Digimon Character Popularity Survey Results: 64 - 58

Here are the next few characters to appear in the poll!  Surprised by any?

64. Calamon, Digimon Tamers - 6.778

So Kawaii :3

63. Falcomon, Digimon Data Squad - 6.816

Falcomon was one of my favorite Digimon from his season, so I’m a little sad that he didn’t crack the top 50.

62. Davis, Digimon Adventure 02 - 6.844

Another gogglehead is down for the count!  I liked Davis, and am a little surprised he didn’t crack the top fifty either.  Though I’m not surprised with Tai, Takato, Takuya, and Taiki all doing better than him.

61. T.K. (02), Digimon Adventure 02 - 6.905

:/ Personally, I enjoyed older TK more than younger TK, but fans have spoken.  Also, Ken is the only main human character from this season to still be in! (Davis, Yolei, Cody, TK, Kari, all out o.o)  The Adventure 02 main cast has proven to be the least liked main cast for the most part. 

60. Jeri, Digimon Tamers - 6.923

Jeri I really liked!  Definitely one of the nicest characters.. and her whole dealing with Leomon’s death and D-Reaper arc, just wow.  

59. J.P., Digimon Frontier - 6.960

I liked J.P. and all… but to be higher than some other fan favorites like Davis, T.K., and Jeri?! lolwut?  I actually expected him to be way lower ranked.  But good for him and his fans!

58. Leomon, Digimon Tamers - 6.963

RIP Leomon <3  As sad as his death was, it definitely needed to happen and brought some good moments to the show.  

Hints for the next few, and then we’ll finally have reached the top 50 after the next update!

57 - A character that was introduced in the first episode of Xros Wars

56 - another Digimon Frontier character

55 - a little kid character

54 - a character that was once a villain

53 - a green Digimon!

52 - a Digimon partnered with a gogglehead

51 - a yellow Digimon!