November 22-23, 2014
Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas
(a super late post)

After months of stressful life, I finally had a chance to take a break from everything that hurts. The trip was not perfect but it was a blessing for me. It was my first time to have overcome my fear of the ocean—its sheer depth and vastness. It was such a nice feeling to let go and just let my guards down while swimming in the deep part of the ocean without a vest on. Best feeling ever. I’ve also learned how to set up tents which was amazingly easy. Camping requires a lot of work but it was fun.

This was also my first trip with my workmates. It was really tiring since we didn’t get to sleep at all, plus the weather was just so hot all throughout our stay. But that didn’t stop us from having fun. I still enjoyed every part of it, well except for that moment where I got a splinter in my foot. All in all, I loved it, especially the star gazing moment where we were just there lying on the sand, pointing with joy and delight at every shooting star we get to see. “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.” It was pure bliss. 

Burot Beach is a nice place to unwind and to have fun with your friends and loved ones. Just don’t expect too much because there’s no electricity in the area and the bathrooms are limited. But other than that, all is well. Just bring all the things you need with you when you go camping and you’ll survive. :)

"Calatagan Experience & Sunsets." by Lemuel Paule

So, we had this adventurous experience last 2 days at Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas together with my family and relatives. A wondrous heat yet heart warming escapade towards the appreciation of nature and and bloodline. So here’s a photoset for that day and how I express that excitement of summer *feels* and sunsets. Enjoy~

My 12 favorite landscape photos of 2012

No. 8

Another early morning, long exposure photo shot before the sun is even up. It would’ve been nice to have just stayed in bed in our cool, comfortable room but there I was, offering myself to vicious mosquitoes, fighting off the urge to crawl back to bed, just to get a photo. In the end, all the bite marks were worth it.

Let's go on an adventure!

 (June 1-2, 2014) Calatagan, Batangas.

I must say, it is really an adventure. Were supposed to go to Malabrigo Beach, unfortunately, na-sales talk kami ni manong driver papuntang Balayan at napadpad kami sa Calatagan.

From Calatagan town proper we plan our itinerary for our new destination. After searching on the internet we decided to go to Burot Beach.

Burot Beach is still undeveloped. The beach is owned by Henry Sy but it’s open to the public.

And because the beach is still undeveloped, there’s no hotels nearby, they have tents ready for rent when you get there. You can also bring your own tent.

Rock formations in Burot Beach is picturesque!

Wala kaming pakialam sa init ng araw kung ganito naman ang view na matatanaw!

Good thing I have my husband who loves stolen shots of me.

Stolen shot of me struggling to walk because of the big rocks around the beach.

Ang fail ng heart pose na ‘to.

The tree in the middle of the sea.

Sea creatures like starfish, sea urchins and jellyfish are all over the place.

Because I love watching sunsets and I’ve seen so many sunsets in different places, for me, the beauty of sunset in Burot Beach is a total magnificence.

Bonfire is allowed in Burot Beach so we tried it for the first time!

That night, kami ang may pinaka magandang bonfire. HAHA :-)

Ang galing galing kenskiethoughts

One of the best dinner I had. The Bonfire has a magical effect on me. HAHA

The magical view before sunrise.

My husband loves panoramic shots, this is one of my favorite.

Mas babae pa yung sulat ng asawa ko compare sakin. -.-

One last shot before we leave the beach.

I always admire the trees in the province!

Maswerte kami sa tricycle driver na nakuha namin. Si Kuya Joseph! Siya na ang epitome ng filipino na hospitable sa mga bisita. Pinahiram niya kami ng cooler, inasikaso sa pagtayo ng tent, nag offer din ng cr nila para dun kami magbanlaw dahil hindi maayos ang cr sa Burot, at pinayagan pa kami mag charge ng phones sa bahay nila. Kung trip niyo pumunta sa Burot Beach, I highly recommend Kuya Joseph to be your driver, instant tour guide pa. :-)

Kuya Joseph - 09054745671

When we were at last ready to leave the place, I could not think of a more fitting way to end our Calatagan experience, than to soar on such an edifying spiritual note of awe and gratitude to The Great Designer of all that we had seen. We went home really tired but we enjoyed our first trip together in Batangas. ♥

Bus fare (Manila to Calitagan) - P160.00
Tricyle fare (Calatagan to Burot Beach) - P150.00
Entrance fee (overnight) - P130.00
Accomodation (tent) - P400.00
Bonfire - P200.00
Food - P400.00
Van fare (Calitagan to Manila) - P180.00

Total- P1620.00