Snap from Saturday in Calais,  I gave my first music performance ///
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Meanwhile in Calais, France.
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Britain is building a massive wall to keep refugees out
The UK is going to build a 13ft wall in Calais to block refugees from crossing the channel, the Government has announced. "People are still getting through," immigration minister Robert Goodwill told the Home Affairs Select Committee. "We have done the fence, now we are doing the wall."

Nicola Swann snapped these images in the ‘Jungle’ - the name given to the overcrowded Calais camp in Northern France packed with refugees and migrants wanting to move on to the UK.

High tensions exist in this small space housing somewhere between 3,500 and 5,000 people. Even with a difficult and uncertain journey ahead of them, these refugees still try to improve their situation where possible. Painting murals on schools, small business, and restaurants that they have opened, showing their determination for a brighter future as they wait for news on filed asylum claims. 

French authorities began eviction and destruction in the southern portion of the camp during late February. During the tumultuous scene, MSF mobilized a medical clinic to aid the wounded. They have previously made threats to dismantle and evict the northern part of the camp, but today local authorities are slowly making investments in water and sanitation services, which remain a major concern.

Creating Art in the Jungle of Calais 


Windows by Chris Zielecki
Via Flickr:
Calais, France