Migrants Across Europe

More people are arriving on Europe’s shores than at any time since the second World War. Over the last few months, I’ve visited Turkey, France, Bulgaria, and Serbia to report on the migration crisis. My colleague Joanna Kakissis has covered this story from Greece, Germany, Macedonia, and Russia. She and I will answer your questions on NPR’s facebook page at noon ET today. Below, you’ll find links to the stories I have done on the issue so far. 



The migration crisis by the numbers

Izmir is a departure point and waiting area for people hoping to get to Greece.

Bodrum is the closest point between Turkey and Greece. The journey is very different for tourists and migrants.

You’ve met the travelers - now meet one of the human smugglers.


In the port city of Calais, people waiting to enter the UK live in a makeshift tent city called The Jungle.

After only four months, The Jungle already has restaurants, shops, art, and houses of worship.  

People with next to nothing, helping those with even less.


Refugees are entering Europe on foot, as well as by sea

In a tiny border town, Syrians and Bulgarians work together at a small cafe


A Belgrade mosque welcomes migrants celebrating the start of Ramadan

Unfriendly and mildy disgusted reminder that if the Channel Tunnel had been built before 1939 then it would have been “swarmed” by Jews, Muslims, and non-white Christians fleeing persecution and genocide then too. These ones have come from farther abroad, but it’s the same shit. I don’t care about your fucking fish lorries or your holidays in Spain, people are dying.

just the words the british press are using to talk about migrants right now is disgusting. even the bbc, who are supposed to be impartial describe migrants as targeting the channel tunnel and forcing their way forward and show video footage of them shouting or being “agressive”.

 like- these people are risking their lives just for a chance to get a chance to stay in britain. they’re falling off trucks and struggling onwards with awful injuries, and yet theresa may comes on tv and says the british govt are doing all they can to tighten security like she’s just stamping out ants. it’s gross and im just so angry. 

baroness whatever her face is claims £300 a day to walk a few hundred metres to the house of lords and gets a slap on the wrist. these people flee horrible circumstances in their homeland and just want to live and they’re treat like criminals. 


Halle de Calais; 2015
Within a century old cultural custom in the north of France, Tank designed this structure right in the heart of the social roots of Calais. It has become the helio where the community gravitates around.

see more about this project and download PDF contact sheet here

The increasingly felt presence of Islam in Europe and the growing influence of Afro-Asiatic cultural traditions on our continent - both of which are consequences of unrestrained immigration - represent a threat to democracy. 
Out of Altruism, ‘they’ imagine that education, reason and the 'Republican’ spirit will prevail over the ancestral cultural traditions of immigrants. This is Regis Debray’s error of judgement. It rests on the myth of 'spontaneous education’ and 'innate wisdom’ embraced by the rational optimism of the Enlightenment. On the contrary, democratic virtues are ethno-cultural products limited to the European sphere; they are neither universal nor inborn in humans. By its very nature, democracy is something very fragile: its Greek founders soon lost it, as did the Roman Republic. Iceland is the only place that has historically preserved its democratic system for over 900 years. Democracy is menaced by social laxity and the media pretensions of 'public opinion’ - which consists not in the opinion of the public, but in that of active minorities - as well as by the rule of judges who seek to prevail upon general will and correct its laws (as illustrated by the arrogance of the French Conseil Constitutionnel). Even more simply, democracy is threatened by the establishment of a 'culture of everyday behaviour’ implying one’s submission to manipulation from sophisticated apparatuses.
It is indeed the case that a society may have ceased to be democratic and be incapable of securing the freedom and well-being of its citizens even if its institutions have remained formally democratic - it is enough for oppressive social practices to be repeated, tolerated and legitimised without necessarily having been made legal.
The culture of the 'young born from immigrants’ so admired by the media is winning increasing social acceptance while affirming perfectly anti-democratic values. 'Black and North African culture’ and the behaviour of its exponents, amplified by the propaganda delivered through rap music, promote attitudes and feelings that stand in open contrast to the apparent convictions of the politically correct elites that support them: chauvinism, gang culture, aggressive tribalism, a racial view of society, a ghetto spirit, contempt for women, the cult of gang leaders, valorisation of brute force (the opposite of 'strength’), a rejection of all social responsibilities, an apology for group delinquency, an utter contempt of France and the 'nation’, etc. The new 'ghetto culture’ promotes social and political values among the young - and hence among future generations - that are the very opposite of those of the famous 'Republic’. To believe that through 'education’ and 'persuasion’ it will be possible to bestow a sense of 'civic responsibility’ upon outlooks utterly shaped by the aforementioned values and forms of behaviour once again reveals that 'belief in miracles’ is the senile illness of Western ideology.
It is indeed paradoxical that self-styled democracies support and justify a similar emergence of social 'primitvism’. An illusion of this kind is the product of the ruling ideologies, which, because of their overconfidence, are no longer capable of analysing reality.
If current demographic and immigration trends continue this way, with a further expansion of Afro-Asian population groups, and Islam continuing to grow increasingly influential - ultimately aiming for its adherents to become the majority, something which few people understand - the future of democracy will be compromised. Gradually, society will be pervaded by authoritarian, fanatical, anti-secular and anti-civil values, with multiracism as a final touch: the latent civil war between communities.
Part of the Left knows all this well, but for them to admit it would be to acknowledge their contradictions and intellectual weaknesses. Most importantly, it would mean going against the multiracial dogma. Out of unconscious racism, the assimilationist Left sees all human beings as neutral and malleable atoms, ignoring their origins. It fails to understand that even after many generations the 'ethnic past’ endures, like a sort of anthropological atavism. These unrepentant individualists do not grasp that while education may shape an isolated individual, it will never succeed in transforming the values of the ethnic and religious communities that are setting themselves up on the European soil en masse. 'Democrats’ will face a brutal awakening.
Within the European tradition, democracy - which is to say 'the rule of accepted order’, which could also be termed 'nomocracy’ or the rule of common law - can only endure provided its citizens share a common and almost innate outlook they have inherited.
It may be that an authoritarian interlude will be needed.
—  Guillaume Faye: Archeofuturism - on the contradictory, self-destructive (‘ouroboros’) and fundamentally fragile nature of ‘democracy’, due to the exclusively European mentality of it in direct contrast to the inevitable consequences of it’s application.   (1998)

Apparently it took the Calais crisis for the EU to realise that there’s a tragic crisis going on. When Italy was asking for help because we were lacking the facilities and we were dealing with a phenomenon bigger than us nobody cared, or cared enough to actually do something. But now it’s a priority I see.
All those images of desperate people are heartbreaking