense lately. just thinking about the new star wars sequel...
  • gemini: gotham needs me
  • cancer: look, who hasn't had gay thoughts? who?!
  • leo: ba ba booey
  • virgo: im feeding your eagle. he's starving
  • libra: winter is coming for Sir Ben Lightstorm
  • scorpio: one for baking, one for directly into mouth
  • sagittarius: no, i threw up in the shower
  • capricorn: calc-u-later
  • aquarius: you just do your thing, baby smurf
  • pisces: the calzones...betrayed me?!

this dude in my class walked in 30 min late with literally nothing. he just walked in a sat down, no backpack, no pencil. and then ten minutes later he was like “uh i gotta go, i have an interview.” and my professor was like “…you’re going in that?” bc this kid was legit just wearing a muscle shirt and basketball shorts and he was like “oh yeah, it’s a bouncer job, so…” and then stood up and walked out.

my accounting 202 class is really easy but attending the actual classes is such an exhausting feat. my professor is tremendously uncomfortable with teaching and veeeery bad with students. we constantly run out of time and don’t go over info that’s necessary for the homework because we spend like half an hour just silently going over like one or two problems on our own. i really wish he would like…get a hold on this class and tighten that shit up.

okay also…my professor has sent out at least ~8 messages containing crucial edited information for our final through literally 3 different platforms, meaning that you need to check every place to be sure that you have all the information necessary to finish our literal FINAL PROJECT and if you miss any bit of info your numbers are FUCKED.

idk why she doesn’t just post all this shit in one place. i’m scatterbrained as hell, i feel bad for anyone else who thought the final project file she sent us would be all the info they needed…