Ohhhh LEMME participate in this y’all already know 6’s over everything!!!! But this is my submission to #marchmadness #Top5Challenge Black Toe’s, BC3’s, BC4’s(I’m old school so scratch that Bred shit), Infrared 6’s(favorite show of all time) and 1996 OG White and Red 12’s(Caus my Favorite player of all time Allen Iverson, had Jordan doing the Stinky Leg in these) #cakesphotoroom (at Cake’s Vault)

There is this wild misconception that because I’m loyal to JB and Nike that those are the only sneakers I wear….. Fact about me I like sneakers in General so if they look dope to me I’m gonna wear them simple as that. #cakesphotoroom (at Viacom/MTVN - 1515 Broadway, NYC)

Apparently I needed to be thought the art of Mirror selfies while shopping. ๐Ÿ˜‘ By the way Happy Birthday to the Greatest Basketball player of all time Michael Jordan!! #cakesphotoroom #cakeandkilla (at Zumiez @ Queens Center Mall)

On some real shit when I hear people say Jordan’s are whack I must laugh at you. I remember when the sneaker game was dying a bunch of people were saying switch your style up you getting older Jordan’s are whack….. Jokes on you right cause most of y’all hopped on the Bandwagon when it came back around!!! I been collecting sneakers for 18 years now, it’s been my passion it will never change. When I Hear people bash Jordan’s and then I look at a well constructed shoe like the BC3’s which changed the way sneakers would be viewed I just gotta laugh at your foolishness!!! And too all the Hypebeast more power to y’all, y’all can never ruin the game for me. I will forever rock Sneakers, and when I die Burry me in some 6’s or 3’s and lay me backwards so that everyone who hates sneakers or tried to kill the game can Kiss my Ass(Pause). *Drops Mic* ๐Ÿšถ#cakesphotoroom (at MTV Newsroom)