cal in the fourth one

he's in a relationship.. but not with you (muke)

*these are really long oh god i’m sorry. i’ll post the other two when i write them* by the way, the girlfriends’ names are completely random, i’m sorry if I used your name, just replace the name with another :)

Luke: You and Luke were best friends, but you always secretly wanted to be something more. However, he wasn’t exactly “single”. Although he technically had a girlfriend, they didn’t act like they were in a relationship. They fought often, which led to her insulting him, swearing at him, or dissing his band. Which then led to him knocking on your front door. The first couple of times he arrived at your house, his cheeks were moist, and his eyes were red. But as it kept happening, he began to care less. 

          “Ashley again?” you sighed, opening the door to reveal a nonchalant Luke. 

          “Yup,” Luke said. You moved to the side, allowing Luke to step inside your house. He walked over to your couch, stepped out of his shoes, and plopped down onto the cushion. 

          “Mean Girls good?” You asked from the kitchen, making popcorn. 

          “You know it. I’ll get the blankets,” Luke called, already getting up from the couch, and grabbing a couple of blankets. This was almost a daily routine now. Luke and Ashley would have an argument, and Luke would come over to your house. You two would have popcorn and watch a different movie every time. 

           You walked into the living room with the popcorn bowl, and sat down on the couch next to Luke. You grabbed the remote, and pressed the play button. You and Luke quoted most of the movie, which always ended with laughter.

           "Why do we know this so well?“ You laughed.

           "I don’t know. It’s actually quite creepy,” Luke chuckled. There was a knock at the door, which caused you and Luke to stop laughing.

           "I’ll get it,“ he said, striding over to the door.

           "Ye- what are you doing here?” Luke rolled his eyes.

           "I knew you would be here! What’s the matter, you get in one fight with your girlfriend and cheat on her?“ Ashley yelled. You sighed and got up, walking over to the door.

           "He’s not cheating on you, but even if he was, why would you care? All you do is yell at him and tell him how horrible he is,” you said.

           "No one asked you Y/N,“ Ashley folding her arms.

           "This is my house, I don’t need your consultant,” you said, slamming the door. Luke smiled and looked down at you. 

           "Someone’s mad,“ Luke smirked.

           "I’m not mad, i’m just tired of her doing this to you all of the time, and acting like everything is your fault,” you said, walking back over to the couch.

           "I don’t let her worry me anymore,“ he shrugged.

           "Then why are you dating her,” you whispered. He walked over and sat next to you.

           "Actually, I really have no idea,“ he laughed. "I guess i’m just desperate to be loved by someone who isn’t related to me,” he shrugged.

           "That’s not love, that’s war,“ you laughed. "And by the way, you are loved by all of your friends! Michael loves you, Calum loves you, Ashton loves you, I love you, Niall loves you.”

           "What was that?“ Luke raised an eyebrow.

           "What was what? I said Michael loves you, Cal-”

           "No, the fourth one,“ Luke said.

           "I said I love you, you know, like in the friend way, because any other way would be weird,” you blushed.

           "Would it?“ he said, scooting towards you.

           "I mean it wouldn’t be that weird. What would be weird is if you didn’t love me the same way. THAT would be extremely awkward,” you chuckled.

           "What if I did?“ he looked at you.

           "Well.. then the feeling would be mutual,” you looked down. You stared at your shoes until you felt a hand gently lift your chin up. Your lips then met Luke’s.

           "You have no idea how long i’ve been waiting to do that,“ Luke smiled.

           "The feeling is still mutual,” you smirked, earning a laugh from Luke.

Michael: You were close with all of the boys, but especially Michael. You hung out with them all the time, and even went to most of their concerts with One Direction. When Michael started dating Brittney, you knew how much she despised you. She has even told Michael that she doesn’t like you, and has tried to get him to feel the same way. Which, both of you knew would never work. 

You and Michael were closer than peas in a pod, and no relationship would ever ruin it. You loved the fact that Brittney was jealous of your friendship with Michael. Whenever she knew you and Michael were in the same room, she would constantly call and text him.

              “What could you possibly want now?” Michael rolled his eyes, speaking into the phone. You looked over at him, from the opposite side of the couch. 

              “Brittney again?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. 

              “Of course,” Michael rolled his eyes, touching the end button on his phone.

              “Why does she hate me so much?” you laughed.

              “She’s jealous,” he shrugged.

              “No kidding,” you rolled your eyes.

              “Hey, there’s no need to be sarcastic!” he said, sitting up and lightly punching your arm.

              “Seriously though, why is she so jealous? I mean look at me,” You said pointing to yourself.

               "How dare you say that!“ he gasped, covering his mouth. You smiled and looked down. "No but honestly, why wouldn’t she be jealous? You’re amazing, funny, adorable, beautiful… just indescribably perfect,” he smiled.

                “Then why are you dating her?” you looked up.

                “That’s a good question… and I honestly don’t have an answer,” he sighed.  

                “Michael.. you’re wasting my time,” you chuckled.

                “What do you mean?” he looked at you, confused.

                “I love you. Like, as a best friend, but also more. And whenever I think that you might like me, you always make it clear that you don’t. Like just now, when you said all of those things about me, but when I asked you about her… I don’t know, okay? You are always unsure why you’re dating her, but you do nothing about it. And it’s been going on for months and months. I just.. need to be sure. Am I going to have a chance with you or are you just playing with my mind?” you asked, looking at him. When you made eye contact, he looked down. “And I know I may have just ruined our friendship, but I just needed to get it off of my chest, and i’m sorry. You don’t need to feel the same way, I just needed to tell you,” you sighed. 

                 "I can’t believe it’s taken me so many years..“ he said.

                 "For what?” you looked up.

                 "To realize that the girl I always hoped and wished for was always right beside me,“ he said. You smiled and jumped on him, embracing him in a hug. 

                  "Oh my gosh, gross get off of me,” he said. You let go of him and raised an eyebrow.

                  “I was joking,” he said, opening his arms. You smiled and fell back into his embrace. “No I wasn’t, get off of me I don’t want cooties,” he said in a high pitched voice. You rolled your eyes, and hugged him tighter.