okay but do you think while link was fighting ganon in botw when they get out into the field, someone in the distance just saw this horrible gigantic disgusting embodiment of evil crash onto the ground followed by this? kid going head on with this beast of legend with nothing but a sword and bow and just being like holy shit that’s the kid i paid 50 bucks for catching lizards for me


Breath of the Wild: Master Works

1. Guardian Concepts

2. The stones surrounding the Master Sword pedestal each represented a different race or goddess (translation)

3. “Pointless things we want the horses to do”

4. Temple of Time ruins concept art

5. Divine Beast concepts

6. Ancient Columns functionality

7. Weapon concept art

8. Vah Naboris concept art

9. Calamity Ganon concept art

10. “The Pilots illustrated along with the Divine Beasts. Name and Tribe unknown.”

Could you imagine if Breath of the Wild had a post game

Castle town not being surrounded by Ganon anymore

The divine beasts not constantly cluttering up the sky with their lasers anymore

Guardians that actually guard things and are helpful

The ability to go back into the divine beasts and just hang out

Zelda being someone you can interact with

Bolson construction being convinced to go back in business in order to repair castle town as well as the other settlements around hyrule

New characters who’s families had fled hyrule during the calamity coming back when homes become available, giving new quests

All the monsters getting a minor appearance change to make them look less evil, and not being aggro anymore, rather acting like wild animals and adding raw meat to their drops

Actually being able to tame and ride a Lynel instead of just mounting it for a few seconds

No more stal-monsters

No more blood moon (though obviously a mechanic to replace it which isn’t primarily focused on the evil coming back to life but the rejuvenation of the things around hyrule in general)

The Nice Hinox™, as seen in previous Zelda games

Also there’s literally always material for post-game plot related content. Like maybe we could help a historian discover the full story of what happened 10,000 years ago, or we help the ghosts of the old champions instruct the younger generation to operate the divine beasts, or we face a new, smaller threat (as sometimes happens in post-games) like Vaati or something.

I just have a lot of feelings about post-game content and I really wish this game had it okay?

Ngl I feel like the best, most subtle plot point of BotW is Ganon hacking the Guardians and turning them into an army. The King briefly mentions that Ganon turned everything against them before razing Hyrule and it’s framed as this totally surprising and out of nowhere batman gambit by Ganon (I maintain that the fortune teller who told the king about the Guardians was the BotW timeline equivalent of Agahnim, aka an alter ego for Ganon to trigger the events of the game. If that’s been debunked, oh well. Pry it from my dead hands.).

However, in one of the memories, we see Zelda trying to break into a Sheikah Shrine and she makes the point of saying that most technology has a work around.

It really just reinforces to me that Zelda is fucking smart and could have stopped the tragedy of Calamity Ganon if her dad had just listened to her about the Guardians. She wanted to study them and figure them out and there’s not a doubt in my mind that if she had been given the chance to be her science loving self instead of forced into constant prayer and isolation, she would have prevented Ganon from hacking the Guardians and the events of the game wouldn’t have even happened.