i would very much like a gal lol

why? i dunno but i do know that im willing to….

- watch your stupid shows with you.

- make you delicious foods like nachos and ribs and and spaghetti and anything else that tickles your fancy.

- be sweet to you and call you awesome nicknames. or be playfully mean :P

- let you touch my sweet mustache whenever you want. as soon as it grows in lol

- let you touch my sweet peep whenever you want. ;P had too

- smell nice all the time. ALWAYS!

- wake you up with smooches.

- beat up your ex boyfriends. or any other dude

- sing to you while i drive or just randomly with my awesome vocals (theyre shitty)

- even if you don’t like it. because i do.^

- call you randomly

-answer your calls always

- let you call my face your queenly throne. ;P

- hang out with your family.

- touch your butt. :D

- tell everyone on earth your my girlfriend even if they don’t ask.

- write you notes to find.

- leave you alone.

- watch marley and me and cry before you do. lol

- tell you secrets until i realize which ones would weird you out.

- be awesome.

“Well how are things on the west coast?
You keep it moving to your soul’s delight
Now I’ve tried the brakes
I tried but you know it’s a lonely ride
How are things the west coast?
Oh I’d move heaven behind those eyes”
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