cal has ocs

Mulan-inspired Red Queen AU

  • loosely based on the plot of Mulan and RQ/GS
  • let’s be real cal would be an amazing general shang

Mare’s best friend Kilorn Warren suddenly gets the call to go to war. Knowing he’s unprepared and ill equipped to face a life in the trenches, and hoping to make her family proud- something she felt she was unable to accomplish as a common thief- she takes his place as a soldier.

During training, she meets Cal, a Silver general of her battalion and son of the legendary burner, Tiberius Calore. Having no prior combat training and being small in stature, she doesn’t initially do well in training. However, in an unexpected twist, she discovers she has the ability to produce and manipulate electricity. This power gives her a huge advantage over anyone else in the Red army, but it would surely get her killed if her superiors found out about it, so she keeps her ability hidden.

It’s at this time that tragedy strikes: Cal’s dad, Tiberias Calore, is killed by Maven, a ruthless leader fixed on obtaining Norta’s crown.

A battle in attempt to defeat Maven forces Mare to reveal her power, shocking Cal and everyone in the army. Mare fears she’ll be killed for lying about her powers, but then they discover there are many other people in the Red Army with silver abilities as well. Mare then convinces Cal to help her train them in order to hunt down Maven and avenge his father.