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Weekly Update time!

So, here it is! I have finished my second week of T25! I didn’t get a four pound weight loss again, but I did get a nice 2 pound loss. So now I’m down 6 whole pounds in 2 weeks!

Although I can’t personally see a difference unless I’m looking at my side by sides I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER than usual. I have more energy and I don’t get tired out doing stuff with the kids. Plus a non-scale victory! My wedding ring is fitting a lot better! Yay! :) It’s been a little tight since my 4th kiddo was born. That really isn’t a problem now.

Anyway, this hasn’t been a cakewalk and if it weren’t for people encouraging and motivating me I probably would have stopped after no being able to just see a change without my pictures. I’m so happy. :) Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me especially my husband: Without him I wouldn’t have made the big changes in my life that I have the last couple weeks.

I just started Shakeology today too. I know I always hear people talk about how it helped them. I see their results and now I’m going after my own. :) I’ll let everyone know how that goes!

If anyone of y'all wanna make changes but need some extra support, let me know! I’ll add you to my accountability group and I’ll do what I can to keep you on your toes! :)

PS If you wanna jumpstart into your workouts and stuff there’s a challenge group I’m going to be helping out with. Message me and I’ll give you more details. ❤✌️


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TBT Tampa 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 #cakewalk #cherokeedass #thickandnatural

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Most people say “cakewalk” to mean an easy or simple task, a battle against an enemy that won’t put up much resistance. But originally it was a sadistic old-timey dancing game for slaves. Cakewalks were essentially dance-offs for a chance of winning, yes, a cake. While that sounds delightful, the reality was … less joyful than its name would imply. That’s because it was a party game for slaves – and they didn’t really have a choice in the matter.

5 Things You Say Often With Horrible Historical Origins

The Cakewalk was a dance that was performed by slaves at get togethers on plantations. There are many theories as to its origin, one being that slaves borrowed the dance from the Seminole Indian tribe. The dance caught on in society in the late 1800’s and at the end the couple who performed it best was awarded a cake. First performed only by men, it became the fashion to have women participate in the 1890’s at which time the dance reached epic and ridiculous proportions.


Thanks you to everyone that came out h town to @foxxys_gentlemen_club to book me for your next club event email #cherokeeedass #cakewalk #realazz

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Heya doll!

 Miss me? I know, I fucking know, I said the run was going to be a cakewalk and we would be back sooner. Had a couple of fuck-ups, but no casualties or injuries.

 Goddamn, I missed that gorgeous ass of yours!  Come on over, I want to look at you, beautiful. And see what I found for you, baby. The guys are pissed because I took them for you. Found a few more DVDs for your collection, and a couple for us to watch together, oh yes! 😈

 Hey! No need to slap my arm, just wanting to have a little fun with you. Damn doll, you are a fucking firecracker! Makes me stiff as shit. In fact, give me your hand and I will let you feel it! Okay, okay, it’s been a few days sweetheart, can’t expect me not to try to get into those fucking sexy pants. 😜

  Don’t be fucking shy with me, sit in my lap, doll, I got another little surprise for you. I know I’m probably not your dream man, maybe of your nightmares. But I know what day it is, and I found this little necklace. I know, I know doll, it’s a fucking butterfly, a bug. And I know how you feel about being outside.

  But read it baby, it’s you. After the fucking apocalypse, after all the losses you experienced, you emerged as a beautiful butterfly. My drop dead, sexy as hell, butterfly.

 Now do me a favor, go change into one of your sexiest pieces and let me show you just how fucking much I missed you. I am going to worship every inch of that super hot body.

 Happy Valentine’s Day, Kristine, my one and only. Forever doll.


The Backup always follows the Point-man ||CLOSED||


She’d gotten used to the whip by now, either dodging it or catching it with her hand before her new Interpol friend could ‘discipline’ Deunan every time she, apparently, failed in her duties as a subordinate.

Working under Franziska was no cakewalk. Given that Deunan wasn’t a detective, her skills in investigating were limited, her skillset better suited to rescue, and combat situations, but seeing as none of the detectives wanted to be within five hundred feet of the prosecutor (for fear of being whipped and having their salaries cut), Deunan had to be the martyr.

So for now, she’d prepare tea, and sort files… she felt more like her personal secretary than an officer with ESWAT.

Tonight looked like it was going to be a boring night, a shame too, it looked so nice out, the perfect night for a night on the town… that was, if Deunan could convince her ‘warden’ of such.

“Hey Franziska.” She said as she picked up the empty teacup from the woman’s desk.”What say we hold off on working on the case file and go have some girl time?”

I apologize for the lack of content lately. After this week I should return to a moderate level of activity!
I’m trying to actively and passionately pursue my academic endeavors this year. Applying to professional school isn’t a cakewalk, so I’m giving it my all!! And that means putting the books first. And it hasn’t helped that all of my classes decided to line tests up in the same week.

I’m always on Tumblr in between classes! Always know if you have any questions, or just want to talk, I’m around!!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!! ❤

hiddle-tiddle-trash  asked:

Thank you for being so nice to me. I just got really terrified, but it was found, so I, feeling a little better. You're very sweet x

Aw shucks, it’s nothing, really!  I’m glad that you found your card, I bet you’re pretty relieved!  

Just keep your chin up and your head held high.  I know that life isn’t a cakewalk, but please remember to do the best that you can do!  

       will  i  ever  be  over  the  quote  going  smt  like     “     last  year  she  survived   being  locked  in  a  freezer     AND   stabbed      .    .   .     this  surgery  will  be  a  cakewalk   .     “     the  answer  is  no   .  i  will  not   .   my  bb  is  a  real  badass   ♡