Discussing inside out and why Fear recognized Bing Bong while Joy couldn’t:

This has been nagging at me since I saw someone point it out, okay.

Despite Joy and Sadness driving the plot, the calamity going on inside Riley’s head was caused by the natural change of life she was going through.

Bing Bong represents past times of her childhood that were long long gone. The imagination and free spirit she didn’t have anymore, she lost it long before she even moved away since Bing Bong was already long forgotten. Ultimately, Riley’s needs drive the story, thus when she needs to feel sad, Sadness is compelled to make her sad. This is why Sadness is impulsively touching memories and punching buttons in the control panel whether she wants to or not which worsens when Joy, through Riley’s attempts at forcing herself to be happy, suppresses Sadness making the sadness build up and explode at the worst times (crying at school). Hopefully that sensibly explains how Riley’s needs drive the story and events going on inside her head, not just the character arcs of the emotions.

Joy had to realize what Riley’s instincts already knew (and Sadness deep down, who also read the manuals so she reacts far more instinctually in this plot than does Joy who is being forced to make Riley happy which is synthetic), that Riley did not need to be happy all the time, which also includes the fact that you cannot keep clinging to the happy thoughts of the past rather than looking ahead. Joy did not recognize Bing Bong because Riley has not needed Bing Bong to feel happy in a LONG time. Joy had to realize Riley did not need to cling to the past and deny her current struggles in order to be happy. Joy’s promise to make Riley remember him would’ve most likely hurt her since it would’ve been just one more memory of her happy past that she can’t have back (Bing Bong realized this eventually too when he recognized she’s simply too old for him and has no need for him and he was actually weighing her down by keeping her from moving on, metaphorically speaking).

So why does Fear recognize Bing Bong then? Sadness has NO memory of him, questioning what he even was despite being there as a core emotion for Riley’s making of him. Joy recognized him after a moment. Fear recognized him right away. If we apply the notion that Riley’s subconscious needs drive the emotions, then we could say that Bing Bong carries or perpetuates a fear of Riley’s. As stated above, Bing Bong represents an innocent care free happy time in Riley’s life that she simply just CANNOT have back. He interrupts Riley’s chaotic dream that Joy tried to direct for her, (which is metaphorically another instance of joy trying to force itself into Riley when Riley is just too sad and now afraid of her future and what she can do about it because of this it), to say hi to Riley and sing his song to her. Perhaps one of Riley’s subconscious fears then is being stuck in the past or that her childhood happiness is over. Fear recognized Bing Bong because, being the Fear emotion and always aware of potential threats, he is always aware of that fear and considers it often. He’s never forgotten Bing Bong because the fear of losing that due to change or the past refusing to let Riley go on to better things is something she worries about in the back of her mind a lot. I think it’s most likely the latter, that the past will haunt her so she’ll never find new happiness where she is now. This is also why you see Fear instinctually refuse to agree with the idea of running away back to Minnesota. Maybe he doesn’t know how to argue against it because even Riley is too upset to realize why she’s afraid, but he knew it was a bad idea.

Bing Bong HAD to let himself go so Riley could be happy. There was no other way for her to overcome this if she didn’t let go of the past.

Kinda wish the movie cleared this up and spent a liiiittle more time on the world building so I wouldn’t have to just guess at it but this is where I’m settling as to why this happened.

There is no doubt that enabling women to mix with men is the basis of all calamity and evil, and it is one of the greatest causes of all-encompassing punishment coming down. It is also one of the causes of corruption in public and private affairs. Mixing of men and women is the cause of a great deal of immoral actions and zina. And it is one of the causes of widespread death and ongoing plagues.

One of the greatest causes of widespread death is the prevalence of zina, because of enabling women to mix with men and walk among them displaying their finery and beautified. If the people in charge knew how much corruption that causes in worldly affairs and people’s affairs, let alone religious affairs, they would be stricter in putting a stop to it.

Ibn Qayyim, Al-Turuq al-Hukmiyyah, p. 407-408


Dusk Vigil is the first dungeon of Heavensward, though it’s only mandatory if you’re looking to unlock all the aether currents in the Coerthas Western Highlands.

The Dusk Vigil was a location from Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, although it was decimated during the Calamity. After Bahamut wreaked havoc on the fortress, the soldiers who guarded it were left to endure endless snowfalls, waiting for any reinforcements or aid from the Holy See that would never come.

The story behind the Dusk Vigil is a disturbing one. An old priest among the Convictors, Wealdtheow, had a son named Yuhelmeric to whom he gave a priceless sapphire, a family heirloom, as a wedding gift. Not so long thereafter, Yuhelmeric’s wife was imprisoned and tortured on suspicion of heresy, and the sapphire - known as the ice rondel - went missing. When Yuhelmeric took command at the Dusk Vigil, he found his family’s sapphire embedded in a statue of Halone the Fury. Yuhelmeric refused to part with the stone even after the Calamity, spending countless hours in the chapel in “prayer” to it while his men labored and starved. He even suppressed mutinies, using the corpses for food when no other provisions remained. Tales spread of the soldiers’ sacrifice and their devotion to duty and faith, but upon storming it yourself, you discover that the remaining men have all become zombies, with Yuhelmeric as their leader. Nowadays, a single griffin guards the rondel, challenging any who might seek to take it.

From start to finish, the Dusk Vigil is one enormous pile of references to A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones, especially the Night’s Watch.

  • The quest to unlock the dungeon is called “For All the Nights to Come”, which is a line from the oath sworn by those who serve the Night’s Watch.
  • The ice zombies within the dungeon (Yuhelmeric and the men under his command) are not unlike the White Walkers.
  • The concept of a crumbling fortress serving as a final line of defense is almost identical to the Wall in ASOIAF, as is the suffering endured by the soldiers stationed there.
  • Several of the Ishgardian soldiers-turned-zombies are listed as conscripts; while Ishgard does have a precedent of conscription, it’s a plot point in the ASOIAF books that many of the soldiers who man the Wall are criminals serving a life sentence for crimes they have committed.
  • Just before the last boss, one of the patrolling enemies is a single giant white wolf, called a Dusk Wolf; this is a reference to Jon Snow’s direwolf Ghost.
  • The last boss has an attack called Winds of Winter; this is currently the working title for book six of ASOIAF.

I decided to post all the cutscenes, along with a run-through of the last boss. I absolutely love the new boss music for Heavensward; I keep saying it sounds so much like something one would hear in an old-school Final Fantasy game!

Fact of the day

In the Calamity Trigger Reconstruction, Bang, after being defeated by Jin, says:

“Stand back, my loyal, alphabetized subordinates! This is my moment, and you guys don’t stand a chance against one who spams ‘Ice Car’ so thoroughly…”


… That’s what the text reads. Bang actually says:

“Stand back… this is my stage, and you guys don’t stand a chance…”

I know, I was pretty disappointed, too.


I drove a straight shot back to Illinois from New Jersey to find that almost all the daisies have hatched, and they’re all sunny side up. I am glad daisies aren’t violent, destructive shark like things, cause otherwise this would be a calamity. If anyone wants some, stop by. :) 

anonymous asked:

Duke, do you have any suggestions for books similar to The Secret History? Or books that have characters interested in Classics?

Try here, but also consider Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, and Sleepwalking by Meg Wolitzer. 

Sidenote: It’s always a good idea to check the book recommendations page because I’ve done hundreds of them and you may find I’ve already answered your question.

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Name: Kirri
Nickname: Kiz, kRIRI
Birthday: May 16
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Number of blankets I sleep under: It’s Winter so i’ve got an electric blanket, a sheet, and a doona
Favorite fictional characters: Jo March, Rizzo, Penny Lane, DJ Gavin Kavanagh
Favorite famous people: That band I talk about a lot, Josh Homme, Mae West, Johnny Depp, Mamrie Hart, Calamity Jane
Celebrity crushes: Jonny Lee Miller’s getting me a bit tingly despite the mystery that is his hair. Also, Keegan-Michael Key for all the reasons.
Favorite books: I done made a list and everything
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Last Movie I saw: Lucy (though I only started on it last night - let’s say it counts)
Dream trip: A road trip deep into the CA desert; going ‘round the South Pacific islands on a boat (which i’m doing soon, yiss); the silent retreat in Bali; you know what, fuck it, I want to see what Burning Man’s about
Dream Job: I reckon I could be a fluffer for a day
What I am wearing at the moment: I’m having a sickie so it’s lounge wear and Uggs. That’s probably a turn-on for someone.

{ 雪 } – Sitting hunched next to the shrine’s entrance, Yukine had made himself as small as possible; quietly listening to the murmurings going on behind the door. None of it was loud enough to actually discern, but Yato had made it clear that he didn’t want the blond to sit in on the conversation.

                                                                       ——-But why?

Who even was that guy, and what business did he have with Yato? From the expression that had flashed across the raven haired deity’s countenance, it was clear that Yato wasn’t familiar with the regalia. No, it had more been the stranger’s garb that seemed to bring alarm to the God of calamity.

Instead of trying to pick out what they were saying, Yukine rested his forehead against his knees and closed his eyes for just a moment. It was autumn. And while the weather had taken a turn for the cooler side, the hafuri could still feel perspiration clinging to the back of his neck; mingling with the gentle breeze that drifted through the peaceful abode.

                                Two people.

Two people were arguing, a man and a woman. Words were muffled and features were blank, but the sight brought great distress to the blond. The woman had a suitcase with her. Another voice rang out, and Yukine’s heart clenched.

The person talking was not in sight, but was very close

                                               “You–…–on’t you?”

The words became distorted and Yukine sucked in a breath, flinching away from a phantom touch to his shoulder that hadn’t been there in the first place. Bracing himself with every ounce of strength he had, the small teenager jerked to his feet.

                                What a weird dream.

He wiped the moisture from his brow and sniffed, hopping down from the wooden deck and wandering off and away from the shrine. Yato was still talking… he’d be fine on his own, and he didn’t need the blessed regalia right now. Whatever it was, the deity would surely let him know when the time was right, anyway. Bearing that in mind, Yukine abandoned the strange foreboding feeling in his gut and took the approaching worn path towards the main road.

Everything would be fine.


In a moment, an instant…everything changes.

Admittedly Daniel worried for his father and brother in the war…but this is a calamity he has not been able to picture in his wildest nightmares. Betrayal, murder…Daniel is so easily trusting that the idea seems unthinkable. Surely there is some explanation that does not involve Howe having turned on them all. But even that would not lessen the horror of seeing his young nephew’s body sprawled out upon the castle floor.

He feels ill. The sound of Iona’s dying scream seems to keep echoing in his ears, no matter how hard he tries to focus. The whole scene has a dreamlike quality, as if he’ll wake up at any moment…and yet it refuses to stop…