Kiwi: Part One

A little impromptu mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. xo

The music in the bar was pounding as the sounds of the Caribbean flowed through the humid air. It was a small establishment, one that could probably only accommodate for two hundred people at most. It definitely wasn’t a tourist place; most of those were on the other side of the island with the copious amounts of resorts and hotels that offered travellers sanctuary.

Harry wasn’t there to vacation, though. He was there to write and record his new album.

The bar, “Pipo’s Shack”, was about a ten minute walk from the recording studio that Harry had been working in for the past little bit. It had been a productive couple of days; he’d spent the first night there having a few beers and getting to know his team better. After all, they were going to be working together until this thing was done, so they might as well be comfortable with one another. They all got along splendidly, and the handful of songs they’d managed to bang out so far were promising, but not quite right yet. After a couple of days of straight work, Harry decided that he needed a night off to himself.

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king’s cage countdown: day 2 • favourite scene in glass sword

“In through the nose, Cal.” When he looks up, our eyes locking across the stream, I give him a tiny, supporting nod. Out through the mouth. It’s just his own advice repeated back, but it soothes him all the same. He takes another step forward, then another and another, chest heaving with each steadying breath. And then he’s swimming […] and he eagerly springs out of the water. […] “S'cold,” he mumbles, shaking his head so he doesn’t have to look at us. His black hair sticks, plastered to one side of his silver-flushed face. Without thought, I brush it away, smoothing his hair back into a more dignified style. He holds my gaze all the while, looking pleasantly surprised by the action. Then it’s my turn to blush. We said no distractions.

Best Friends C.H

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warning: smutty content ;)

word count: 2400+

summary: Best Friend!Calum finds out y/n has never had meaningful sex so he offers to help her out where feelings are admitted and closeted crushes are revealed.

requested?: yes, I hope you liked it @skinnylukes I kinda changed it around a bit and made it so their feelings were brought out at the start instead of the end, I hope you don’t mind :) I’m really sorry for my mini hiatus, school has been killing me and I just started and tbh I was really struggling to even start writing any of my requests because of lack of inspiration. But I’m back now and I’m going to uploading another smut this week to make up for my hiatus! enjoy ;)

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Calum looked shocked as I told him and I was embarrassed to admit what I had. I shouldn’t have been embarrassed, Calum is my best friend after all but I am, maybe because we don’t usually talk about my sex life. It’s always Calum’s, probably because I enjoy making fun of Calum being a fuckboy than talking about my sex life.

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  • Me: *sneaking back stage*
  • Cal: *coming around the corner and sees me* Uh
  • Me: I am invisible, you don't see me
  • Cal: I see you
  • Me: *sings* Who am I, Who Am I...Invisible
  • Cal: ur not invisible
  • Me: *points behind him* oh my godd look at that cute fluffy pupper
  • Cal: *turns around*
  • Me: *runs off*
  • Cal: *looks back where i was* wow


Host: Give it up, or Maven-iac and Cal CALOOOOOORE!

Cal: You’re a bitch!

You’re a liar!

You should admit that you can’t even hold ya fire!

You’re alone,

So I’ll be crude,

I bet you know that I was first that Mare screwed!

Maven: Well maybe somethings you say are quite true,

But–to be frank–I am a better liar than you!

Now Mare’s crying cuz you left her alone,

Good luck with the crown now that you’re on your own!

Daddy can’t help you, are you so scared?

Without him behind you, you are impaired! *crosses arms*

Cal: What?

You think I’m not independent?

Yo mama was devastated cuz you were her descendant!

But I bet you’re happy now that they’re dead,

Your mind is free, so why are you filling with dread?

Everyone hates you!

The courts took you down!

I bet they wanted someone handsome for the crown! *gestures to himself*

Maven: Look at yo’self!

You think you should be so proud?


You’re even getting his receding hair-line!


Cal: Either way,

Mare liked it,

Cuz–guess what–I was the first she showed her cli…

Censoring: BEEEEEP!

Cal: I have the looks,

I hold the cards,

You thought she’d fall for you while she was held by prison-guards?!

Cuz you’re sad!

And you’re whiny!

Just cuz yo mama sometimes slapped you on your hiny!

Word. *drops mic*

[crowd goes wild]

simon smut - dominant

REQUESTED: ‘a v dominant smut where y/n teases simon all day and he punishes her when they get home’

The restaurant was as busy and loud as you would expect anywhere to be on a valentines day. All around the room were couples, scattered across tiny little tables, chatting at a high volume over the slow accoustics playing in the back ground. At a secluded table at the back of the room sat Simon and I. Our table was shared with Sarah and Cal, Harry and Katie, and Josh and Freya, all of whom had agreed that singular valentines dates were cliché and boring, and the night would be a lot more enjoyable should we all go out together.

Everyone had really made an effort. The restaurant we had chosen was of a very high standard, and so in return, so were everybodys outfits. Simon looked incredible, dressed in a black button up and jeans. I watched as he engaged in conversation with Lux from across the table. I took note of the way his jaw moved, how his eyes lit up as he laughed. He looked incredibly attractive, and I simply could not resist him.

As everybody conversed I put down my knife and fork, finished with my meal. Nobody paid attention: this would be my gateway.

Discretely, I put a hand under the table. Simons eyes flickered slightly in confusion before returning to Cals. Slowly and carefully I moved closer to him, resting my hand gently on his upper thigh. I felt his body tense.

“Y/n? What are you doing?” He asked under his breath, checking that nobody was watching.

“Nothing, Simon, I don’t know what you mean.”

Keeping the eye contact I smiled sweetly as I moved my hand higher onto his crotch. His pink lips parted slightly and he swallowed, the lump in his throat prominent against his thin skin. As I began to stroke him he inhaled, his buldge growing under my small hand.

“Y/n you are killing me.”

I bit my lip as he tensed his jaw. Unexpectedly I squeezed my hand, causing him to drop the fork in his hand. The metal crashed against the plate loudly.

“Simon bro,” Josh adressed him, confusion clear in his voice. “Are you…good?”

He cleared his throat. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

When everyone returned to their conversations Simon leaned in closer to me, his lips against my ear.

“You, Y/n,” he whispered, his voice not far from a groan. “Are gonna be in trouble when we get home.”

I leaned in closer. “Oh I know, Simon. And I can’t wait for it.”

I felt him gasp against my face. Suddenly he turned to the table.

“Does anyone mind if me and Y/n just get our share of the bill and leave? She’s not feeling too good.”

“No, that’s fine!” Katie assured us. “Are you okay Y/n?”

“Yeah I’m fine thank you, just a headache.” I smiled innocently, feeling Simon watching me. “Oh look, Simon, there’s the waiter. Why don’t you ask him for the bill?”

Our eyes burned into eachother as I played with the zip of Simon’s jeans, rubbing my hand up and down. Frustration was evident on his face as he called for the waiter.

“Here,” he spoke, his voice irritated and uncomfortable as he placed a few notes on the table. “Keep the change, consider it a tip. Come on Y/n.”

He grabbed on my hand as he stood up, already beginning to walk away. I pulled him back.

“Oh but Simon, I still need to pay my share, silly.” His eyes grew darker as I fluttered my eyelashes. A sigh escaped his lips.

“I paid for you. Let’s go.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, persisting, desperate to keep him waiting and heighten his frustration. “I’d really like to pay my own share, Simon..”

Sarah and Cal exchanged a humoured look, as if they were beginning to puzzle together the pieces. Simon tensed his jaw once more.

“Y/n. I paid. Consider it a valentines present, you’ll make it up to me.”

“Oh if you insist, Simon.”

I stood from my chair and said my goodbyes, making sure to take as long as possible before joining Simon and exiting the restaurant. He walked at an almost impossibly fast speed towards the car, wasting no time getting in and doing his seatbelt.

While he drove I kept my hands to myself, sitting them in my lap. Simons hands gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white. He was frustrated; and I loved it.

The minute we got into his bedroom he slammed the door, pushing me up against it with force. A groan escaped my lips as he pressed his lips against mine, one hand tight around my throat, the other gripping onto my butt under the silk of my dress. He moved his lips to my neck, biting and sucking on the skin, sure to leave a mark. As I groaned he pulled at my dress, finding the zip at the back and pulling on it until the entire outfit fell to the floor, and I was left in nothing but my underwear and my heels.

“You’re gonna regret ever teasing me y/n.” He breathed against my ear, biting softly on my earlobe before moving his attention to my breasts. He placed kisses over each of them, swiping his tongue inbetween my cleavage and slowly dragging it down to my stomach. In what felt like a second he lifted me off of my feet and lay me down on the carpet. My heart rate increased dramatically, my chest rising and falling and as he kissed down my stomach, stopping just above the waistband of my panties. I pressed my legs together to get some sort of relief as Simon sat up.

“What’s wrong Y/n? You want something?”

“Simon, please.” I groaned, desperation and eagerness clear in his voice.

“Beg for it.”

“What? You’re crazy.”

“Well enjoy your own hands.”

He stood up and walked towards his desk, grabbing a controller and sitting in his chair.

“FINE! Simon please touch me.”

I cringed at my words, hating having to beg in this way. His smirk was evident in the reflection of his computer monitor.

“Touch you how Y/n? Hold your hand, is that what you want?”

“Simon, please” I groaned.

“You’re not being clear enough, Y/n.”

“Fuck fine!” I inhaled, looking up at the ceiling. “I want you to touch me…down there.”

Without saying anything Simon returned to the floor. He pressed his lips to my stomach once again, kissing down until he reached my underwear. Using his teeth he removed my panties; I was completely naked on his bedroom floor.

Without warning he pressed his mouth to my heat. His tongue moved in circles and I squealed, my hands pulling on his hair, pushing him onto me.

“Simon - oh my god I’m close.” I yelled. He instantly removed his mouth, causing frustration to run through me. “Ugh Simon why?”

“Frustrating isn’t it?”

“You’re a dick.”

I sat up, reaching for my dress, unsatisfied and annoyed. Simon smirked.

“Oh no you don’t.”

I groaned once again as he pushed me to the floor, kissing me with force. His hands fiddled with his zip, removing his jeans and his boxers as I unbuttoned his shirt, leaving both of us naked. He placed each of his hands either side of me.

“You ready?”

“Yes, fucking yes!”

Chuckling slightly Simon entered himself inside of me. Instantly he began to thrust incredibly quickly, making my legs shake against the floor. I wrapped my arms around his back, leaving scratches all along his exposed skin as he thrusted in and out. Our moans echoed around the room and eventually I felt my stomach begin to tense, heat rising over me.

“Let go baby,” Simon groaned. “I’m close too.”

His words pushing me over the edge I released, him following not long after. He collapsed on top of me, his face in my neck.

“You ever tease me in front of people again, and you’ll get a lot fucking worse.”

I ran my fingers up his spine, smiling.

“Oh don’t tempt me Mr Minter.”