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Name: Laura

Date and location: May 26, Florida

Last thing I googled: hunterxhunter episode list

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian…. Ace……. Who even knows anymore lol

One place that makes you happy: My college campus or my bed.

What im wearing: Cal. State sweatshirt and shorts with stars on them (pajamas!)

Last book i read: If fanfiction doesn’t count, it was both Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. 

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College Life Hack:

Your professor will give you the syllabus with the chapters you’ll be covering in the class.

Buy the book, make copies of the chapters needed (two pages to one piece of paper OR four pages per piece of paper [front/back]). probably around 20 bucks IF that.


You’re welcome.


“Sproutling” by Kaitlin Callahan

HEY EVERYONE! After many months of hard work, here’s my thesis film from Cal State Fullerton!

Making this film was a huge learning experience for me, and though I may go back and fully color it over the summer, I’m still proud!

How I'm trying to sell my boyfriend on CSUMB

Hey this is campus. In a field of flowers basically.

Oh look, more flowers!

Hmm.. we’ll put some more in there, just for good measure.

So this is where I’d work and learn aka the backyard of CSUMB:

Look! They have a marine ecology lab. And by lab they mean outdoorsy lab aka the ocean.

Plus, turtles man.

I’m pretty sure my plan is foolproof. 

Facing uncertain budget prospects, the system also plans to wait-list all applicants the following fall pending the outcome of a proposed tax initiative on the November ballot.

The majority of Cal State’s 23 campuses won’t be accepting any new students under the plan. But eight campuses — Channel Islands, Chico, East Bay, Fullerton, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Bernardino and Sonoma — will accept only a few hundred students transferring from community colleges for the spring 2013 semester.

Something that was so unexpected for me today was graduating with the highest GPA out of all the undergraduate students participating in Black Grad. Literally when he called my name I was like 😳😳😳😳 whaaat lol ya girl was in shock. 1 out of like 300+ graduates. That’s so crazy. Waaaay up I feel BLESSED. I was just tryna walk up to the stage without falling cause these shoes were KILLING my feet 😭 (at Cal State University - Northridge, Oviatt Lawn)

Tips for college from someone who had a shit time their first year:

1. Don’t start out in a relationship.

If you’re dating someone from highschool, 90% of the time, it will be better to have a fresh start in college. Being in a relationship causes you to feel unable to branch out and meet new people. When i was finally single in college, I met the best friends I’ve ever had and now have the best support system I’ve ever had.

2. Don’t skip your fucking classes.

College is a lot different from high school; your parents won’t get a call if you dont go to class. This makes it a lot easier to feel like sleeping in is okay. It’s not. I skipped so many classes second semester that I almost failed two of them, and it was almost impossible to catch back up. Force yourself to go to sleep at midnight. 

3. Parties;

The best advice I have regarding parties is

a) never ever EVER go alone.

Always go in a group with at least one designated sober person. This means you’re protected from creepy people

b) NEVER get blackout drunk at ragers

Ever. Get drunk, whatever. but know your limits at all times.

c) Never leave your drink alone and ALWAYS mix your own drinks.

common sense.


college is just like high school. There are people that dont know what they want in life other than to get fucked up every night. Surround yourself with people that know what they want, have their life together, and are emotionally stable people(that also know how to party). Hanging out with losers makes you feel like its okay to skip your classes and not care about school(see #2)


Being in college means that you dont have to put up with people bullshit anymore. It means that the choices you make are the ones YOU want to make, not what some bullshit highschool person is telling you to do.

I know no one will read this, but I wish someone had told me all of this stuff before I started college. That is all.