Red Queen Fan Questions

@hannaharies I want in on the fun.

1. Who is your favorite Red Queen character? - Sara Skonos

2. Cal or Maven? - Cal

3. What is your favorite book? - I love all of them, but maybe the first one bc it means so much to me. It has changed my life in more ways than one.

4. Red or Silver? - tbh Silver

5. What is your favorite Silver house? - House Jacos

6. The worst character? - Elara, but she makes a good villain.

7. Best romance? - Evangeline and Elane (Sara and Julian close behind)

8. Favorite couple? - Evangeline and Elane

9. Favorite quote? - rn from the top of my head “My lovely, invisible shadow.” EVANGELINE TO ELANE but there are sooo many others

10. Will War Storm break your heart? - Yes. I’m 10000000% sure.