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Rainbow Runners and Rice Cakes: on the eve of my birthday(09/12) after breakfast go to CSUN at 10 AM at Oviatt Library? See below. Happy crescent moon night.

Archiving the Unspeakable: Silence, Memory, and the Photographic Record in Cambodia

Thursday, September 12 at 10:00 am
Ferman Presentation Room
Garden Library, CSUN Oviatt Library

Abstract: The Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia for less than four years. In their brief but devastating rule, approximately 1.7 million people died from untreated disease, starvation, and execution. For many, the regime’s brutality has come to be symbolized by a series of black-and-white mug shots taken at the notorious Tuol Sleng prison, where thousands of “enemies of the state” were tortured before being sent to the Killing Fields. Based on a soon-to-be published book, this talk will trace the social life of these photographs through the lens of archival studies, arguing that these images are records first and foremost and that archival institutions are playing a key role in preserving and providing context to these records. From their creation as administrative records, to their transformation into museum displays, archival collections, and databases, and their ongoing uses by Cambodians to bear witness to the regime, the mug shots are agents in an ongoing drama of unimaginable human suffering. While we are confronted by the unbearably heavy silence of the soon-to-be-dead victims looking back at us in the photographs, archivists, survivors, and victims’ family members are interrupting this silence by strategically deploying these records in legal testimonies, documentary films, and new photographs of Cambodians and foreign tourists looking at them, creating a new archive of responses to the Khmer Rouge. Through the use of the Tuol Sleng photographs, Cambodians are supplanting a narrative of victimhood with a narrative of witnessing, transforming records that document an unspeakably violent past into agents of social change for the future.

Michelle Caswell is Assistant Professor of Archival Studies in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA, where she is also an affiliated faculty member with the Center for Southeast Asian Studies. She holds a PhD in Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an MLIS in archival administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a master’s degree in theological studies focusing on Asian religions from Harvard University. Her articles on archives, communities, and social justice have appeared in Archival Science, Archivaria, American Archivist, The Journal of Documentation, InterActions, Libri, First Monday, and numerous edited volumes. She is also the co-founder and a board member of the South Asian American Digital Archive (


Friday, March 28, 2014 - 6:00pm
Location: Kurland Lecture Hall in the Valley Performing Arts Center
Cost: Free

Former presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador speaks on the privatization of Mexico’s natural resources and contemporary Mexican politics this Friday, March 28, at Cal State University, Northridge.

López Obrador recently published a book titled “Neoporfirismo: Hoy como ayer.” A Q&A session and discussion will follow.


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Here is a kind of recent, kind of old now video profile of a professor at Csun. 


Ok, I was thinking how helpful it will be to make this. This is my first year here, but I moved in during the summer session so I know what we need.

What to bring:


1. A MICROWAVE - I can not tell you how important it is you bring one! CSUN Dorms doesn’t offer microwaves with your kitchen. Message your roommates and see if anyone has one. Kitchen or not, you need one!

2. A toaster - Or suffer with soft, cold bread. Bread = College food essential. Learn to enjoy it, along with noodles and Ramen.

3. All kitchen things if you have one - Food, dishes, forks, spoons, pans and pots, paper towels, cloth towels, dish soap, spatulas, strainer…Oh, and a water bottle! The sink water won’t kill you here.


4. Clothes - You know. Shirts, pants, socks, blah. JUST DON’T FORGET A TOWEL!

5. Fun stuff - TV, gaming stuff, iPods, chargers, cords, books, headphones, speakers, whatever makes you happy. There is room.

6. Bedding - THESE BEDS SUCK! It took me over a week to get over how hard they are. The size is a Twin XL, so go get bedding for that. To save yourself a lot of misery, get a bedding pad or whatever it is called. I accidentally sent mine back home (5 hour drive from here). If it is good, I’ll give you a link of where I got it to save you time. Mom is visiting tomorrow and I’ll be getting it then.

7. Internet cord - The wifi can get pretty bad here. Get a 6’ cord, you’ll be pumping 30 mb/s into your computer. Do it.


8. All hygiene things - Conditioner, shampoo, soap, scrubs, toothbrush, face wash, moisturizers, SUN SCREEN (!!!!!!), ear swabs. Things like that.


9. Pencils, pens, notebooks, LAPTOP AND CHARGER, binders, highlighters, flash cards…


10. Food, laundry, toilet paper money - ALWAYS KEEP THIS TO THE SIDE! Housing doesn’t offer free toilet paper or laundry. $10 per month for laundry, split up toilet paper with roommates, and make sure to always have food money. ALWAYS.


1. All those things you’re debating if you should bring or not. Don’t. You’ll end up screwing yourself and your roommate over. Don’t be that guy…or girl. Keeps all your collections at home, don’t bring giant stacks of CDs or DVDs, no mountain of plush toys, no useless toys, no books you’re going to “read because you should.” No. We know that last one won’t happen anyways.

2. All your drama - College. Not high school. I’m currently living with a 47 year old (hell), and this guy still hasn’t grown up. Don’t be my 47 year old roommate.

Aaaannnd…that’s my Dorming guide for you guys. So far I’ve been doing good this year. Much better than dorming last year. Just don’t bring too much unless you’re organized and whatnot. If you guys have any questions, message me. I’ll be moving into my permanent dorm 4 days before you guys too, so I can show you the layout of the dorms if you haven’t visited.

My good friend and I on our Contras. Me on the ContraAlto Clarinet, and him on the Contrabass Clarinet. This was after our performance with the festival clarinet choir at Clarinetfest 2011 at Cal State Northridge. This Ensemble consisted of at least 50 Clarinetists. It was an amazing experience, and we also got to share the stage with Ricardo Morales. We played the “Fantasy on themes of Rigoletto” by Luigi Bassi, and he was the featured soloist. We also played Marriage of Figaro, and the final two movements of Pictures of an Exhibition which were Baba Yaga and The Great Gates of Kiew. Amazing experience :) 

(Photo Courtesy: Melissa R.)

So I went to the Jack Kirby exhibition at Cal State Northridge, braving the half-flooded San Fernando Valley to get there. Seriously, LA and water don’t mix, especially the Valley side where everything is concreted and stuccoed over so the water just runs off and sits in low spots while the rest of the road is greasy as fresh deer guts.

Here’s the gallery page (not a permalink so don’t bother after October.)

By the by, there will be a softcover book collection of the exhibit, and here’s the email link: michelle.giacopuzzi AT csun DOT edu.

This content will take over Intrapanel for the next little while (only posting today and tomorrow this week, off to Portland on Friday.)