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Hello girls, is it possible to make a piece of 'decoden' out of the 'decoden mold' thing without having a bake it? like, is there an air-dry clay thing which i can make decoden out of the mold thing? idk if im making sense.. lol xx

Hello! Yes! You can use air dry clay instead of baking it :)

Here are a few links with a bit more info to maybe help you out:


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That anon is SO DAMN ANNOYING !

I know right. I have something to say to these anon haters. Can I ask yall why are you anon? If you think your so right then keep sending me hate, but you should show your face and maybe grow some balls. I mean if i believed in what I was saying I would let you know don’t hide behind a shadow. Show the world what a hater you are and stand up for what you believe in xx.

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hey :) Iam currently having a giveaway on Youtube (YT name: itsladiiekay), giving away some jewellery and an Aqua Charms phone case. Enter if you'd like ^^ could you please let people know as well xx as I'd really like to give away this phone case. this is my first giveaway :) thanks xx

they can all see what you doing here :) take a look at her site everyone xxx