Let's Write Sherlock Challenge 10

Title: Not a Game

Author: Calatia

Series 3 Spoilers?: Yes

Summary: An innocent computer game leads to an unexpected reveal that causes ripples in the relationship between Sherlock and John. 

Rating: T

Pairing: none

Genre: angst

Length: 2k words, complete

Warnings: bit of bad language 

Author Notes: Missing scene where John finds out more about what happened to Sherlock during his ‘death’. 

Links: Not a Game

A Simple Man and A Harpist

He woke early like he always did and prepared breakfast for himself and his children, however he prepared and extra plate for his guest who was currently sleeping in the guest room. They were married for two more days but he didn’t let it bother him…too much. For one thing he had other things on his mind, one being what to do for his birthday tomorrow. He merely shrugged as he placed the food on the table and went upstairs to wake everyone. His first stop was the guest room where Calatia was resting. Knocking softly he called out to her. “Calatia are you awake?”

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