Cause you always trying to be better than me. FOH with your 2000 Space Jams. Nah but dead ass, I love doing heat checks on you. I respect your kick game on so many levels. I always talk about how dope you are, how artistic you are, how funny and supportive you are, but I gotta pay homage to one of my favorite things that we share and that is our love for Sneakers!!! No matter how old we get that will forever be our thing, right next to photography! And for that you are once again my #wcw 😍😍😍 #cakesphotoroom

“Now when a kid gets a helium balloon, he’s holding that string and he’s keeping this balloon from going anywhere. But he also wants to let it go” #cakesphotoroom (at Carolina Entertainment Complex)

Apparently I needed to be thought the art of Mirror selfies while shopping. 😑 By the way Happy Birthday to the Greatest Basketball player of all time Michael Jordan!! #cakesphotoroom #cakeandkilla (at Zumiez @ Queens Center Mall)