My Calarts film for this year!


My second year film at CalArts, “Aquarium”.
I really wore my heart on my sleeve with this one.

Thanks to all of the amazing people who held my hand along the journey.
Voice Acting by Ryan Masson & Mathew Joseph
Music and Sound Design by Luke Martin


My second year film! Please enjoy!!

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I finished my second year film!! A guy haunted by the spirit of his dead girlfriend

Congrats to everyone on their films!!! It’s been a great school year


Here is my second year film! Thanks so much to my friends, family, and teachers for making this possible. I learned so much this year and I hope to work even harder as I go!

Thanks for watching! v(´◉◞౪◟<`)-☆


Hey guys my fourth year film is now online!

Sorry for the repost, apparently I needed to  link through vimeo to get a thumbnail.


CalArts BFA3 film “Ear Fear”
A man living a secret life faces a crisis when he finally finds his true soulmate.
Music By Jeff Liu

This is my 3rd year film at CalArts!! I hope you enjoy.

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My first year film at CaArts!

Thanks for everyone who supported me.

Hope you enjoy!


My 4th year film at CalArts!!! (/^-^(^ ^*)/ Please watch in HD! 

Special thanks to Megan Ruiz ( for sound help and to William Gibbons ( for the music.

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I try really hard to put together words that express what I know and feel but they never come out right.

So I made a film about that.


here’s my second year film! 

I had a lot planned for this but unfortunately didn’t get to finish what I wanted to. So here a peek of what I had in mind. I learned a lot from this year though and maybe someday I’ll try to finish this. 

Thanks to all my friends for giving me support into keep on going!!! I really appreciate you guys!!

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My second year film! I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of all my classmates and teachers at calarts. <3 <3 <3