Greek Week-Part Two

A/N: Thank you all so much for the positive reception to Part One! Glad you’re all excited, hope you like this part!

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word count: 1142

The car wash was, of course, the biggest success of the day.

Admittedly, it didn’t surprise anyone. You’d played to your strengths and used the senior girls to wash the cars, most of them flirting with the poor freshmen whose jaws were on the floor. Omega Chi raised the most money with the car wash alone, never mind the other services you were running that day. You hadn’t missed Calum’s scowl as the results were announced, sending him a smug grin as you and your house cheered.

You weren’t surprised when he turned up on your doorstep that night.

“Thanks Tiff.” You smile at the sister who had answered the door, leaning against the frame with a smirk as she returns to the lounge. “To what do I owe the pleasure Hood?”

“That chance you maybe were going to give me.” He smirks, pulling the cigarette from his lips. “Think you could take it now?”

“What have you got in mind?” Your question brings a genuine grin to his lips, and you can’t help the one that takes over your own face in response.

“How do you feel about coffee?”

Calum waited for you as quickly changed, considering you’d still been in your O Chi shirt, pulling on a dark green knitted jumper over a black vest. You ignored the curious glances your Sorority Sisters sent you as you returned to where he stood in your hallway, as well as the sarcastic “Have fun!” Roxana sent your way. Instead, you returned Calum’s smile and followed him out of the house.

You ended up in a small coffee shop a couple of blocks over. It was new to you, but Calum was clearly was no stranger to the quirky establishment, assuring the boy behind the counter he’d have his usual, before allowing you to order yours.

“You don’t have to pay-“

“Y/N, it wouldn’t be much of a date if I let you pay.” He grinned, handing over the money.

“That idea is old fashioned and-“

“You can pay next time if it makes you happy.”

You take your drink silently then, choosing not to mention the fact he was already planning another outing, and the fact you’d actually agreed to go on a date with Calum Hood. Following him to a table in the corner by the window, you tried to ignore the voice in your head that sounded suspiciously like Rox’s saying he was frat boy, an Alpha Sigma Phi frat boy at that, who had conveniently decided to take you on a date at the beginning of Greek Week.

The voice silences when he grinned at you again.

Because right now he didn’t look like Calum Hood, president of Alpha Sig. His hair was flat, and the traces of his curls were showing without his snapback. His tattoos were covered by the thick black sweater he had on, the sleeves reaching halfway down his hands. In fact, as he curled himself around his coffee cup, he could be a different person from Cal the Soccer Star.

“Can I ask you something?” The cockiness is gone from his voice as you smile at each other, instead a gentle tone shining through. You hum in response, taking a sip as he continues. “Are you really only giving me a chance because it’s our last year?”

You mulled over his question for a minute before shaking your head softly, ignoring the way your heart skips at the way his smile grows.

“You’re not as bad as people make you out to be.” Calum cocks his brow at your words, prompting you to explain. “You don’t just use girls for one night, despite most people expecting you to because of Alpha Sig and your major. It’s obvious you actually care about things, about people. You aren’t perfect Cal, but no one is.”

“I don’t know Angel.” He smirks. “You’re pretty close.”

“Smooth Hood.” You laugh, grinning as he winks at you. “What about you? Why have you been so persistent for three years?”

“Y/N, you took my breath away that night I first saw you. You can’t blame me for wanting to make you mine.”

It was easier than breathing, finding conversation topics with Calum. They simply flowed from one to the next, no unnecessary and awkward pauses. You didn’t realise the sun had set until Calum pointed it out, noting he should probably return you before your sisters accused him of kidnapping.

“Must return their almighty leader for the Drive Day tomorrow.”

You roll your eyes but nod, taking his outstretched hand and allowing him to lead you from the coffee shop. His thumb dragged slow circles over the back of your hand as you walk, the silence comfortable as you stole glances at each other. It wasn’t until you were back on the porch he pulled you to a stop, dropping your hand to wrap his arms around your waist.

“So…” He smirks as your own arms lock around his neck. “Worth that chance?”

“At the minute, yeah.” You smirk back, fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. “You’re still on trial.”

“I can live with that.” He grins, before leaning down to press his lips to yours. You pull him closer as his tongue sweeps along your bottom lip, letting him deepen the kiss. The taste of coffee still lingered on his lips, as well as the cigarette he’d had when he picked you up. The mix itself was addicting, and you knew your resolve wouldn’t last long after a night like this. You started pulling him back towards the door when a bang causes you to break apart, a sigh slipping past your lips as he leans his forehead to yours. “What was that?”

“No idea.” You mutter, although you had a good guess it was due to an audience of your sisters. “I’d invite you in, but-“

“I gotta go anyway Angel. Don’t think it would look great if the president of Alpha Sig started the second day of Greek Week in the president of O Chi’s bed.”

“I mean, I think I’d quite like the view.”

He laughs then, a genuine laugh that makes you grin widely at him, before he tilts his head to capture your lips. It only lasts a moment before he pulls back completely, walking backwards with a smirk as he pulled his cigarettes from his pocket.

“See you tomorrow Angel.” He calls, lifting his lighter to his lips. “Don’t think this means I’ll let Alpha Sig go easy on you.”

“Nor O Chi on you.” You grin back, waving once before spinning and entering the house. The door shuts behind you and you allow yourself a moment to smile to yourself before narrowing your eyes, crossing your arms before shouting. “Which of you fuckers were spying on me?”

in-this-fantasy  asked:

Calum was seen today with those Adidas sweatpants and no joke I've imagined him wearing those bc at my high school all the soccer players wore them (and hello Cal used to play soccer) so I always imagined what he would look like with them and today he wore them and now I think he killed me. Today Calum killed me by wearing sweatpants. What's next? Wanna shoot me in the head Calum?! Fine!! But on a serious note: Adidas should get this boy a sponsorship so he can model!! @ him, ADIDAS!!! NOW

H O N E S T L Y 👌🏼 he looks hot as fuck everyday, but particularly hot as fuck today bc like swag.

Score-Soccer/Best Friend!Calum

so this was requested by @madireum​  (”Can you write a soccer player cal imagine where you are best friends but eventually confess your feelings for one another? :)) a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to writing it!

word count: 1181

warnings: mild alcohol use

requests: open

hope you guys like it!

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Your son's first Soccer game: Calum

When your 5-year-old son had expressed an interest in soccer Cal was more than happy. Since he could walk they would always play in your front yard together. Your son had his first game tonight and Cal had taken full responsibility.  He bought his cleats and dressed him in his uniform, he had made sure he had a well-made dinner and was ready to go. You were pretty sure Cal was more excited than your son was which made you chuckle.

“Are you ready buddy?” Calum asked.

“Yeah!” your son screamed as a smile from ear to ear crossed his face.

When your son had gotten on the field Cal made sure to take tons of photos and was cheering louder than anyone else on the side lines.  It made you happy to see Cal taking this much interest in your son’s sporting event, he was an amazing father and you loved both of them more and more each day.

When your son had finished his game Calum handed you the camera,

‘’Babe, take a picture of us!” he said as he picked up your son.

“Done!” you said once you took the picture.


Cal had that photo next to the one in his wallet of you and him on the day you got married. That way whenever he was away, his 2 favourite people were still with him.

Sorry it’s short, but I thought this was so cute aweee


Last Friday Night (brother’s best friend!cal)

cal is your brother’s best friend and he is looking hella fine one night
pairing: y/n and cal
words: 2289
rating: x / r (it’s smut what do you expect)

It was Friday night. For you, that meant studying and trying desperately to catch up on whatever show you were binge-watching that month. For your older brother, however, it meant parties at your house while your parents were out of town. It meant that, once again, he’d invite 20 people over and soon it would turn into 60 people or more and you’d have to lock the door of your room just to make sure that a drunk couple wouldn’t walk in hoping to fit in a quickie between the upbeat songs and the weird slow ones that people don’t really like but were played anyway.
“Y/N!” someone called, pounding on your bedroom door, their voice muffled by the wood that separated you. 

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High School Crush - Michael Imagine

I honestly just wish I could tell Y/N that I really liked her but I was worried that she likes Calum. “Mate, she doesn’t like me that way. She told me.” Cal said hitting my back, I shook my head. “Nope I don’t believe you.” I said crossing my arms. I noticed Calum rolling his eyes at me. “Look Mike you’re a great bloke. I don’t know why she wouldn’t like you!” Luke was trying to reason with me. “I’m not good enough for her! I mean look at her."  I huffed as I watched her laughing with Y/B/F/N. "Mike she likes you! It’s so obvious!” Ashton said loudly. “Say it louder!” I scolded, he laughed and went to yell it. I shot him a glare and he stopped. “I’ve just got to find a way to tell her.” I huffed banging my head on the table, which I regretted as it hurt… A lot. “How about, ‘Hey Y/N. You’re beautiful, I like you. Want to go to a movie with me?’ It’s not hard Michael.” Ashton said, I rested my chin on my arms. “Oh and you were so casual when you asked out Y/B/F/N. 'H-h-hi I’m Ashton 'Haha I know we’ve Y/Nn friends for two years’ 'Yeah we have. Um I like you a bit. And yeah?’ 'Yeah?’ 'Gotoamoviewithme!’ So that wasn’t hard?” I mocked, he smacked me on the back of the head. “At least I did it and I’m glad I did because I’ve had this beautiful girlfriend for a year and a half.” Ashton said and as if on cue Y/B/F/N walked up beside him. Y/N following behind. Y/B/F/N sat beside Ashton while Y/N sat beside me. “Oh! Luke, Cal I just remembered that we have to clean up in the music room. Y/B/F/N want to help?” Ashton said spontaneously, the four of them got up and left Y/N on our own. “What was that all about?” She asked, I shrugged my shoulders even though I knew what it was about. I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by the bell. Dang it! The boys are going to kill me. Y/N and I walked in silence back to our lockers. Maybe I could be corny and put a note in her locker.

Y/N was standing at her locker getting, while talking to Calum who was waiting for us. The three of us walked to our classes and then went our separate ways. I had a class with Y/N and she had already gone into the classroom, “You better make good use of your time. I don’t care Ashton, Luke and I will push you to her house if we have to.“ Cal said as we were out of Y/N’s hearing distance. "I was gonna do it when you guys left but the bell rang. Believe me I want to I’m just worried she’ll turn me down.” I said. “She won’t! I was talking to Michael about her and he said that Y/B/F/N told him that Y/N likes you!” He said loudly. “Shut up!” I said. “Alright I’ll do it tonight after school when you lot aren’t around.” I said as I made my way into the classroom. Y/N was sitting on her own, I went and sat beside her, hoping I could at least talk to her sometime this lesson.

We were back at our lockers. “Cal you have soccer tonight don’t you?” I asked locking my locker, he nodded. Y/N was being oblivious to what was going on…again. Calum left to go to training, I turned to Y/N. “Hey do you want a ride home?” I asked, she shrugged. “If it’s not too much trouble.” I laughed nervously. “Y/N you say that every time I ask you. Of course it’s fine. Come on.” I said as we walked out of school together and to my car.

We tossed our bags into the back. She got in before I did, and rested her head back. “Tired?”

“Very.” She sighed. “You know the entire time I’ve known you. You’ve always said that you Ashton, Luke and Calum are in a band but I’ve never heard you guys play.” She pondered as I started the car. “We haven’t have we?” I said as I began driving off to her house. “Alright next band practice we’ll have you and Y/B/F/N over and you guys can enjoy the awesomeness that is 5SOS.” I said in a funny voice, she giggled looking over at me. “So if you don’t mind me asking.” She hummed in response watching me as I drove. “Do you like anyone?” Her cheeks went red as she nodded. “Yeah I do, but there’s no way he’d like me back.” She said sadly, looking at her hand in her lap. “Why not? You’re a beautiful girl, and you’re really fun to talk to.” I said, I felt blush creeping on my cheeks. “You think I’m beautiful?”

“Very.” I said smiling at her, her cheeks were bright red. It was so cute. She turned her head away from me hiding a smile. I was going to ask her about it when I pulled up at her house. The boys were going to kill me, but I didn’t care I wanted to tell her in the right way. “Bye Mike. Have a good night.” She said as she got her bag from the back. “Bye Y/N, you too.” I said watching her go into her house. My phone buzzed in my pocket.

From: Ash

Have you done it yet?

To: Ash

No but I will

From: Ash

Nope Michael get your ass to my place now!

I watched as Y/N went into her house and closed the door. I sighed and drove off the Michael’s. I can imagine the lecture I’m going to get.

I went into Ashton’s and into the basement like I always did. “Oh here’s mr Chicken!” Ashton mocked, I rolled my eyes and fell into a bean bag. “I didn’t do it because she likes someone else.” I said watching him. “No she doesn’t.” A female voice said coming from the stairs… Y/B/F/N. “She told me today at Lunch. Right before we came over to you guys. Michael you have to ask her out!” Y/B/F/N said sitting beside Ashton, his arm around her. In all honestly I wanted a relationship like theirs. “You know what…” Ashton said standing up with Y/B/F/N. “Let’s go. Right now.” He said grabbing my shoulder. “What? Where?” I asked stupidly. “To Y/N’s. You are going to drive Y/B/F/N and I to Y/N’s house and you are going to knock on her door and tell her how you feel.” He said tugging me off the seat. I huffed following Y/B/F/N and Ashton out.

They got into the back seat of my car… Typical. I drove to Y/N’s house which was only a couple of streets away.

Ashton and Y/B/F/N got out of the car as well. “What are you doing?”

“We are here to drag you to the house if necessary.” Ashton shrugged I rolled my eyes. I love my friends but I hate them at the same time.

Y/B/F/N ran ahead and rang the doorbell, her and Ashton making a run for it.

Your POV

I was sitting in the bedroom doing the final drafting of my English essay, when the doorbell rang. “Y/N can you get that?” Mum yelled from the kitchen, I switched off my music and went to the door.

I opened the door expecting to see someone selling something but it was Michael. He stood awkwardly his hands in his pockets. “Hey Michael what are you doing here?” I said smiling at him. “I uh wanted to talk to you. Can I come in?” He said nervously, this was the most nervous I had seen him during our friendship. “Of course. I’ll just let mum know you’re here.” I said stepping aside, Ashton walked into the house. “Mum, Michael from school is here, he’s coming in for a bit is that okay?” I said going into the kitchen, Michael followed behind. “Yeah that’s okay. Just as long as he is allowed to be here.” She said turning from the bench to look at us. “Hi Mrs Y/L/N. I’m Michael.” Michael said politely holding out his hand over the bench. Mum gladly shook it. “It’s nice to meet you.” Mum said as she let Michael’s hand go. “Okay we’re going to my room.” I said awkwardly, Michael followed me into my room. I closed the door halfway over and sat on my bed moving all my books onto my desk so Michael could sit. “Sit.” I gestured, patting the space on the bed in front of me. He moved and sat down slowly. “Mike, are you okay? You seem really nervous.” I asked putting my hand on his forearm. “Yeah. I want to tell you something but I don’t know how to say it.” He said scratching the back of his neck. “Well just say it. I won’t laugh I promise.” I held up my pinky, he wrapped his pinky around mine. “Okay quick like a bandaid. Y/N I think you’re really beautiful and I’ve meant every nice thing I’ve said to you. I uh really like you.” He paused for a second, I felt blush creeping up on my cheeks. “More than a friend.” I smiled broadly, realizing he did actually like me back. “Really? Are you playing a joke on me?” I asked happily, he giggled and shook his head. “I’m dead serious, but if you don’t like me that way. I know you like someone and that’s okay but I just wanted to tell you.” He rambled, I smiled. “Mike.” He continued to mumble. “Michael!” I said loudly, he stopped and looked at me. “You know how I said I liked someone?” He nodded, pushing his hair out of his eyes. “Well that someone is you. Michael I like you.” I said finally getting the words out of my mouth. He suddenly enveloped me into a hug, “do you want to maybe go outside?” I asked, he got off the bed and held out his hand. I gladly took it, we went outside. He sat down on the hammock, I gladly sat beside him. His arm brushing mine. “Sorry about Y/B/F/N and Ashton.” He said playing with his fingers, I shook my head. “It’s okay. They were just trying to help.” I said lightly bumping his shoulder. “What were you doing before I came over?”

“My English essay.” I sighed I probably should have been doing it but I’d rather be sitting with Michael. “Ah the joys. Cal was talking about it before, he wants to throw the book out the window. His words not mine.” He laughed. “Oh you know how you said you have never heard us perform before, well I have some recordings on my phone if you want to listen to them.” He said pulling out his iPod. “Yeah definitely.” I said he handed me his headphones.  I untangled them and handed him one earbud. “This is Out of My Limit.” Michael said hitting play. I listened to the whole song and I thought it was really good. I noticed him watching me the entire time; I blushed at the thought of him watching me. “What do you think?” He asked worried. “I loved it! It’s really good.” I said happily as I took the earbud out. “Really?” He asked smiling, I nodded. “Of course and I’m not just saying it because I like you. I’m saying it because it’s true.” I said smiling; I looked nervously down at my lap. A light cool breeze blew over us; I felt a shiver run through me. Goosebumps rose on my skin.  “Are you cold?” Michael asked, I nodded wrapping my arms around myself. Michael wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to his side. It was strange because I felt comfortable there, like I fit like a puzzle piece. He was so warm, “I’m really glad Ashton and Y/B/F/N dragged me here.” Michael said laughing slightly. “Were they telling you that I liked you?” I asked, looking up at him. “Yeah Ashton was saying that Y/B/F/N told him and I didn’t believe them.”

“She did the same with me. She was like Michael likes you and me being as stubborn as I am didn’t believe it.”

“Well you should believe it because any guy who doesn’t like you is stupid and blind and dumb… but they can’t have you.” I made a stupid face to him and he laughed. “Why?” 

“Because you are mine.” He said in a silly voice, before kissing my forehead. “Am I now?” I said sitting forward, he nodded at me. “Hmm, you’ll have to catch me first.” I said jumping up and running away, I was glad we had a huge back yard. “Wait, what?” Michael said getting up and chasing me. “Come back! Come here.” He called in a really cute voice while laughing. Just his laugh and voice alone were so attractive to me – apart from the fact that he was so much fun to be with – it was my most favourite thing about him.

I ran behind a tree, he chased me to the tree. I moved away from him around the tree. “Rawr!” He said in my face, I squealed as he wrapped his arms around me and said, “Gotcha. So you’re mine now.” He said hugging me tight. His fingers started tickling at my sides; I squirmed out of his grip and ended up curled up in a ball on the grass, in a giggling mess. He was laughing at me, as he continued to tickle my sides. “No! Stop! Michael!” I gasped in between laughs and breaths, he was laughing so hard at me. He ended up almost falling on top of me from laughing so hard. “Has anyone ever told you how cute your laugh is?” I asked getting my breath back. “I like to think of it as more of a sexy laugh.” He said proudly as he tapped me on the nose, I sat up fully. He was still lying down beside me. “Should we go inside?” He asked, standing up in front of me. “Only if you pull me up.” I said holding out my hands. He grabbed my hands and attempted to pull me up, which failed. We both ended up laughing; I fell back on the grass. “Okay let’s try this again.” He said as he managed to pull me upright. I slightly fell into his chest; he hugged me tightly for a second. I looked up at his face. “We got there in the end.” I said smiling, he nodded. “Come on, it’s getting cold.” He said leaving his arm around me as we went back inside. “Is everything okay with you guys?” Mum asked as we walked inside, Michael’s arm dropped from around me. “Yeah we were just messing around.” I said, as mum nodded and went back to the kitchen. “Oh Y/N, dinner’s ready.” Mum said looking around the corner. “I better go then. I don’t want to intervene.” Michael said as mum went back to the kitchen. “Bye Michael.” Mum said from the kitchen. “Bye Mrs. Y/L/N thank you for having me.” He said poking his head into the kitchen, mum smiled and nodded at him.

I walked him to the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” I asked as I opened the front door. “Yeah of course. We can sort out times for band practice so you can come over.” He said, before pulling me into a tight hug. He kissed the top of my head, “You’re out of my limit.” He whispered into my hair, I blushed shyly. “Bye Michael.” I said looking up at his face, he quickly kissed my cheek. “Bye Y/N, see you tomorrow.” He said turning away and leaving to his car. I waved goodbye as he drove off.

I walked back into the house on cloud 9, just thinking about what he said to me. I’m out of his limit, what did I do to deserve him?

 A/N: I am so sorry it’s long. I had nothing to write so I stole this from a fan fic I wrote just for me and yeah. I’m sorry if there are any mistakes because this was originally an Ashton piece and yeah so i edited this morning and its too early haha! Hope you like it though!

~Lucy xx

First Meeting

Band Member: Calum Hood

Word Count: 1,296

A/N: So this is the start of what I was talking about earlier with the “Stages of Life” idea. 

You were new to the area, your family moving to this new country because your father’s job had relocated him. You were upset to leave your friends behind, but you were excited to see what new people you’d meet. You were certain that Australia had plenty of interesting individuals along with a ton of fun things to do that you were certain would aid you in making friends.

But you weren’t excited to start at a new school.

Schools had too many social standards for you to abide by to be able to not get picked on. You had to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way, and talk to a certain set of people. Just doing one of those things was not enough and it was too tiring for you to try all four. At your last school you had found your happy medium at doing two of those four things, but this new school was a whole new ball park. Being “the new girl” would only get you by for about a week and you had to use that time observing your peers closely so you could figure out which two would be easiest for you to abide by so that way you weren’t picked on but weren’t the center of attention either.

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Bears Beat Huskies 4-1

BERKELEY — Redshirt senior Ifeoma Onumonu and senior Arielle Ship provided all the scoring needed for the No. 17 California women’s soccer team to earn a 4-1 victory over the University of Washington Huskies Thursday afternoon at Goldman Field.

Each member of the veteran duo scored two goals to help Cal (9-2, 2-0 Pac-12) remain undefeated at home in 2016 (7-0). Ship also set up Onumonu’s final score, joining senior Emma Fletcher and junior Indigo Gibson in the assist column.

Washington (5-5-1, 0-2 Pac-12) struck first in the 15th minute off the foot Shannon Simon. The Huskies’ leading scorer took a long shot from 30 yards out that found its way over the outstretched arm of junior goalkeeper Emily Boyd, giving her only the second goal scored on the Golden Bears in Berkeley this season.

Cal entered the contest with a +14 goal differential at home (15-1) and the Bears quickly reset that scoring margin. Less than 30 seconds after Simon’s goal, Fletcher lofted a perfect long through ball from past midfield to the front of the box and Onumonu easily put it past Huskies goalkeeper Sarah Shimer from about eight yards out.

Onumonu and Ship would team up for what would become Onumonu’s team-leading fourth game-winning goal in the 27th minute. Ship fed Onumonu with a through ball from the top of the attacking third and the fifth-year forward finished in near-identical fashion to give Cal a 2-1 lead.

The second half would see Ship switch roles from distributor to goal scorer. The reigning Pac-12 Player of the Year put away her first goal of the game (74’) after making a move into the box, briefly losing possession, and recovering with a sliding tap of the ball. Her final score was just as creative, heading a chip pass from Gibson down in the box and lobbing it over Shimer from about 15 yards out.

“It’s great to see Ife and Ari both score goals,” head coach Neil McGuire said of his seniors. “They are being dangerous with their movement to get into max space and create scoring opportunities. It’s very hard to defend that.”

Taken together, the performance emphatically gave Cal its first 2-0 conference start since 2009.

Cal will welcome Washington State to Goldman Field for an early 11 a.m. contest on Sunday, October 2.


demitrius omphroy and anthony avalos<3 


Chris Brown “For Your Love” Music Video(Cover)

Cal Men’s Soccer Team 2010

So Many Gorgeous Guys!! :)


Chris Brown “For Ur Love” Music Video (Cover) - Cal Men’s Soccer Team 2010 (by do109)

Request: can you write a soccer player cal? 😍

Word Count: 1.14K

Pairing: Calum and Reader.

A/N: I don’t know a whole lot about soccer, so keep with me during this!! :-) Hope you enjoy! Leave feedback!

For a college game, it was way packed - people coming from a couple towns over just to watch. You were amazed at how loved the team playing was. Of course they had to be loved, they won almost every game. Honestly, the only time they lost was when Mr. Calum Hood was absent. Thankfully the talented boy rarely missed a game unless absolutely necessary. 

Calum Hood was absolutely adored by all. He was like an actual professional soccer player. In fact, he had been asked if he wanted to go pro. Children always asked for pictures with him after games. He was extremely humble, never once gloating about how amazing he was at the sport. 

You admired him from afar, loving everything about him. You were surprised he was single for so long. His disheveled dark hair and his captivating brown eyes; girls were lining up around a couple blocks waiting for him. It was a wonder to all why he always turned them down so politely. He could have basically anyone he wanted. But he chose his soccer over love. 

Every game, you were there. You sat in the middle of the sections, watching happily. You couldn’t have him as your own, but you could still watch and that was good enough. You never went to go meet him; you knew it was pointless. If you talked, you would only like him more which was deadly for you. 

The game continued on, your eyes on Calum the whole time. You could imagine what it would be like to be Calum’s girlfriend, running down the bleacher steps and jumping over the barrier that divided the crowd and field. You could imagine running into Calum’s arm and giving him a huge congratulatory kiss in front of a huge crowd of people that cheered for you both - mostly him, though.

You smiled at the thought, feeling all warm inside. If only that could happen. If only you could just love him and receive love back. You wanted to hold him and kiss him and watch him practice before each game. God, you just wanted Calum Thomas Hood for yourself.

After the game, it was pure madness. People were cheering for the winning team - obviously the one Calum was on - and pushing you around as they either ran past, onto the field to greet them - or as they went to leave. You stayed where you were, not wanting to get pushed around anymore than you were already. 

When most of the people had cleared out, you sighed and got up, going to your car. It was a long walk since you had parked all the way in the back of the parking lot. The downfall of being late to a popular football game.  

“Hey!” you heard a voice call, making you turn. A beat down old truck drove over to you, making you a little freaked out. What was this creep doing? 

“Oh my God,” you whispered to yourself as you saw the handsome soccer player pop his head out the window, a smile on his face. You swore that beautiful grin could cure cancer. Or blindness. 

“Hey, sorry if I scared you a bit. I just saw you walking and you seemed in pain. You okay?” His voice was so smooth, like butter. Or silk.

“Oh, totally, yeah. I’m great. It’s just a really long walk back to my car.” You were surprised to hear your voice wasn’t all weak.

He nodded and looked around out the window, taking in his surroundings. “I suppose, yeah. Where is your car?”

You shrugged, pressing the button on your key chain to make the car beep. “Like a couple rows down. I’ll be fine.”

“Alright, well, there’s a whole group going to get pizza since we won. It’s tradition, really. I’m always looking for another buddy to take. You in?”

Holy shit fucking motherfuckin’ balls.

“Yeah! Totally, yes.” You said the words so fast you were completely embarrassed. He only smiled and grabbed his phone, asking for your number so he could text you. Once you gave it to him and he texted you the address, he glanced at you and chuckled.

“It’s only a date if you want it to be, by the way. Anyways, see you there!” Without so much as waiting for a reply, he drove off in his shitty truck that you already loved.

You practically ran to your car, not wanting to be late or anything. You looked at your phone and put the address into your GPS. It took about ten minutes to get there, so that was fine. You followed the directions to the pizza place, going inside and seeing Calum and another whole group.

You hesitantly went over, smiling a little when you saw an empty seat next to Calum. When he saw you, he grinned and motioned for you to sit down besides you. You gladly did, happy to see nobody had even ordered drinks or their meal.

“Hey, blondie,” Calum chirped, nudging your shoulder with his hand. “What’s your name?”

You felt stupid for not telling him early, but you were too excited to think properly. When you answered him, he grinned and nodded.

“So is this a date, then?” he asked, almost sounding hopeful as he raised an eyebrow and rest his arm across the back of your seat.

“Yes,” you breathed out, almost inaudible because the rest of the group was so loud.

“Perfect. I think this date will go well.”

Damn, you couldn’t agree more. And like he said, the date went beautifully. You both talked nonstop, him barely even speaking or glancing at the other people around you. Even after everyone had finished eating and paid their bills - and Calum paid for your meal, which made it an official date - he went out to his car with you and you two spoke there.

By 10 PM - after 4 hours of talking - you finally spoke up and said you had to go, which disappointed you both.

With a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek from Calum, you left and went to your little car, getting in and driving home. By the time you got home, you were all warm and happy inside. Bed was calling your name though.

Just before you laid down you got a text that read:

‘Hope I get to see you again. Tonight was amazing. - Cal’

Damn right you’ll see me again, you thought before texting him back a ‘yes, of course. I’m free whenever.’

‘Next week after the soccer game at Sterling? Maybe we can start our own tradition and get pizza ourselves after every game.’

Hell fucking yes, Hood.

‘Sounds like a deal to me’, you sent before laying back and slowly drifting off to sleep with a certain brown-eyed boy on your mind.

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so your boyfriend is a member of 5SOS but you accidentally give another member a boner?

omfg yes yes

if you were dating calum and you and the boys are going to play some football/soccer and cal was off trying to find the ball so you’re doing stretches on the lawn and ash starts talking to you and you’re not even thinking about that these stretches looking sexual (like with your ass up in the air etc) and then you take off your jacket to reveal a crop top thing and ash would like sit on the grass next you and once you finished stretching cal would come back with the ball and luke but ash would be like “i don’t think i want to play anymore” and quickly get up and go inside and you’d just be confused and cal would have to explain lmao but he wouldn’t be mad just laughing hella hard at ash

if you were dating michael, you and some of the boys would be playing video games and be sitting next to mikey obviously but luke be next to you on the other side and you’d be kicking luke’s ass in whatever game you were playing and luke would keep pouting at you and you’d just be like “you’ll have to do more than pout for me to let you win” which is something you’d say to mikey but you weren’t thinking and luke you just give you this fucking face like omfg what and mikey wouldn’t have heard you but luke would turn red and he’d just quietly keep playing the game but he would move away from you so you’re legs were touching and omg you’d just go back to playing too (i want to find myself in the situation everyday of my life)

if you were dating luke you’d probably be just cuddling on the couch but then you two would start getting a handsy and somehow your shirt would come off (how does that happen idk???) and you’d keep making out but at some point you’d pull back and you’d just see calum standing in the doorway with wide eyes and an obvious bulge in his shorts and you’d just bust out laughing and luke would look back at cal but he’d would have hand over his crotch trying to runaway but luke would be like “dude that’s my girlfriend” and be annoyed at cal hehe

if ashton was your boyfriend you guys would go to a party together and other boys would be there too and you guys would all be drinking and stuff and ash would pull you away into a closet or something to make out and it’d be getting heated but he’d be like “i need to go get a condom” so you’d frown and tell to go find one so you’d be waiting a while and it’d be really dark in the closet and he’d come back in you’d reach out and touch his crotch and start pulling his neck toward yours but he’d push you away and then a light would flip on and it’d actually be mikey and you’d just be like “shit this awkward” but michael would start to get a boner but he’d just be like “i just wanted to find the bathroom fuck” and ash would in as mikey walked out and you’d be laughing hella hard and you’d tell ash and he’d just laugh and be like “back to where i left off” hahahah

just ask me if you want a different combo and i’ll give it a shot! (:

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they’re freshmen in college and Beth and Sarah are roommates and Sarah is dating Cal and Alison comes to visit Beth and meets them, and while Sarah and Beth are being idiots together as they always are, Alison helps Cal do his homework and she knits a beanie for him and he wears that all the time because it’s from his bro Alison. Sarah and Beth are cocky assholes in those relationships but Cal and Alison are the calm nice ones so while these two are messing around, Cal and Ali are doing homework and talk about everything and anything



Calum Hood Imagine- Soccer

authors note: this was requested but i lost the little picture thing whoops, but wow this gives me calum feels and I’m an ashton girl oops 



Calum Hood-Soccer Imagine 

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