cakes in a jar

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what would be the survey corps (+annie, historia, and pixis!) favorite dessert? oh btw what about you mama? what's your fav dessert?

Mikasa: Pudding (not the English one)
Reiner: Eclairs 
Bertholdt: Mouse au Chocolate
Annie: Molten chocolate cake
Eren: Pie
Jean: Jell-O
Marco: Baklava
Sasha: Nutella right from the jar
Connie: S’mores
Historia: Loves cake and doesn’t discriminate
Armin: Waffles
Ymir: Cherries out of her gf’s belly button
Levi: A good wine lol
Hanji: Ice cream
Erwin: Apple pie
Nanaba: No dessert, nope!
Mike: Flan
Pixis: Anything with alcohol really

My favorite is cheese cake :) I made one the other day #no filter


DARA: “My birthday party theme this year was travel. With my cutie boarding pass invitation card and cutie neck pillows as souvenir. Thank you @insta_mug for the pillow 😆 Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard Dara air flight 2121 bound for Dara’s heart. From captain Dara and the crew, it is our pleasure to serve u today. Love you all 😘”

“Thank you Chocomoo chan for this super cute drawing for my bday invitation card!!! 😍😍😍 I love it!!! Super kawaiiiii!!!!! 🙏🏻”

#goddessDARAday 🎂 Thank u#honeyglazecake for the awesome cake!!! And @Bottledupph for the cutie cakes in a jar 😍 and of corz Chocomoo chan for the Dara airline design!!! Love it!!!”

“Thank you Gerry’s grill family for my special bday leche flan instead ok cake! I love it! I like leche flan 😍👍🏻”


Made DIY Rainbow Treats today! 🌈

Sansa’s Lemon Cakes

If there’s one thing that breaks my heart more than seeing pretty men perish as often as they do in Game of Thrones, it’s seeing Sansa’s soul dying a little more with each new season. You can practically see the light going out of her eyes and it twists up my insides something fierce. 

One of her few joys in the world seems to be lemon cakes. They’re pushed on her after she learns about the death of her brother and mother, though at that point she wants nothing to do with them. She also comes across them in the Eyrie, where they have been made with the lemons that Petyr Baelish brought with him. 

Now, from House MJ to yours, have a lemon cake. You love lemon cakes. 

- MJ & K

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Sara’s 50 year old secretary Laura had been giving Sara a pedicure every week for 6 months. Sara demanded she save up the dead skin, nail trimmings, and anything else that came off her feet. Finally Sara told her that Grace in accounting was retiring and that she should give all of that disgusting stuff to a baker in the neighborhood she’d made a deal with. Laura didn’t want to know what happened…did the baker have a fetish and give her a discount for the mess? What the hell was this? What she didn’t know was that the baker did have a fetish, and after he took his share he ground up the pedicure trimmings and mixed them into the cake flour. The water he used for the batter was all from a jar he had been soaking Sara’s socks in for months. Happy retirement Grace! #Sararulestheofficeseries


Eight candles for eight dollars! I love the dollar store. Three large, scentless candles, black cherry jar candle, marine mist jar candle, butter cake candle, apple cinnamon pillar candle and vanilla pillar candle!

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If I met you, we'd share a pot of Earl Grey tea and some cakes and watch all the scenes from GoT with Sansa and Theon and Sansa and Jon. And Roose and Ramsay.

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yay ! i would love to do this omg please come and meet me for tea cakes and got marathon i have a jar full of earl grey because no one  but me likes it  and we have can lemon cakes like sansa and also welsh cakes and popcorn  pick all favourites scenes to watch it would be great 

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 earl grey tea :drunk 

 theon: onscreen

 meeting: a success

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the signs working at a bakery

aries: gets too sassy with customers 
taurus: self appointed taste tester for every dessert
gemini: designs the big wedding cakes
cancer: accidentally locks them self in the freezer
leo: bedazzles their apron and bakers hat
virgo: knocks cake over and pretends it wasn’t them
libra: fills up tip jar by charming customers
scorpio: licks the batter off the mixing spoon and bowl
sagittarius: starts a flour fight in the kitchen
capricorn: employee of the month every month
aquarius: comes up with crazy new cookie flavors
pisces: wins awards for their flawless cupcakes