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Orphan Height Differences Black

Height      6’ 1" (1,85 m) Kristian Bruun     (Donnie)
Height      6’      (1,83 m) Patrick J Adams (Jesse)
Height      6’      (1,83 m) Michiel Huisman (Cal)
Height      5’ 7"  (1,70 m) Évelyne Brochu  (Delphine)
Height      5’ 11½" (1,82 m) Dylan Bruce     (Paul)
Height       5’ 4" (1,63 m) Tatiana Maslany (Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Alison, etc)

With this now I know why in the fanfics and in the show all the clones have to put tiptoe when they kiss their couples, even with Cosima and Delphine the height difference is notorious.

And I say this considering that I am even more smol that all them together.

A list of what I want to know of Orphan Black season 5

- I want to know about Cosima’s family
- I want to know more about Delphine past and if Westmorland have some conexión with Delphine.
- I want to know about Neolution, P T Wesmorland and The Island of Doctor Moreau and why Neolution saved Delphine and if Delphine has an eye implant like Rachel
- I want to know if Rachel’s eye implant has some power
- I want to see Delphine saving Sarah
- I want to know more of Marion Bowles
- I want to see a meeting between Delphine and Kristal
- I want to see a clone club reunion with Tony
- I want to see the birth of Helena’s twins
- I want to know if Cosima’s cure worked
- I want to see a fight between Sarah, Rachel and Delphine (I’m an a  bitch and I know it)
- I want to see P T Wesmorland explode in his own island
- And if there will be a Cophine wedding, I want to see it!!!! But I want to see Delphine with Cosima, Sarah with Cal and Kira, Helena with Jesse and their twins, Alison with Donnie and their children, Mika alive, Kristal in love and all the sestras together like this:

Lovely guys your turn:

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