Banksy uses the Les Mis logo to bring attention to Calais refugee teargassing

Banksy has continued to stand up for refugees in Europe with the above piece on the side of the French Embassy in London. The work is an apparent reference to the police’s alleged usage of the teargas in the Calais refugee camp. For the first time ever, Banksy included a QR scanning code with his artwork, which includes an online component.

places you can donate to in order to help refugees across europe:

  • calaid (also have drop off points for material goods, make sure you read carefully for the list of items that are and aren’t needed)
  • jungle books (library of useful books and resources situated in the calais refugee camp known as ‘the jungle’)
  • doctors of the world (the only charity currently providing medical help for refugees in the calais camp)
  • moas (working on providing safe boats for refugees)

2015 - The BBC went with a group of British Muslims from the Peterborough Active Youth organisation who are bringing water, food and clothing to the thousands of refugees living in primitive conditions in “the Jungle” refugee camp in Calais, France.

There they meet up with French volunteers who are also doing their best to help the refugees out. They also talk with refugees there, who have some important things to say about the situation, although for some reason one of them seems to be under the impression that David Cameron has a heart. [video]

Migrants Across Europe

More people are arriving on Europe’s shores than at any time since the second World War. Over the last few months, I’ve visited Turkey, France, Bulgaria, and Serbia to report on the migration crisis. My colleague Joanna Kakissis has covered this story from Greece, Germany, Macedonia, and Russia. She and I will answer your questions on NPR’s facebook page at noon ET today. Below, you’ll find links to the stories I have done on the issue so far. 



The migration crisis by the numbers

Izmir is a departure point and waiting area for people hoping to get to Greece.

Bodrum is the closest point between Turkey and Greece. The journey is very different for tourists and migrants.

You’ve met the travelers - now meet one of the human smugglers.


In the port city of Calais, people waiting to enter the UK live in a makeshift tent city called The Jungle.

After only four months, The Jungle already has restaurants, shops, art, and houses of worship.  

People with next to nothing, helping those with even less.


Refugees are entering Europe on foot, as well as by sea

In a tiny border town, Syrians and Bulgarians work together at a small cafe


A Belgrade mosque welcomes migrants celebrating the start of Ramadan

Alors voilà, vous savez sans doute que la situation de Calais c'est un peu un truc qui me tient à cœur. Je partage souvent des infos à ce sujet, la plupart venant de Polyvalence, petite association faisant un travail impressionnant pour apporter autant d'aide que possible aux réfugiés qui pataugent dans la boue.

C'est pas une cause sexy, ça manque de licornes et de paillettes, c'est sordide à souhait et en général on préfère pas trop y penser. Sans doute parce que ça nous renvoie à notre impuissance. Je sais pas. Toujours est-il que la collecte est terminée, les vêtements et les tentes partent bientôt. Mais il y a une dernière petite chose qu'il est possible de faire, c'est de donner à la cagnotte pour que l'association sus-citée puisse acheter un maximum de fournitures qui manquent là-bas aux plus grosses associations sur place.

Alors oui, tout le monde ne peut pas donner. Mais tout le monde peut donner de la visibilité à cette cagnotte. En likant, en partageant, en commentant. Plus la cagnotte grossira, plus il sera possible de soigner, de protéger, d'abriter et de nourrir (plus sainement) les réfugiés qui se trouvent là-bas.



I’ve been working with Hannah Kirmes-daly on illustrating the daily life in the jungle of Calais (where about 4000 refugees are stuck on their way to the UK)
We’ve been drawing the streets, shops and people of the ghetto.

Lately the authorities decided to reduce the size of the ghetto, about 1500 people risk to be evicted and see their homes destroyed.
The UK and French governments keep harassing people, as they would
disappear by themselves.

 We, the united people of the jungle of Calais, decline the demands of the french government with regards to reducing the size of the jungle.We have decided to remain where we are and will peacefully resist the governments plans to destroy our homes.We plead with the French authories and the international communities that you understand our situation and respect our fundamental human rights.

– Nous, peuple unis de la Jungle de Calais, refusont les demandes du gouvernement Français concernant la réduction de la superficie de la Jungle.Nous avons décidé de rester où nous sommes et résisterons pacifiquement aux plans gouvernementaux visant à détruire nos maisons.Nous plaidons pour que les autorités Francaises et la communauté internationale comprennent notre situation et respectent nos Droits Humains Fondamentaux.

More info here (English) and here (French)

No one is illegal. Freedom for all

Short notice, but there will be a collection for the refugees in Calais this Saturday at Jigsaw (near Belvedere College) in Dublin from 10am to 4pm.

The items in the green column are the highest priority and would be greatly useful. Items in the low-priority column aren’t less important, they’ve just been donated in great quantities already!

Trinity’s SU will be collecting items tomorrow until 6pm and early Saturday morning to bring over, and items can be dropped into the SU kitchen on the first floor of House 6 (the building with the shop just inside Front Arch).

More info here:

Please donate whatever you can, and share, share, share!