The Summer Paradise

M and I tuck in into our shoot a short and sweet romantic, ahem ahem, summer date in Calatagan’s Stilts Resort.

We had our own floating cottage with the clear sea below and white sand around. The food is great as well plus some booze! Tho M didn’t like drinking at all. Boo. Hahaha. Kidding.

Sky full of stars. Cold breeze. The two of us cuddling naked and blurring the whole world out. Some stolen kisses as we walk around. This is one of the loviest summer dates I have ever had.

To more adventures, Manuel.


Calatagan Shoot

It was actually a rush shoot because client wanted the materials right away after the briefing so we only had around 3 days to finalize everything. So, for 3 days, we barely slept. Haha.

Good thing I’m with a really awesome team. We were able to pull off everything - from talents to equipment and logistics. Client is somehow considerate as well which made the process easier.

The place and food were both great as well. We were having a great time shooting everything! I am excited for the output! Yey!

This is just an update that co.lab will be closed from Thursday, April 5th until Monday, April 9th in observation of Holy Week and Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor). We will resume normal operating hours on Tuesday, April 10th.

Wishing you all a safe, enriching and fun vacation!

Burot Beach, Batangas

Pardon the lack of posts these past few weeks. It’s just been busy lately since I’ve been here in the Philippines. I hope to get to shoot with the talented photographers based in Manila who I’ve always wanted to work with (you guys know who you are)! Hope all is well with you guys; I’ll be trying my best to post more frequently for sure.  

My 12 favorite landscape photos of 2012

No. 8

Another early morning, long exposure photo shot before the sun is even up. It would’ve been nice to have just stayed in bed in our cool, comfortable room but there I was, offering myself to vicious mosquitoes, fighting off the urge to crawl back to bed, just to get a photo. In the end, all the bite marks were worth it.

Sunset : Silhouette Photography

The very first time I encountered sunset at the beach. FINALLY!!! *wink* so I grabbed the moment to have a silhouette shot there.

The photo was taken last May 14, 2011 at Calatagan, Batangas (my friend’s private resort)

Disclaimer : She is Cha Cruz by the way :D

I would have wanted to post my own photo (yeah, i have my own version of jumpshot haha), but I chose Cha’s photo over mine HAHAHAHA

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