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hey sorry that i'm a SHiT who doesn't know anything but i heard that cal got a gf?? and like i figured out her name is jordan but,,.,..,. who is she???

Yeah, apparently Jordan and Cal are together!! I never really kept up with her much outside of the basic stuff I’ve gathered through the fandom because I didn’t find a real reason to haha, but she’s this girl that he’s been friends with for a while, she’s a model and she’s been in a few of his videos before. I mean I’ve never spoken to her but I’m happy for him!! Our dude needs a life and just imagining his heart all happy gives me the warmest feeling lol.


My mind can’t decide between easy and fighting for it.
I want love like toothpaste on your toothbrush.
Socks on your feet
And smiles that show your teeth, because they just go together.

I want log cabin love.
Hand selected, shaped, and fit.
Close together to keep the heat in.

I want that free verse, no pause, out of breath, out of my mind, out of this world, love.

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Ask Cal what those floating white things in the sky are

{[Ask] [Cal]: [”What those floating white things in the sky are”]}

Cal lets out a sputter as they tread water, a little annoyed.

It might just be the fact that you are literally surrounded by water at the moment, but you suddenly realize that this whole planet might as well be made of water.

That is a rather scary thought.


What Should We Do Now?