This is Captain Williams the Pomeranian!!! Adopted from the Lort Smith animal hospital today and I am over the moon.
They had no clue about his history and the vets estimate he’s around 8 years old.
He’s healthy (besides being underweight) and a little anxious around new noises.

I’m so lucky to have found him.


When I got my eyebrows tinted and waxed three days ago, the skin lifted (the waxer ripped off some skin with the hair).
This was incredibly painful and it’s happened twice in my waxing life; my skin is super sensitive and I think I’m gonna switch to threading or sugar waxes.
Photo on the left was yesterday (owwee so puffy, raw and sore, it does not show how bad it looked) and right, today!
Starting to scab. Still looks terrible but I look pretty good for having self-inflicted scabs and puffiness from the blood rushing to my eyelids.
Never done this so badly before.
Beauty therapist was freaking out and I was just laughing and telling her it was okay; poor thing! It’s very much not her fault, the wax wasn’t too hot and she wasn’t waxing over the same spot.
Skin must have just been ridiculously sensitive that day!
Body positive thinking has been a lil difficult the last few days but sharing selfies is still possible!!!

One more session to go for colour, shading and the moon (the blue circle isn’t tattooed on)!

Got my newest tattoo yesterday. I’m ecstatic!!!!
An Australian magpie, seen as bringers of destruction by the masses of cyclists and joggers alike but truly one of the most beautiful birds; protectors and full of strength.
Crimson bottlebrush, there’s a tree out the front of my family home and it’s flowers have always brought me and many bees and birdies joy.
Skull, so much to say about the symbolism of this. For me mostly, it’s about embracing my darkness and the inevitability of our end of days.


Check out Kat Scarlet’s Facebook page to book a tattoo from her council approved and accredited studio in Preston, Melbourne:

When I finish the tattoo I’ll take a photo of my side and back.
On my left side is the tattoo of my cockatiel, Attica and the right, this.

Also, do you see the mountain at the top of beautiful Maggie’s wing?
Totally unintentional!

anonymous asked:

Hi I was looking at the pansy tattoo tag because I want to get a tattoo of a purple pansy and I loved yours but I was wondering if you have any clearer and closer pictures of the purple one! It would be so amazing if you could post one it would really help me a lot

Why are you on anon though? Taking these photos and looking at them made me realise how much I love this tattoo yet again. Serious power. If you’re in Melbourne, go to Kat Scarlet tattoo (search on Facebook) to get it done by her and support her magnificence. I’m glad you love it. Blessings xx