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I love your blog and especially appreciate your posts on Filipino Mythology. I love mythology in general, but I’ve found that resources on mythologies outside of the West are severely lacking—and often filtered through a Western view point. Do you have advice on finding books written from a Filipino perspective on the folklore of the islands? Unfortunately, I was never able to learn my mother’s native tongues, so I would also need English translations (which only makes things more difficult =/)

Finding books on Pilipin@ mythology written by a Pilipin@ is rare. There are some out there on general folklore but some of the folklore published in those books are influenced during Spanish colonization.

If you want to look into our indigenous mythologies you will have to look at the historical documents written by the Spaniards and the earliest dictionaries. I know it doesn’t help much because they are still through the perspective of foreigners eyes not ours, but sadly we don’t have any historical and precolonial written record written by us except the Laguna Copperplate and to an extent the Calatagan Pot which is still being debated on what is written though most agree it was a pot used for ritual purposes and the inscription on the pot was a part of it.

So if you are going to research our precolonial mythologies, beliefs, and practices, your best bet is reading the old Spanish written documents on our ancestors. Whether we like it or not those are our only resources in looking back at our precolonial past until we find more artifacts, especially ones that hopefully have some writing like the Laguna Copperplate, that can help us uncover the layers of our history.

Now as for as for your question on where to read information on our mythologies and folklore here is a list I have come up with. Majority of them are links to the English translated Spanish historical accounts which mentions precolonial deities that today have been completely forgotten by a majority, then there are a few that have been written by Pilipin@ anthropologists and historians but they focus on the mythologies of the ethnic groups that weren’t touched and influenced by the Spaniards such as the Igorot groups, the Sulod Bukidnon of Panay, and T’boli, One notable anthropologist is F. Landa Jocano who in particular studied the Sulod Bukidnon of Panay and learned of the Hinilawod Epic of Panay from an epic chanter. There are also some more epics from Panay recorded after Jocano by UP professor Alicia P. Magos who followed in Jocano’s footsteps and has spent more than 20 years recording, writing, and translating the various epics from the various remaining epic chanters in Iloilo, Capiz, Tapaz, and Calinog. I’ll break the list down in those two sections as well as another section on resources by non-Pilipin@s as there are a few.

Spanish Historical Accounts

Research by non-Pilipin@s

Epics and folklore researched by Pilipin@s

  • Philippines Epics and Ballads Archive by Ateneo (this has some of the actual recordings of the epic chanters but some don’t have the translations in English yet, they are only translated into Tagalog, and even some aren’t translated at all, however there are brief notes on the epics in pdf format. Also you will need to register an account but its free and you don’t need to attend a school in the Philippines to access the archive, just put in your school name in the field that asks)
  • Any book and essay by F. Landa Jocano

          - Agricultural Rituals in a Philippine Barrio
          - Notes on Philippine Divinities
          - Notes on the Sulod Concept of Death, the Soul, and the Region of the Dead

And that’s all that I can come up with for now. I know I am missing a few from what I have read and researched but this should be a good start for now.

Solitary Tree

Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas

Several natural jetties exist in Burot Beach, though most of it are old remains of corals incapable of supporting vegetation. This particular one seems to have enough fertile soil at its center to barely support a tree’s growth.

Nikon D80

HSM 17-70mm

Burot Beach, Batangas

Pardon the lack of posts these past few weeks. It’s just been busy lately since I’ve been here in the Philippines. I hope to get to shoot with the talented photographers based in Manila who I’ve always wanted to work with (you guys know who you are)! Hope all is well with you guys; I’ll be trying my best to post more frequently for sure.  

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Wishing you all a safe, enriching and fun vacation!

My 12 favorite landscape photos of 2012

No. 8

Another early morning, long exposure photo shot before the sun is even up. It would’ve been nice to have just stayed in bed in our cool, comfortable room but there I was, offering myself to vicious mosquitoes, fighting off the urge to crawl back to bed, just to get a photo. In the end, all the bite marks were worth it.

Sunset : Silhouette Photography

The very first time I encountered sunset at the beach. FINALLY!!! *wink* so I grabbed the moment to have a silhouette shot there.

The photo was taken last May 14, 2011 at Calatagan, Batangas (my friend’s private resort)

Disclaimer : She is Cha Cruz by the way :D

I would have wanted to post my own photo (yeah, i have my own version of jumpshot haha), but I chose Cha’s photo over mine HAHAHAHA

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