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“Sproutling” by Kaitlin Callahan

HEY EVERYONE! After many months of hard work, here’s my thesis film from Cal State Fullerton!

Making this film was a huge learning experience for me, and though I may go back and fully color it over the summer, I’m still proud!

7 Tips for New Baristas

Think about your first day as a barista. For me, I felt like a baby in a big new world. I was curious, excited and scared. I watched as the veteran baristas steamed perfect frothy pitchers of foam and extract shots of espresso. Then I watched as they turned that into a drink to hand off to customers.

It was like magic and soon I would try my hand at it and later I would become like those veteran baristas that I watched on my first day as a barista.

I worked at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for about three years as a barista and later as a shift supervisor. So, here are 7 tips that I’ve compiled and hope you new baristas find them useful!

1. Relax, you’ll get the Groove of Things

One thing that I have seen with new baristas is that they often freak out early on in their training because they’ve forgotten recipes that they learned from their previous day of training. They see the other barista getting drinks out rapidly and they think “Oh no, I suck and I’m slow.” Relax, new barista. Once you learn it all, you’ll realize that most drinks are similar and making them will become routine.

2. Learn from your Mistakes

You will make mistakes, it’s inevitable. You will pull the coffee carafe out before the coffee is done brewing. You’ll spill that latte you were just finishing up all over the counter. Take those moments as a learning experience, because even though that veteran barista is giving you a glaring look she’s done it before also. But the most important thing is to learn from those mistakes, realize where things went wrong and move on.

3. Smile at your Co-Workers

If the other baristas look like they’re silently judging you, they are. You’ll soon learn that being a barista is like being in an exclusive club. We’ve all gone through our training and proved ourselves as worthy baristas. You are new and everyone is trying to determine if you are also worthy. It’s easy to look scared and nervous maybe even annoyed when people are staring to see if you’re about to mess up that drink you’re making, but make a conscious effort to smile. When you come in and when you leave say hello and goodbye to the other baristas. They will appreciate it.

4. It’s not Personal

Customers will be mean to you. That grouchy man will toss his money at you and will ignore you when you ask him “what size?” That mean lady will roll her eyes and make it clear that she is annoyed and astonished that you had the audacity to ask her to repeat her order. But, just remember that it’s not always you. Unless of course you did mess up various times, more often than not if someone is mean they’re mean in general. It’s not you they hate and are annoyed at, it’s that they are not very nice people in life. When a customer gave me attitude, it would affect my day because I let it get to me, I took it personal. Once I realized that it wasn’t, the job became much more enjoyable. Okay guy with the disgusting drink, you want to ignore everything I say and pretend I don’t exist? Fine. I’d make his drink and act how I would with any other customer. Smile, make his drink, call it out and move on. Not everyone is going to be nice, and most of the time there’s nothing you can really do.

5. Relax, those Drinks will get Done

So, things are going pretty well. You’ve been on the job for a few weeks and you’re finally getting the hang of things. But, oh no! Someone walks in with an order of 10 drinks all with modifications and different types of milks. You’re initial reaction is probably to freak out, and to think how the heck are you going to get all those drinks out in a timely manner. Relax new barista. Chances are another barista will notice the long list of drinks and hop over to help you out. You’ve done this and made those drinks before. Focus on what needs to get done and just do it. You probably won’t get those drinks out in under five minutes, but it’s okay. Work as fast as you can and don’t worry.

6. Use the Power of the Mind

Now, this is probably my favorite and most useful tip. Working as a barista can be great, but it can also be physically and mentally exhausting. There was a point when I felt myself becoming that bitter barista people talk about. Angry and annoyed at everyone and everything. That person wasn’t me. I’m happy, calm and nice and I didn’t want to let the job change that. So, I started giving myself pep talks before and during work. I would drive to work at 4 a.m. and tell myself things like “It’s a beautiful morning. I’m going to have a great day. If someone is mean to me I’m just going to shake it off T-Swift style. I’m going to take orders, smile and make drinks dance to the silly coffee house music and it’s going to be great! Before I know it, it’s going to be over and I’m going to be off.” Seriously, it works. Try it and really believe in what you’re telling yourself. Stay positive!

7. Ask Questions!

Lastly, ask questions! Simple enough. If you don’t know something, forgot or aren’t 100% sure, just ask. We don’t all know all of the answers and it’s completely fine and encouraged to ask questions.

Good luck and congrats, barista! Remember, you are special and you are trusted to serve all those caffeine-addicted people out there their coffee. You are a true hero!

• This post was written by, Liz Luveano, a barista at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and also a guest writer for Barista Life. Liz has been an editor for the Daily Titan Newspaper at Cal State University, Fullerton for three years. As the editor, she has edited for AP style and grammar. She also wrote for the Features section over the years. She has written many profiles and previously had a lifestyle column and her own blog. Check her out on Instagram also!

loechness  asked:

I'm very interested in character design and story telling. Do you draw more with a computer tablet or traditional on paper? And with computer is there a lot of math involved? Also, what kind of education would you need for a career like yours?

Do I draw more on a computer tablet or traditional on paper?

Well when I was more in tune with carrying a sketchbook everywhere I went I drew more on paper with pens, markers, pencils… But that was just for life drawing and cafe sketching mostly. Most of the work I post and most of the work I do at work is done using a cintiqu and photoshop. I wish i did more traditional paper drawings though, I guess I just got really used to control z and the liquify tool… shhhhhh don’t tell!

And with computer is there a lot of math involved? 

Also… there is no math to using the computer to draw, well none that i’ve seen. I probably wouldn’t draw on the computer if i had to use math.

What kind of education would you need for a career like yours?

You could teach yourself, take local art classes or go to school for animation. It really depends on you. People with “a career like mine” come from everywhere.

There are plenty of books that could teach you what you’d be paying a school to learn. books like…

 Drawn to life, 

Composing Pictures,

 The Visual Story, 

 Dream Worlds,

The Animators Survival Kit, 

The 5 C’s of cinematography, 

Any Animation Art of Book, 


etc. There’s so many more i can’t even remember.

If you live in Los Angeles, there’s a place you can go to where you can take classes without paying a college tuition, plus you can personalize what you learn. it’s called Concept Design Academy which is a great place to learn from working professionals! There are also a number of Art schools that have great animation Programs! I have friends from




Academy of Art University

Art Center,

CAL State Fullerton

and CAL ARTS (where graduated from).

There’s are also lectures on line that aren’t hard to find if you really look where you can get good insight on other professional’s artistic process. If you really want to have a more immersive look at Animation and get a chance to talk to more people about this there is always CTN Convention which happens in November

That’s all i can think of for right now… I hope that helps some!


ello (:

I am incredibly nervous to start this new year, but at the same time excited to begin something new. At least I wont be alone, ill be attending CSUF with my best friend Karent Sanchez SHE DAHOE<3, we are super open to meet new people I cant wait to make new friends and turn eighteen already so I can finally get a job and make $$$. FOUR MORE MONTHS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY (: WEEEEEEEEEE



We hosted a Storyboarding Master Class for Cal State University Fullerton grad students yesterday! 

The students chose either Legend of Korra, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Harvey Beaks or SpongeBob Squarepants as their show/storyboarding style of choice, and received a storyboard test from that show. 

Animation masters  @chgreenblatt, Sherm Cohen, Ian Graham, and Carl Faruolo then imparted their infinite wisdom and knowledge to help equip them for the challenge ahead!