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Athlete: Allison Stokke
School: University of California, Berkeley
Team: CAL Bears
Sport: Track & Field - Pole Vault
Competition: 81st Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays
Opponent: Various
Result: 6. Place
Location: Mike A. Myers Stadium - Austin, Texas, USA
Date: 04-Apr-2008


      • Моя любовь
      • Я твой
      • Drunken Love
      • A Little Busy
      • Clair de Lune
      • Change of Plans
      • Fell for You
      • The Babadook
      • My Queen
      • Can’t Get Sick
      • Anesthesia Aftermath
      • Not Really Anyway
      • Love Bites
      • Bunnies
      • Piece by Piece
      • Hopelessly, Completely, Recklessly, Dangerously
      • Just Say It
      • Almost
      • Naked Confessions
      • Stole the Show
      • Playing Favorites
      • That’s Good
      • Hulk Smash
      • Piece by Piece – Dad!Bruce
      • Her Web
      • Tried That
      • Worthy
      • Come Hither
      • A Pleasure

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Where Do the Flowers Go (Bucky series)
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Birthday Drabbles (multiple characters)

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He did what he was raised to do. You can’t blame him. Although, I was kinda crushed by his decision all the same. I ship him and Mare so much. If he dies in RQ4, I don’t know what I’ll do. 

What’s disappointing me is that people are jumping to Maven’s ship after Cal’s decision. Maven (in my opinion) is worse than the teddy bear Cal. 

Who knows what direction MareCal will go, it might be gone forever. Or the ship will finally make it to its destination. I have hope, even if its broken and torn. Uh, I’ll be moping for weeks.

Theories soon.. 


when you realize you’re going to thE FUCKING OLYMPICS AHHHH

p.s. this is Jacob Pebley, rising sophomore for the Cal Bears and current National Team member for the 200 back. he out touched defending gold medalist Tyler Clary in a shocking upset to punch his ticket to Rio. his post race interview was super sweet- he got all choked up bc his mom passed away 10 years ago and all he wanted was to make her proud. Jacob, I KNOW your mom is looking down on you so damn proud. :’)


Bring Their 5-game Win Streak to #9 Arizona

After a scorching win over Arizona State, California men’s basketball brings its ignited offense and a five-game winning streak to Tucson looking to keep things rolling at ninth-ranked Arizona. The Golden Bears wil go for the Grand Canyon State sweep against the Wildcats on Saturday at 7 p.m. PT live on ESPN2 and on KGO Radio.

Cal extended its winning streak to five consecutive games in a dominating 68-43 performance over Arizona State Wednesday night, holding the Sun Devils to season-low totals in numerous categories including total points, field goal percentage and three-pointers. Cal’s offense was led by an 18-point effort from Grant Mullins, who had six three-pointers, and another double-double (14 points, 11 rebounds) from Karl Malone Power Forward of the Year finalist Ivan Rabb. The standout sophomore now has 13 double-doubles on the season, including nine in Pac-12 play.

The Bears gave up a 13-point lead in their last meeting with the Wildcats in Berkeley on Dec. 30, falling to then-No. 18 Arizona 67-62 in the conference opener. Rabb and Jabari Bird each had 16 points, and Charlie Moore chipped in 12 points. Heading into the contest,  Cal’s high-powered offensive trio of Moore, Rabb and Bird had only stepped onto the court for three games together. This time, the trio has shared 15 starts together and are all averaging at least 14.0 points per game, led by Rabb (15.2 ppg, 10.9 rpg), Bird (14.2 ppg) and then Moore (14.0 ppg).

Supernatural Mobile Masterlist

Four Mistakes
All About Baby
Stitched Together
Breakfast in Bed
Pillow Fights
Bipity Bopity Boo
Jungle Juice
Cold Spell
Falling Stars
Vegas Lights – pt. 1
Desert Stars – pt. 2
Neon Signs – pt. 3

Cal Berk Bears
Bed Buddy
Cold Tea
Language of Twins

Never Too Busy

bike shorts are NOT PANTS

stanford’s hobbies:

+ cycling. everywhere. every day.
+ competitive dancing and intramural sports
+ tagalog 4 life
+ what happens in Band does not stay in Band
+ lowkey regretting Engineering :)))) hey who’s up for ultimate frisbee–
+ antagonizing cal by impaling teddy bears atop The Claw. they actually bleed dye. the waters turn red for a week.

cal’s hobbies:

+ activism. not the kind that has him squatting in trees tho. are those guys still there???
+ biochem was a Mistake
+ haha what are hobbies please see “biochem”
+ avoiding the student union at all costs because the particularly crazy homeless just always seem to hone in on him
+ not too busy to paint bear prints up and down stanford’s dumb tower sTOP SACRIFICING INNOCENT TEDDY BEARS, WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK

who even has the goddamn axe anyway???


November 8, 2009. 

Hands-down GOAT Stanford x Cal (x kellex) game: 


KO in her headband phase, and she was wearing a red one. Matchy-matchy with Alex.😻😻😻

Except for the hat trick, of course. Sorry Alex. ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Too much to get into. Brianna Bak, Alicia Jenkins, Ali Riley & KO at the coin toss…Ali at Amanda White’s heels…Allison McCann x Baby Horse…Mariah Nogueira and Baby Press celebrating KO’s brace (two consecutive headers)…KO celebrating for three…UNDEFEATED. 

—at least for another month.


You haven’t gotten anything to eat. 

Hugh Dancy as Cal Roberts, Michelle Monaghan as Sarah Lane, S01E04

I like this insight into Cal’s character. He’s insecure in his new position, and more focused on projecting strength and leadership and currying love and camaraderie. 

This is further highlighted when he tells Felicia and Bill that she may be able to inspire the faithful, but he can make people believe. 

As Sarah points out, he needs to show that community, since that’s ultimately what he’s fighting for. 

Basically, he needs to find some new tapes to listen to.