Dear CSULB art students,

Over the last 2 semesters, I’ve started to realize that the art building I go to everyday of the week is, in fact, not a safe space. After anonymous leaked the identities of numerous KKK members yesterday, I was disgusted and decided to write “kill your local KKK member” in the stairwell. Only a day later, someone crossed out kill and wrote “forgive.” I am shocked and yet I really shouldn’t be. Last semester, I posted some Black Lives Matter posters which were quickly written on, torn down, and one even had coffee thrown on it. Like I said, don’t mistake this institution for a safe space.

#StayWoke #StaySafe

If you’re going to CSULB in the fall, you should make an account on It’s basically a roommate matching site. It’s really cool and I’ve heard not so great things about CSULB’s roommate “matching” process. Also, I didn’t really get any great matches on roomsurf, so the more people who go on, the more likely I am to get a match, lol.