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Athlete: Allison Stokke
School: University of California, Berkeley
Team: CAL Bears
Sport: Track & Field - Pole Vault
Competition: 81st Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays
Opponent: Various
Result: 6. Place
Location: Mike A. Myers Stadium - Austin, Texas, USA
Date: 04-Apr-2008
Dothraki developer, invented-language leader to teach summer class
David J. Peterson, who created the new language for HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones,’ found his passion for linguistics as a Berkeley undergrad

Here’s an article on my new conlang course at UC Berkeley being offered this summer. I translated and recorded part of Cal’s fight song for it. :)

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What would you recommend taking to college? In state, and out of state?

brace yourself, this post is a lot longer than I thought it would be

I’m in state, so I really can’t say for out of state people (I hear they generally tend to bring more stuff). My individual needs are probably also quite different than others’, and different colleges provide different materials in the dorms. At the beginning of the semester I actually wrote down a few of the things that were nice to bring in a blog post here. I also took a few pictures of my dorm room with stuff moved in so you can get an idea of what I brought from here. You’ll probably find some nice checklists online of all the basics, like bedding and bathroom supplies and clothing, so I’ll skip those (unless you really want to know, in which case shoot me another message). I was actually quite underpacked, so I’m also going to include some things I wish I had brought in hindsight. As a female first year living in a mini-suite (which means the bathrooms are attached instead of one per hall) at UC Berkeley in California (where the weather is quite mild), a few specific items I would recommend bringing:

  • dorm decorations (and double sided tape or pins to stick them up)
  • a whiteboard with corkboard for push pins
  • ethernet cord (it’s a lot more reliable than wifi once you’ve set it up)
  • one single good non-academic book for stress relief
  • a paper calendar
  • sticky notes
  • a lamp with an opaque shade (translucent ones spill light everywhere)
  • binder clips
  • blue painters tape
  • as many pens as you can
  • stapler, hole puncher, printer, etc. are quite nice if you can manage it
  • wipes to sanitize everything before you unpack
  • A FAN!! it is so unbelievably hot and muggy the first few weeks
  • on a similar note, bring a blanket. it was way too hot to sleep in bed the first few weeks, but its still nice to feel covered.
  • small shelves (those foldable locker shelves work great)
  • bookshelves are also useful
  • mugs, forks, spoons, plates, etc. you will want to eat in the dorm room and it’s not very nice to steal from the dining halls.
  • more hangers than you’d think you need (you will probably go shopping at some point or get free shirts, and hangers can break fairly easily)
  • extension cords
  • a small portable vacuum if you can. dorms usually have a large old vacuum that you have to drag up from the basement, so having a small vacuum on hand is really convenient
  • paper towels (spills happen)
  • shower caddy (i like the two piece ones with the small on inside for toothbrushes and stuff, otherwise you have to drag the whole thing around sometimes)
  • shower shoes
  • for most people i hear a robe is nice but i don’t need one bc minisuite
  • i really like having a keurig bc coffee of course but it also dispenses hot water in a minute, which is really handy for ramen and stuff
  • free-hanging hooks, if you have somewhere to hang them off of, they’re actually quite useful (they’re the yellow things on the side of my bunk, if you can see from the second post I linked)
  • all the laundry supplies, from hamper to detergent (I recommend Tide Pods they’re super convenient) to dryer sheets (those are nice)
  • relaxing things: don’t be embarrassed about wanting to bring a stuffed animal! i brought my stuffed dolphin and it was really nice, as opposed to my roommate who didn’t bring her panda pillow pet and really regretted it (she brought it with her after going home out of state for thanksgiving)
  • candles, bath products, etc are also nice just for scent, even if you can’t use them in the dorms
  • makeup, small mirror, and makeup wipes. wipes are really nice to offer to someone if they’ve been crying and want to clean up (from experience)
  • febreeze (esp if a floormate with bad BO comes to visit)
  • not really a thing, but be prepared to say your name, where you’re from, what you’re majoring in, where you live, and maybe an interesting fact about yourself about 200 times in the first few days-weeks

You haven’t gotten anything to eat. 

Hugh Dancy as Cal Roberts, Michelle Monaghan as Sarah Lane, S01E04

I like this insight into Cal’s character. He’s insecure in his new position, and more focused on projecting strength and leadership and currying love and camaraderie. 

This is further highlighted when he tells Felicia and Bill that she may be able to inspire the faithful, but he can make people believe. 

As Sarah points out, he needs to show that community, since that’s ultimately what he’s fighting for. 

Basically, he needs to find some new tapes to listen to. 


College Football teams and their stadium: Pac-12


He did what he was raised to do. You can’t blame him. Although, I was kinda crushed by his decision all the same. I ship him and Mare so much. If he dies in RQ4, I don’t know what I’ll do. 

What’s disappointing me is that people are jumping to Maven’s ship after Cal’s decision. Maven (in my opinion) is worse than the teddy bear Cal. 

Who knows what direction MareCal will go, it might be gone forever. Or the ship will finally make it to its destination. I have hope, even if its broken and torn. Uh, I’ll be moping for weeks.

Theories soon.. 


November 8, 2009. 

Hands-down GOAT Stanford x Cal (x kellex) game: 


KO in her headband phase, and she was wearing a red one. Matchy-matchy with Alex.😻😻😻

Except for the hat trick, of course. Sorry Alex. ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Too much to get into. Brianna Bak, Alicia Jenkins, Ali Riley & KO at the coin toss…Ali at Amanda White’s heels…Allison McCann x Baby Horse…Mariah Nogueira and Baby Press celebrating KO’s brace (two consecutive headers)…KO celebrating for three…UNDEFEATED. 

—at least for another month.


when you realize you’re going to thE FUCKING OLYMPICS AHHHH

p.s. this is Jacob Pebley, rising sophomore for the Cal Bears and current National Team member for the 200 back. he out touched defending gold medalist Tyler Clary in a shocking upset to punch his ticket to Rio. his post race interview was super sweet- he got all choked up bc his mom passed away 10 years ago and all he wanted was to make her proud. Jacob, I KNOW your mom is looking down on you so damn proud. :’)