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Here’s my final for my character design class (2016)! I managed to crank this out in under 2 weeks and I’m pretty happy with it. I was really trying to push shapes and design more in this project and I looked at Okami and Ni No Kuni for reference.

In this thrilling non existent RPG, you play as Grandma Mao (G-Mao) who goes on her first adventure at 87 years old!

A lot my friends are graduating and many are worried about not having a job right out of college. Our animation club (PMC) has brought it in A TON of amazing speakers from all over the industry. They’re all really inspiring and each story is different. I always feel inspired by the ones who got started much later in their life but managed to break in with a lot of hard work. They show that it’s never too late to do what you love (though it might be harder) and I really wanted to capture that with G-Mao.

So what’re you waiting for?

I’ve gotten so much amazing feedback from the other covers I have been doing so I have decided to continue! I hope to actually do this as a career someday so the feedback has boosted my confidence that I might be able to do it!

If you have any books you think I should do let me know! I will be doing a Glass Sword one as soon as I finish the book! 😄

So because my Toystuck designs got more notice than I anticipated and because I noticed a few people said they wanted to see Alpha kids as antique toys too, I decided to draw both Puppet Striders ;9
Both of their color schemes are based off their god tiers, and I was loosely inspired by their alternate selves and Cal for the designs (ie Dirk’s shirt is a more casual design than Dave’s, just as Bro has a more casual design, while Dave’s is more intricate, just as Alpha Dave dresses more formal.)
I hope to draw more of the Alphas soon!
Also don’t ask why they have freckles shhhh just go with it

Betas | Alphas