calamitous intent

Can we just appreciate everything about this?

Apparently the Guild has enough robots and mutants that it needs fields for them, on top of theme. They leave it open for someone to also be both. Also, your villain theme is required ID info.

Brock and Shore Leave’s heights and weights given probably have to be at least… fairly accurate if not entirely, since that’s stuff they want to match their appearances. And given Brock towers over even the Monarch, hell, I believe 7′00″. :V So that’s nice info to have.

And perhaps best of all-

Eye: Yummy
Sex: Y

And the bouncer didn’t see anything strange about this. My God, I love Shore Leave.

So, given that we’ve never really known how the Original Guild morphed into the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and given that what rules we DO know origins for are entirely because of dickery by Jonas Venture, I have developed a new headcanon.

The Guild of Calamitous Intent was founded specifically as a response to Jonas Venture.  He was causing so much trouble that he needed to be stopped.  However, his PR was so strong as a “good guy,” that exposing him for the complete asshole he was would have caused too much harm.  So, the Guild was formed to minimize the damage he was doing.

The Guild never abandoned their original charter to “protect and serve humanity’s best.”  This is why they hate the terms “good” and “bad” and prefer “protagonist” and “antagonist” instead.

The Guild ARE the actual good guys when you come down to it.