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I started school last week. It feels good to be back, but it’s a little weird because I don’t really know anyone. Everyone that I knew from before has since graduated or dropped out like I did. I’m taking some pretty intense classes too.

I decided to go back and major in Philosophy with a concentration in pre-law instead of continuing with music. It’s definitely going to be very interesting and challenging. I have a paper due a week from today and I kind of stressing out about it because it’s been at least 6, but if memory serves, more like 8 years since I’ve written a paper. I’m not really worried about my writing skills, however. It’s more about knowing what to write. I don’t want to turn my paper in and have it be a bunch of useless nonsense. I think once I get over the fear of this first paper everything will be ok.

I got a 4/5 on my Biology Lab this week and I’m a little burnt. It’s still an 80% but apparently in all the other labs the lab instructor went over the labs with the class. That doesn’t seem right. I deserve a 5/5 damn it! I wonder which one I missed.. lol. Oh well, next Thursday I’ll make up for it by getting a 5/5. Plus, I have a quiz that posts on blackboard in about 30 minutes. If I can get a 10/10 (and it’s open book, so there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to) on that I’ll still have a 93% thus far.

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