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  • Kilorn: They call me coffee because I grind so fine ;)
  • Mare: Oh my God
  • Cal : They call me coffee because I keep you up past 2am
  • Mare : Cal, stop it
  • Maven : They call me coffee-
  • Mare : Please no
  • Maven : Because I’m dark and bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspect of who I am.
  • Mare: Oh.

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

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(Assuming Cal & Mare got married) AU of Cal meeting their daughter's boyfriend for the very first time. Protective?

AYYYYY Let’s Gooooo!!!!!! Gather round iiiiiiiiitttttsssss STORY TIME!!!!!!!!!

“Tell me you are not going to sit on the porch the whole time and wait for this guy to come back.” Mare said with a huff as she leaned against the doorway of the townhouse we had taken up residence in after the war. I drummed my fingers on my knee, staring down the street in the direction they would come from. I had told her to be back by ten, it was ten oh five and she was not back yet. She knew better than to be late when I told her a time. 

Mare’s fingers came to rest on my shoulders and digging her thumbs into my back, she went to massage out the knots there, teasing, “So protective.”

“You said he showed up on a cycle.”

“I remember another young man who took me out on a cycle too.” Mare said with a laugh as she pressed a featherlight kiss on the top of my head. “Relax, she’s seventeen years old, she can handle herself. Besides, I was invading Harbor Bay and sleeping in the same bed as you when I was her age.”

“She’s not you though.” I reply, watching that same spot at the end of the street. Mare snorted at my response and then flicking me in the back of the head, she said, “Don’t make a scene and embarrass her. I’m sure the two of them were having fun and lost track time, it happens.”

“I told her ten at the latest, she knows the rules.”

“And rules are made to be broken. Calm your jets Cal, you’ll burn the street down if you dont.” Mare continues teasing as she sank down next to me on the steps leading up to the porch. “Ye of so little faith,” she said with a smile as she nudged me with her shoulder, “Do you honeslty have no trust in our daughter what so ever?”

“It’s her first…guy. Girls do stupid things when they’re with a guy for the first time like that.”

“Yeah they do, I remember trying to get you to choose me over a kingdom.”

“That’s beside the point.”

She laughed out loud at my avoidance, and then nudging me again, she nodded to the end of the street and said, “there, she’s back, now you can relax and put the shot gun away.”

“I dont have one to put away in the first place.” 

“You know what I mean.” Mare rolled her eyes as she rose from the step and smiled as the cycle came to an awkward stop in front of us. I physically grimaced as he slammed on the brakes after not letting the cycle slow down on its own. The jerk from the motion surely damaging the delicate wires and springs that worked the brakes. Did he honestly not know how to stop properly, after supposedly riding for years? According to our daughter, he was a natural rider,  and she had gushed about it for almost an hour at the dinner table a week ago when she had agreed to go on the date. She’d looked at me the whole time, her eyes shining, and in the end, she’s said, “maybe you guys can talk about it. You can show him what you’re working on dad, he likes to fix things too!” 

Well if this is how he treated what he worked on, I didn’t want to see how he worked on it. 

Climbing off the back, our daughter pulled the helmet off and shook out her dark brown hair. She glanced up at us, only to grimace for a second before giving her mother and me a half hearted wave. On the front of the cycle, the boy pulled his own helmet off and ran his fingers through his ashy blond hair. He was tall, from what I could see, and lanky. I had yet to meet him too, mostly because I had come home after our daughter had left. Conveniently, Mare had teased when I’d gotten home and had asked where our daughter was.

The boy smiled up at our daughter and said something, and only got what looked like a nasty comment about us in response. He laughed at whatever she had to say and then got off the cycle. I rose from me seat on the steps then, and he blinked for a moment, surprised, before he followed her up to the steps. He only came up to my chin, from what I could tell, which was more than tall enough. He looked like he didn’t even weight a hundred pounds soaking wet though. I was surprised he hadn’t been lifted off the cycle by the wind. 

Glancing at the two of us, our daughter narrowed her eyes and then said to me,   “Be nice dad, Colton didn’t do anything.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” I replied coolly as I nodded up to the front door, “You’re back late too young lady, I said ten.”

Rolling her eyes at my tone, she passed between us and said, “It’s ten ten, I’m not that late.” With that, she gave Colton a smile and then pushed her hair behind her ear before giving him a shy goodbye. He gave her a crooked grin in response that made my stomach turn and my blood boil. As if he sensed the rising heat, he dropped the smile. 

Mare sighed at the spectacle. Then, walking up the steps, she linked arms with our daughter before leading her into the house, already chatting away with her, determined to get every detail of the date. From the sound of it, it had been quite fun, and something our daughter seemed more than comfortable talking about. 

“I’m sorry I brought her back so late…sir. I have trouble with my cycle.” Colton said softly, while his fingers fidgeted at his side. Leaning against the railing of the steps, I raised my brow and replied, “Oh?”

“Yes sir, but it’s fine, she’s fine, your daughter that is…no major problems, sir.” He floundered for a moment before glancing over his shoulder at his cycle like he could make it grow wings to get him out of here even faster. He drummed his fingers on his helmet in the silence that followed his comment and with a weak voice he spoke again, “You have a very beautiful daughter, sir. She told me all about you and her mother.”

“Then I’m sure she told you exactly what her mother and I are capable of?”

He swallowed visibly, and then seemed to try and shrink in size. “She didn’t have to sir, I-I knew from the moment I picked her up.”

“Good, and I suggest you keep in mind exactly what her mother and I are capable of when you decide it will be fun to break our daughter’s heart.” 

He blinked stupidly for a moment and then nodding eagerly he replied, “Yes sir, I won’t forget sir.” He took a few steps back before turning and hurrying to his cycle. He struggled to start it for a solid minute. The engine stalled every time he tried to kick start it. Sighing, I pushed off the railing and said over my shoulder, “Release the clutch.”

I heard the engine roar to life, and glancing up at me, he gave me a tiny nod before speeding off, practically swerving with the speed. When I turned around fully, I was met with my daughter’s glower. She stood in the doorway to the house, her arms crossed, and her lips drawn into a tight line. 

“I swear, if he doesn’t call me back dad, I’m blaming you.” 

“I hope he doesn’t call back.”

“Why would you say that, I LIKE HIM!”

“No daughter of mine is going to date a boy who doesn’t know how to start the cycle he built and has supposedly been riding for years.” 

Inside, I could hear Mare howling with laughter. 

AWWWWWWW, some cute fluff. I like to think that if they were to get married, eventually Mare and Cal would be able to joke about everything that happened. Also, if you maybe missed the joke because I didn’t clarify it, Colton had almost no idea how to ride a cycle. The joke being that he did it to try and impress their daughter (who I dont want to name cause ugh names are hard), and absolutely did not count on the fact that Cal would know how to ride one. XD Anyway, terrible dad meeting boyfriend for the first time jokes aside, i found this one super fun. Keep the prompts coming!!!!! (((: 

Beauty and the Beast? (not really) Pt I

Note: this is kind of a funny thing and not serious at all. It’s just here for the lols :) and few things will be different from the original story.

The breeze floating in through the window was warm, offering no respite from the heat of a summer’s day. Sunlight painted the wall in a soft shade of yellow and dappled over the curtains that swayed softly and brushed against the wooden floor. Despite it’s simple beauty, Mare wished she was anywhere else but here. This town, simple and sweet, was a little too quaint for her liking. Everyone was ridiculously happy here and it annoyed her to no end.

She wished for adventure, like the heroine’s in her books. The fearless ones who met any challenge head on. Being a thief was surely worth a good rush of adrenaline, but the people in this town didn’t mind much if she swiped at roll sitting on the baker’s window, or snatched up a few bolts of thread for Gisa. Once, the baker gave her an extra roll when he caught her dangling from the windowsill with her spoils still in her grip. It was ridiculous. When she had lived in the Stilts, thieving was dangerous. You risked death whenever you slipped your finger in a pocket.

But still, as strange as it sounded, Mare had enjoyed the chase. It gave her day purpose. Now living in the French countryside, life had become dull and quiet. Sure there was the stupid chirping of those birds every morning and the happily whistled tunes from the market, but Mare had learned to tune those out lest she scream in some poor farmer’s face.

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Drive in | c.h

“Baby girl I love you, I really do, but you’ve gotta keep your hands out my shirt.”
Calum’s voice was barely above a whisper into your ear. You two had decided to spend the night at a drive in movie theater opposed to a traditional one because Calum wanted to, “Shake things up” as he had earlier explained.
You were completely fine with the idea and Calum had even rented a truck to sit in the back of, which you assumed was solely for the aesthetic but, still sweet.

Now you were relaxed up against his side watching Pirates of the Caribbean. You were dragging your hands up inside from the bottom of his shirt and softly tracing the skin under your fingers.

The problem?

Calum was quickly becoming turned on.

“Cal. This is probably the least sexual thing I could do. I’m literally just touching you, we hold hands all the time don’t we?”
Calum’s breathing slightly shifted and he whispered into your ear again.

“Yes we do. But, this movie is so boring and you’re so beautiful and you smell so good and your hand is very close to my-”

“Okay-” You interrupted his rambling. “I will move my hand but I can’t change the movie being boring.” You held back a laugh as you pulled out your hand and he stopped you.

You sat in silence for all of fifteen seconds before he started up again.

“But baby now I’m cold.”

You furrowed your brows at him.

“Cal it’s like, seventy eight degrees.”

“I know. That’s why I’m so cold.”

After a moment of listening to him complain you decided to ignore his rambling and continued watching the movie.

“Y/N.” He whispered. But you kept your eyes glued to the big screen, not bothering to pay any attention to him.

“Y/N.” He said again, only this time he added extra syllables to your name.

You felt Calum’s eyes dart down to look over your body but you stuck to your game plan.

“Baby.” He moaned into your ear softly.

Yes, he actually moaned.

You were now finding it particularly difficult to ignore him. One of his hands grabbed the small of your back and began drawing small shapes, often trailing up to play with the latches on your bra. He tried for the longest time to pretend that he was oblivious to what he was doing, more importantly how he was making you feel. He even went as far as grabbing candy with his free hand, offering you some with a cynical smile.
You arched your back into his palm and suddenly his lips found your ear.

“Relax baby.” He chuckled, “I’m just touching you. We hold hands all the time, don’t we?”
You couldn’t help but let out a laugh at him mocking you. If you had been in your right state of mind you might’ve responded with something witty.

But you weren’t.

“Cal, that’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair?”

“You touching me!” You whisper shouted.

“When you asked me to stop I did.”

Calum pulled the strap of your bra back and then let it go. It slapped against your skin softly, but you still noticed it.

“You haven’t asked me to stop baby girl.” He noted.
You started to put up a fuss even though he was right, but he turned your face and pressed a soft kiss to your lips before you even had the chance.
The kiss was nothing short of sweet to start, until you reached up behind him and pulled him closer to you, pulling on his hair in the process.
Calum let out a low animalistic growl that sent vibrations throughout your whole body, a smirk playing out on your lips.

His hands danced across your back for a moment then, went to undo your bra, you broke the kiss to stop him.

“Cal we can’t. People will notice.”

For a moment Calum just looked at you. His breathing was heavy and his lips were swollen.
He turned from to gaze over the space of the back of the truck.

“How much room do you think is in the back of this truck?” He said randomly.

“What?” You asked, obviously confused.

Calum smirked at you as his hands found your hips and gripped them firmly.

“I wanna know if it’s possible to fuck you in the back of this truck.”

His words came out raspy, and you couldn’t help but feel butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

“I-uh, I guess we’ll just have to find out.”

Aren’t I Good Enough? C.H

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warning: smutttttt

word count: 2200+

summary: Luke cheats on y/n with Arzaylea and Calum is there to support her and help her through it. 

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon! Hannah wrote this one, she was very excited about it so I hope y’all enjoy it :)

requests are open! a secret project is coming so keep your eyes pealed and your snacks ready :))

find Hannah here: @lukeasfuck

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“He what?” I asked Ashton, not believing a single word of what I was hearing. “Y/N, I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner. Luke snuck Arzaylea on the bus countless numbers of times during the last few weeks of tour and it’s been eating me alive hiding that from you. You deserve so much better.” He told me with sympathy and I could feel the tears instantly streaming down my face. 

Normally, I wouldn’t believe anything until I talked to Luke about it first, but Ashton was one of my best friends and I knew that he would never lie to me. I sat there and repeated the words he just told me in my head, and there was a sudden knock at the door. 

“Well, thank you for being honest. I appreciate it, but I better let you go. Somebody’s here.” I told him. “Stay strong Y/N, I’m always here for you. Just remember that you deserve better than that dirty scumbag.” He told me. 

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An Impossible Choice

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam, Caleb

Summary: Reader joins the Winchester’s to hunt. Her brother worries about her due to their reputations.  

Word Count:  3221

Warnings:  Smut, angst, death 

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.

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An Impossible Choice

“The Winchesters are dangerous, I don’t like it,” Caleb says.

Rolling your eyes, you reply, “Seriously, Cal, I can handle myself.”

“I’m not talking about hunting, (Y/N). Dean has a bit of a…reputation.”

“Like I said, I can handle myself. It’s just a hunt. Bobby said they need backup. Strictly professional.” You pat your older brother on the shoulder, giving a light squeeze. “Thanks for looking out for me, though.”

No matter how old you are, no matter how good of a hunter you are, Cal will always treat you like his kid sister. You were twins, for fucks sake. He was older by two minutes and sixteen seconds.  It didn’t matter how many kills you had under your belt (seventeen more than him, but who’s counting?). He’d stepped up after dad died, taking care of you and mom, but that was years ago. You’d already been hunting on your own when that shifter took out dad, a full grown adult at that time. But you’d given up on trying to get Cal to stop treating you like a kid ages ago. It was a lost cause. You were smart, you knew when to fight and when to back down.

“You can always come with me,” you suggest, knowing full well he can’t.

“Oh, shut up,” he says, flapping a hand at you. “Just…be careful, k?”

“Of course, big bro.”

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 20 [FINALE]

A/N: Holy fuckballs you guys, it’s finally come to an end. I just want to thank everyone for all of the nice feedback and support, and definitely for sticking with me this long. This series is honestly one of the best things I’ve done in a while if I’m being honest, and I’m glad that I got to share it with you. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a sequel to this pretty soon. This chapter is honestly just one long imagine full of different fluff scenes to makeup what for what happened at the end and I’m apologizing beforehand. Also, I tagged each person in the section of their idea and thanks for the suggestions. Tysm again, and I hope you enjoy the finale💕 

I swear I never noticed how many tats Calum actually had until I wrote this, good lord.


Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/ Twenty{END}

“I don’t understand why you just won’t go to the doctor.” Calum tried to persuade you for the millionth time as he held your curls away from your face and rubbed soothing circles onto the small of your back.“ You’ve been sick for what, three weeks now?”

You’ve been sick a little longer than that, but you decided to keep that to yourself.

“I’m okay.”

“No, you’re not.” He argued whilst rolling his eyes. He always found your stubbornness bitter sweet. “You’re going to see a doctor.”

“Ashiiid.” You laughed lightly, letting your boyfriend know that you found him as a joke.

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