This is very much how every morning of every day goes. And I am 2000000% okay with that. There is something about learning that is so incredibly interesting. We pack our brains with information on the daily. We can go read this on out own and get something out of it, so why are we paying thousands of dollars to get a piece of paper that says you have “fill in blank” degree in “fill in blank.” It’s amazing how many people do it and how many people don’t do it.

That’s why so many people look at a literature degree as a waste of time. Can’t we just go sit in a room and read? Can’t we continue to write and refine our skills ourselves. Yes. In the end that’s what we do anyways. Right?

Wrong. Literature degrees require so much more than that. We develop theories, we analyze texts, we argue, we go back on our word to develop things farther, we read for the fun of it, we retain knowledge. We use the ideals of psychology and history to analyze texts and refer back to what was going on in that time. We understand the psyche of an imaginative character that is very much alive. We have to understand that the author is a separate being and the death of the author is very much real. And a the same time the author is the one creating this narrative so is he separate. We have to look at a narrative that has been translated and see how that can change the whole entire way it is read. We read things through theories. Not just one, tons. We take something, devour it and throw it back up.

The only thing that is black and white about literature is the ink and paper. And even that is subject to change.

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Dear CSULB art students,

Over the last 2 semesters, I’ve started to realize that the art building I go to everyday of the week is, in fact, not a safe space. After anonymous leaked the identities of numerous KKK members yesterday, I was disgusted and decided to write “kill your local KKK member” in the stairwell. Only a day later, someone crossed out kill and wrote “forgive.” I am shocked and yet I really shouldn’t be. Last semester, I posted some Black Lives Matter posters which were quickly written on, torn down, and one even had coffee thrown on it. Like I said, don’t mistake this institution for a safe space.

#StayWoke #StaySafe

if you’ve been following me for a while you probably know that i have very strong opinions about college journalism (shout out to the ucsd koala! aka the worst piece of student “journalism” to grace this earth; please read the ucsd guardian instead)

if you think casual racism is a cool way to gain points with your readers you’ve probably got some really weird ideas about journalism.

so look at this disgusting piece of “journalism” i stumbled upon today! ethnocentrism! language imperialism! wide assumptions about an entire culture! it’s got everything shitty you could possibly think of and more!

some choice bits include:

  • “Also, people in China love to yell, and have no concept of using “inside voices.””
  •  "Overall, people in China neglect to follow many of the social standards that we value in the West.“
  • ”…if I had been one of those insufferable D-bags from the Jersey Shore, I would’ve left behind dozens of people with black eyes"
  • “Good luck trying to find anyone who is able to speak English.”

wow you mean to tell me that people didn’t speak english in CHINA??? and you were surprised by this??

keep in mind that this is written by the opinions editor - this person is in charge of an entire section at this newspaper which is an atrocity.

if you have free time, you can read the article here and write an email to the editor to voice your concerns! don’t forget to forward it to their faculty advisor as well because this should have some sort of a consequence for mr. hunter paul

at the very least, there should be a formal apology made - not just from the writer but also from the editorial staff for letting this racist article be published online.

Editor in Chief –
Daily 49er Advisor –

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Like what Dick Button said after Michelle Kwan’s 1996 World Championships Long Program, “Absolutely the best!”

I honestly believe that no one can match PAC’s Tiniklng. The degree of difficulty, the length of performance, the creativity and the heart; it’s all there! I cannot believe I missed this year’s PAC PCN; my first miss in 4 years. But I’m glad someone got this on YouTube!

Way to celebrate the Silver Anniversary PAC! I’m truly proud! :)


A couple weeks ago, I put up two #BlackLivesMatter posters in the art building. One got coffee thrown on it (as shown in the 1st picture) and then both got torn down after a few days.

I recently put up a few more. Now someone else has finally added their own art to the wall, calling out the ignorant ass students in this department.

Realizing that a place you would consider a second home is in fact not a safe space is deeply upsetting, which is why I’m going to cover all the walls in this godforsaken building. 

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