calandra avis

In which we muse over what a Drakonfire high school AU would look like.
  • me: i wonder what a fuckin high school AU of these characters would look like
  • me: sera would be like the captain of the field hockey team.
  • me: calandra thinks she's the hbic but she's afraid of sera
  • me: because sera would beat her to death with her field hockey stick if she had to Bl
  • jess: Ren's handing out pre-written term papers and the answers to the final for a price, regularly operating out of the space behind the theater room's couch.
  • me: cassie is THE drama club girl
  • me: the one who gets EVERY lead
  • haylee: sera is like popular and shes like WHY I DONT KNOW WHY
  • jess: omg Sera gets homecoming queen and she didn't even run
  • me: Levi is probably that kinda weird kid who sits in the corner of the quad at lunch and lights stuff on fire.