cal flavor

how to spice up:

english muffins‼️using my fav ways

add salt, egg/whites, cheese, lean ground turkey = mcmuffin

add 0 cal spray butter, any flavor popcorn seasoning (my choice is white cheddar) it’s a power combo without adding any extra macros.. personal favorite right now!!

add 0 cal spray butter, cinnamon, truvia = cinny toast aye

add avocado, tomato, salt, pepper, boiled egg, chili powder

add peanut butter & banana

add peanut butter & all fruit spread = pbj

20 general tips to beginners trying to live a healthier lifestyle

People often ask me what I did to achieve the results that I have in regards to losing weight/becoming fit and usually I don’t know what to answer because so much can go into it and yet it really was kinda simple.

In fact, everyone is already aware of the basics: eat right, exercise. Try googling how to lose weight and tell me that isn’t the advice that pops up (besides spending hundreds of dollars on fad diets and pills).

But how does one get started?  What advice is there for those wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle that have no idea where to begin?

Here are some of my rules that I’ve followed over the last year and a half that I believe has helped me reach my goals:

  1. Patience: Rome was not built in a day. Fad diets do not work for people looking to slim down and stay that way.
  2. Everything in moderation, even moderation.
  3. Drink water like your whole existence depends on it, because it does.
  4. Find cardio exercises you genuinely like and aim do it at least half an hour three times a week.
  5. Find something that tones and builds your muscles to go with your cardio. Lean muscle will boost your metabolism and make burning off fat more efficient!
  6. Stretch more, loosen the tension in your body. If you don’t you could seriously hurt yourself and holding onto stress physically can literally make you sick–trust me.  
  7. Listen to yourself. Tired, achy? Rest. Sick/injured? Rest. Unhappy, unmotivated, and wanting a break? Rest. 
  8. Don’t force yourself to eat healthy food you don’t like. Find out how you like your vegetables (raw, roasted, steamed?), your fruits. Try out different healthy foods and see what works best for you.
  9. Typically stick to lean meats and maybe limit red meat (no processed meat if you can help it), sticking to fish and poultry more.
  10. Cut out things that come in a bag/are full of refined carbs and sugar.
  11. If you like going to Starbucks/some other coffee shop, swap for lower-cal options with less flavored syrup and cream. Ask if they have skim, almond or coconut milk instead.
  12. Cut back on soda if not expel it from your diet completely.
  13. Fiber. Make sure you’re getting enough.
  14. Be wary of diet products and artificial sweeteners. They’re not always good for you. 
  15. Take your vitamins!
  16. Pamper yourself. Soak in some sun and get some fresh air every once in a while, take bubble baths, drink hot beverages in comfy clothes, etc etc.
  17. Aim to get those full eight to nine hours of sleep. 
  18. Set goals and rewards for when you reach them.
  19. Keep a food/exercise journal.
  20. Find a support group, online and off!

anonymous asked:

Are any of your characters based off characters from other books? I was just wondering because Mare reminds me of Harry Potter-- they're both so oblivious!!

I definitely took some Thor and Loki flavor for Cal and Maven.

John's Water Tips

Many of you joined in on my water challenge yesterday. I saw some people struggle to get 4L, or 1 Gallon in so I thought I’d post some tips. Please feel free and reblog this, adding any tips you have. 

  • Take your water with you everywhere. If you have your water bottle with you, you are much more likely to hit your goal. 
  • Try different bottles and find what works for you. I have tried huge cups and small ones and settled on a simple bike bottle that holds 25 oz. I need to fill this 5 times a day to hit my goal. 
  • Have a plan. Mine is 1, before workout, 1 after workout, 1 before snack, 1 before lunch and 1 before dinner. This gets me done before dinner, which helps me not be up all night :)
  • Only go to the bathroom with an empty water bottle, and don’t leave the bathroom, unless it is full. This will get your water in fast!
  • Cold water goes down easier
  • If I feel waterlogged and don’t want more I add some zero cal flavor. You can chose natural options like lemon juice or favor additives like vitamin water. 
  • Don’t count anything that has calories or caffeine toward your water goal! If anything, these other drinks can be counter productive. I am a huge coffee fan but I add 8 oz or water for every 8 oz of coffee due to its diuretic properties. 

Once you build this habit, it becomes second nature. Being properly hydrated is a critical component of weight loss and general fitness, so make sure and build a hydration plan that works for you. :)