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I cant stress enough how much i LOVE THESE THINGS ! As always creds to @langsty-mc-langstface they cranked this out just now and its blowing my mind

taeyang coming down the aisle at his wedding like

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I’m gonna take good care of you.

Stressful weeks weren’t exactly common for you. Most of your life was spent doing paperwork in the office of your boss. As an assistant for a magazine editor, most of your work involved scheduling meetings, getting coffee, answering phone calls and emails that no one else wanted to deal with. In short, your work was beyond mundane. However, this week, your boss had been bedridden with the worst case of the flu you’ve ever seen. As a result, she’d asked you to take care of her work for her. That meant actually running the meetings you scheduled, and getting and drinking the coffee you’d fetched. The stress of the week had almost caused your dreams of being a magazine editor to fly out the window, far far away, and drown themselves in the deepest pit of the ocean, wherever that was. Only one thing had been your saving grace this week, and that was your boyfriend Harry. When work became stressful, he kicked himself into gear, knowing just how hard it is when your job gets a little overwhelming. All week, he’d packed lunches, and had dinner ready when you were home. He even would pour you several glasses of wine as he rubbed your feet because honestly, who freaking knew that magazine editors would be on their feet so much? How’d that make sense? In short, Harry’s support was the only thing that kept you from absolutely losing your shit.

Now though, the week was over, and as of this morning, your boss seemed to be of good enough health to manage coming back to work after the two days the office would be closed. Coming home was the biggest relief of all. You walked in the door and Harry had easy listening music on, your favorite candles lit, and he even had a roast dinner in the oven. He’d become a proper domesticated housewife this week and you began to think that if this is what being a magazine editor married to Harry Styles would be like, you were ready to sign the fuck up. You walked into the kitchen after toeing off your shoes and hanging your coat on the coat rack. There, you were greeted with the most marvelous sight you think you’ve ever seen: Harry, apron on, shirt off, hair a tousled mess, loose shorts hanging from his hips, frosting what appeared to be the most decadent chocolate cake you’d ever have the pleasure of tasting. You knew Harry liked to play caretaker every once in a while, it was as good for his ego as fucking you into oblivion he’d once said, but this…well this was something entirely new to you. When he hears you enter the room, he turns around with a massive smile on his face.

“Hello, lovely!” he seems absolutely ecstatic to see you and it melts every ounce of worry and stress from your bones.

“Harry, sweetheart, what is all this?” you ask, still processing the sight before you.

“Just knew how stressed you’d been this week and thought I’d do something nice for ya,” he smiles, putting a finishing touch on the cake before taking off his apron and walking towards you.

“I think I’m going to have to up my game when you have a stressful week at work,” you laugh before cuddling into the hug he is offering.

“You’ve got to do no such thing. You’re perfect,” he whispers, placing a kiss atop your head and wrapping his lean arms around you.

Just feeling his skin and heartbeat next to you would have been enough to wash away the week, but he’d absolutely gone above and beyond and you were beyond appreciative. Leaning up to press a kiss to his lips, you smile against him and hold him close.

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Love you so much, H.”

“Mmm, I’m the lucky one, Y/N. Go sit down, dinner is ready, I’ll be right out,” he says, giving you a quick slap to your butt before going back to his work in the kitchen.

The next hour is spent sitting at your dining room table eating the most delectable homemade meal you’ve ever tasted across from your incredibly gorgeous and mouthwatering boyfriend who exhibits nothing but love for you every single day. The roast is tender and savory, the wine delicious, and the cake perfectly sweet and moist. Honestly, Harry’s cooking skills were slightly intimidating at this point. When you’re finally finished and have thanked him profusely, you begin to gather the dishes and take them into the kitchen.

“Hush, stop tha’,” he scolds. “Go upstairs for me, would you?”

“Wanna be with my perfect boyfriend, though,” you pout, not quite ready to go to sleep despite your exhaustion.

“Oh don’t you worry, love. I’m gonna take good care of you. Went to lush today, bought your favorite bath bomb, it’s on the bathroom counter. Go on up and get a bath going; I know how much you like to plop the bath bomb in and watch it fizzle. I’ll be up in 5 minutes.”

“Marry me,” you mutter, utterly amazed at Harry’s treatment.

“Planning on it,” he smirks causing even more butterflies to erupt in your stomach.

Without a word, you bound upstairs, leaving articles of clothing on a few of the steps to entice Harry when he makes his way up, and draw a bath. As the tub fills, you light a few candles, dim the bathroom lights, and set the mood. The bath bomb fizzles and spins until the water is a beautiful gold color and dipping your foot in, you know it’s the perfect temperature. So, you sink your whole body down into the water. A moment later, the door opens and in walks a stark naked Harry, giant grin on his face, before he climbs in the bath behind you.

“Thought you were cheeky huh, teasing me with your clothes like that?” he asks in your ear, bringing handfuls of water and dripping them over your shoulders.

“Gotta show my man just how much I appreciate everything he does, don’t I?” you quip, settling further into him as the water surrounds the two of you.

“Don’t mind if you do.”

A/N: I was so tempted to do something really smutty with this one, but I need more fluffy Harry in my life. Hope you liked it!!!

Being With You

You and your boyfriend Woojin had a tradition. Every week, you spend time at his dance studio, him working on a choreography and you working on your drawing, before heading over to grab some street food. It’s a good tradition.
(For anon who requested bf woojin fluff)


“Is it done yet?” Woojin asked quietly, peering over your shoulder curiously, patting a towel on his forehead where sweat had beaded.

“Almost,” you replied, carefully moving your pencil across your page in quick, precise strokes, “thank you again for agreeing to let me draw you.”

“Anything for you,” Woojin replied, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead, “I’m gonna run through the choreo one more time, if it’s okay with you?”

“Yeah, I should be done by then,” you responded with a smile, focusing on the page in front of you.

Ever since before you’d started dating, you and Woojin had a tradition. He’d practice whatever choreography he needed to, and you’d sit in the dance studio, drawing. Most of the time, you’d just work on a sketch that you’d previously started, but this time, you’d decided to do a quick sketch of Woojin dancing.

It gave you two a chance to be with each other, doing something that you loved. It was nice to have the time reserved to just be, enjoying each other’s presence. You realized that your pencil had stilled over the paper, eyes following Woojin’s sharp, powerful movements as he danced to the beat of the song blaring over the speakers.

You turned back to your drawing, carefully shading in Woojin’s hair and putting the final touches on the sketch. You finished up just as Woojin was cooling down, stretching out his muscles so that he wouldn’t cramp. Wordlessly, the two of you followed your weekly routine, you shoving your supplies into your backpack and Woojin putting his sweaty clothes into his gym bag.

“Ready to go?” He asked, holding a hand out.

“Yeah, ready,” you replied, smiling as you took it. “Ah wait, where’s your towel?” Woojin dug around his bag for the towel, producing it proudly, and you took it, carefully wiping the sweat from his forehead. “You’re all sweaty, I don’t want to have people see you like this,” you chuckled, pressing a kiss to his freshly cleaned cheek.

“Thanks, (y/n),” Woojin replied, reaching down to squeeze your hand in his. The two of you trekked to a tteokbokki stall a few blocks away from Woojin’s dance studio, accepting the steaming trays of rice cakes gratefully before taking seats on the park bench by the stall, you curled up into Woojin’s side.

“You know, I’m really glad that we have this time,” you commented, shoving a rice cake into your mouth, “ah, fuck, fuck, that’s hot.” Woojin sighed, spearing a rice cake with a toothpick. He blew on it gently before holding it out to you, letting you chomp down on the cooled rice cake. Moments like that reminded you how perceptive and empathetic Woojin was. “But anyways, really. Life has been getting really crazy lately, and it’s nice to just take time to be with you.”

“I’m happy that you’re happy,” Woojin murmured, pressing his face into the top of your head, planting kisses there as he wrapped his arm comfortably around your shoulder. The two of you remained there for a while longer, just enjoying the tteokbokki and the time you had to spend with each other.

one and only.

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smuttttyyyyy mafia boss yoongi one shot au where he treats everyone he knows like shit and doesnt care about peoples lives or his ones except for the reader ( his loving girlfriend ) annnd min holly 😌😌😌😌 with body worship dirty talk light phone sex while hes at his office or safe house whatever and just fluffy stuff with his gf he only loves her and min holly 😂

genre: implied smut/fluff fluff fluff kinda? fluffy enough to make me wanna punch myself in the face fluff

Yoongi was a seriously dangerous man, a leader of the mafia, if anyone messed with him or his people, they would never reappear on the streets. He didn’t care about anyone’s lives, not even his. He treated everyone terribly, lord knows how you ended up with him. He only cared about you and Holly, most of the time you and Holly were the only ones at home, wondering if Yoongi would be okay.

You met Yoongi whilst walking down a somewhat dodgy alley, a random drunkard started hitting on you and suddenly Yoongi appeared and knocked him out. “Thank you but you really didn’t need to do that for me.”, you told him as he walked you out of the alley and towards the main road. “Don’t worry about it, how about I just take you home?” “I don’t know who you are, for all I know you could be the leader of the mafia.”, you light heartedly joked. “What if I was?”, Yoongi seriously replied. “I dunno, you seem nice and good looking, to be honest I wouldn’t care.” “Good, now, sweetheart, let’s get you home.”

After he dropped you off, he got your number and drove off. The two of you went on a date to a patisserie and he fed you your favourite cake before taking a stroll in a park with you. It was only the first date but he already held your hand and kissed your cheek. “I quite like you.”, he told you when dropping you off after the date. “I’ll see you again some time, sweetheart.”

Sweetheart soon turned into babygirl or my love, you never complained about his pet names for you; you had a soft spot for them, that sweet spot was also the sweet spot for Yoongi. You had never seen Yoongi at work but you knew he was the opposite of how he was with you; you had heard from his men that he was an ass, a total dick but you could never associate the horrible names with Yoongi.

Tonight was no different from other nights, Yoongi wouldn’t be home til later and Holly was asleep already despite it being 8pm, he must’ve really gotten tired from the walk. You turned on the TV and watched whatever was on to pass time and to keep yourself company, all that was on was sappy dramas and a few decent variety shows, so you knocked yourself out with one of those and some popcorn.

Halfway through the show your phone rang and you hurriedly picked up. “Hello?”, you said. “Hey, babygirl, you got a minute?”, Yoongi asked over the phone. “Yeah, always do these days. Where are you?” “I’m at the office, I’ll be home around 3am but until then I’ll keep you a bit of company for a bit.” “How do you plan on doing that?”, you laughed as you turned the volume of the TV down. “Oh, I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do to you later tonight, my love.” “What would that be?”

“I’m gonna make slow, sweet love to you, babygirl. I’m gonna make sure every inch of your body receives my love, especially you ass and pussy, oh, I fucking love squeezing and spanking your ass.” “Mmhmm, what else babe?” “I’m gonna eat you out so good and I’m gonna play with your beautiful tits while my dick is inside your beautiful cunt.” “I love your cock babe, I already can’t wait for tonight.” “I don’t wanna make you wait babygirl. But I got some work to do, I’ll see you later tonight sweetheart.”

Before you knew it you moved yourself to your closet and changed into nothing but your black silk robe that Yoongi had gotten you not too long ago. Mafia leader or not, Yoongi was as fluffy as a marshmallow when it came to you. He would always hold your hand when you were together in public, the two of you looked like any other couple would. He would kiss you good morning and sometimes attempt to make you breakfast in bed. Then he would go on walks with you and Holly, reminding you that he loved you and he was grateful for your existence and for the fact that you walked down the dodgy alley. Bad guy or not he was the good guy in your heart.

Blessings and Kisses

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from A Declaration of Acceptance

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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Just A Tad Sweeter (Mycroft x Reader)

Title: Just a Tad Sweeter

Summary: Mycroft can be surprisingly endearing when his beautiful girlfriend is baking.
Words: 1142
Author: Vanessa @war-is-an-art
Characters/Relationships: Mycroft x Reader, Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson
Warnings: None. Just pure sweet fluff… bc after all we’ve been through we deserve a happy moment

Author’s Notes: I’m a huge Mycroft fan! He’s my favorite character on the show and I think he’s so underappreciated. Something about the suits, arrogance, and umbrella just makes him so lovable to me. Without further ado, please enjoy.


Sitting in the backseat of one of his infamous black cars, the British Government itself was tired. The smell of the brand new leather of a brand new car only served to worsen his headache today. His eyes trailed to the passing scenery of downtown London through the tinted windows, the people, the goldfish he worked so bloody hard to protect were meandering shamelessly on the streets, unaware of the constant dangers in the world. With a sigh he turned his attention away, he realized many minutes had passed and he was about home. The door opened within the minute and he stepped out, umbrella in one hand and suitcase in the other.

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I’m partly glad to see that I’m not the only one who was absolutely horrified and traumatized by that yoi doujin, but at the same time I’m also so sorry for everyone who had to go through the horrible experience of reading it. I’m glad that it got taken down from myreadingmanga within a matter of like one or two days, but I am just a little upset about the fact that apparently that doujin wasn’t even supposed to be translated and uploaded to the English fandom at all :/ It could have spared so many people, including me, from getting upset/horrified/traumatized over it. Let’s just hope that something like this doesn’t happen again in the future. Thankfully most yoi doujins are fluffy and cute and have happy endings, because this one was just beyond fucked up. I highly regret having read it, despite having seen the tags of it. 

Hiraeth - Part (2)

A/N: My draft just hit 9.5k words. I am a mess, this whole fanfic is a mess. I am also praying that I am not messing this whole thing up by forgetting to add logical background stories and stuff. Ahh, I should stop writing in general.

Summary: It’s a picture perfect wedding. It really is. A dashing bride, a gorgeous groom, and nothing goes wrong. But something is missing. Something important.

Follow the story of an arranged marriage; a story like every other.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1774

Warnings: none!

[Hiraeth Masterlist]

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The dads at a fall fair? Doing stuff like pumpkin picking, hay rides, and haunted houses?

“Hay ride!” You hear Amanda scream in your ear as a large bed of hay approaches, and quickly all of the other kids are just as enthused. The sun is setting after a long day at the fair, and what would be a better time to take a nice ride than now? The driver seems surprised at the amount of kids and adults alike squeezing themselves in, but you’re glad that everyone is here. You love being able to bond with all the dads in the cul-de-sac. 

The ride is anything but quiet, but it still manages to be calming, the cool breeze and the falling leaves making you feel in the spirit of autumn. Light conversation is travelling, but for the most part everyone is relaxed and no one looks angry at anyone, so that’s very good. The air has you day dreaming, probably looking like a weirdo, recounting the events of the day.

Damien 💐 and Hugo 🧀🍷 - “You aren’t going to let go of my hands, correct?” Damien is clutching onto both yours and Hugo’s hands very tightly as you walk towards the haunted house at the center of the fair. You heard that it was advertised as ‘the scariest haunted house in Maple Bay’ but you see it fit to keep your mouth shut in this situation. Damien is already losing all color in his face.

Hugo has an eyebrow raised and looks mildly concerned, stopping all forward motion and giving Damien’s hand a tight squeeze. “We’re both holding on, Damien, couldn’t let go if we wanted to.” Damien’s mouth opens as if to ask why they stopped walking, but the only thing that comes out is a small defeated noise when he hears someone scream. “You could cut off the circulation to our hands somewhere else, Dames, we don’t have to go in the haunted house.”

“Yeah, we don’t want to force you into anything, we can go-” Damien cuts you off with a ‘shush’ and continues pulling the three of you towards the offending haunted house with a burst of determination. You aren’t sure that it’s the best idea, but you aren’t about to crush his hopes and dreams. His steps get noticeably slower as you get closer, but he still gets himself to the entrance. 

(Getting through the place whole different ballpark. And a lot of screaming. Damien screamed especially loudly when a fake bat touched his shoulder, and you distinctly remember Hugo trying to stop giggling. You also remember Lucien sitting at the exit with Ernest by his side, both of them laughing and going on about how they could hear Damien screaming from outside)

Robert 🔪 and Joseph ⛵ -“Hey, y/n!” While you’re wondering around and trying to find something to do while Amanda runs off with her friends, Joseph calls you over to the pumpkin patch where he’s standing, holding a bunch of medium sized pumpkins in his hands. “Come help me pick out pumpkins for the kids!” He waves you over and accidentally drops a pumpkin in the process, watching the stem break off before he slowly backs away from it.

You laugh quietly as you jog up to him, watching him study the two pumpkins left in his hands. “Awe, you’re getting some for the kids to carve for Halloween?” You start looking over the large expanse of pumpkins, all different shapes and sizes. There are some especially huge ones over by the stand where you pay, and you try to imagine how many pounds of pumpkins guts you would have to scoop out of one of those suckers.

Joseph picks up another pumpkin that he’s taken the time to inspect and almost drops it again, this time making sure not to make the same mistake. “Carve? Heavens no, the twins are 8, them with knife would be a disaster, have you seen what they can so with scissors?” He chuckles and thanks you as you take one of the pumpkins from him. “I might have them paint the pumpkins, that would be fun, right?”

At that moment, Robert walks by with a large pumpkin under his arm, keeping his distance, but laughing loud enough to gain attention. “Painting pumpkins? This is why your kids don’t think you’re cool, Christiansen.” Joseph tenses up a little, but he turns around and gives Robert a smile. “But hell, I wouldn’t let those kids near sharp objects either.” Robert takes a sip of the drink in his hand, not alcohol for once, and nods.

(In the end, things go smoother than you expected. Joseph does accidentally say “Rob” once, and you can feel Robert nearly growl back until Joseph corrects himself, but but that’s the extent of hostility. You’re almost proud of yourself for starting a civilized conversation. You remember Robert inviting you to help him carve pumpkins and Joseph inviting you to help out with a few fall activities at the church. The pumpkins bring people together.)

Craig ⚾ -“Y/n, look at this cow!” Craig looks amazed as a cow licks his arm, his twins running around inside the petting zoo and rushing to feed the animals. He reaches in slightly to pet the cow and River laughs when it licks her face. Craig backs up slightly and intently waits for you to pet the cow. 

You laugh, but reach your hand in carefully, giggling even more when the cow licks and tickles your arm. Hazel holds her hand out and is extremely amused as a sheep eats from her palm. You remember petting zoos, what magical places. Especially as a kid. Being surrounded by sweet, kind animals felt so fun! “This a weird cow, I like it.”

Your daughter turns a corner to see you and Craig and is immediately running for the petting zoo, wallet in hand. “A petting zoo? Dad, you should have called me!” Amanda runs over and sees a tiny pony, her horse-phase instincts kicking in as she pays to feed the miniature pony a carrot. Briar giggles as she almost gets knocked on her butt by an alpaca. 

“The kids really love petting zoos, huh?” Craig nods and holds River’s hand out to pet a baby goat, grinning as he does so. He’s so in his element with his kids. He even lets them buy more food to give to all the animals.Amanda looks at ease with another carrot in her hand to feed the pony.

“This place is awesome, bro!” Craig his daughter enjoy themselves as he pets the cow some more. You’re sad to know once the girls are done you’ll have to leave this cow so that you don’t look weird.

(Hazel almost got away with sneaking a lamb out of the pen, but she was put to a stop. Craig tells you to meet him later after he take the girls to find ice cream)

Brain 🐟 and Mat 🎸♩ - “They have the best funnel cake here, and I am not willing to miss it.” Mat is holding as cup of coffee while he searches for funnel cake, a man on a mission as you and Brian follow behind. Brian just laughs, eating some fries that you and him picked up on the way to Mat’s destination.

While Mat speed walks in front of you, you don’t want to bother him with conversation, but Brian notices you urge to speak. “You know, fair food is great, but did you know some places literally deep fry butter?” You feel your stomach churn a little at the thought and take a sip of the water in your hand, hoping that you’ll never witness someone eat deep fried butter.

What would be the purpose? Wouldn’t that make everyone involved sick and waste a lot of butter? “Brian, please don’t tell me you have eaten deep fried butter.” Brian breaks out into a hearty laugh as you walk a little faster to catch up to Mat, who’s peering around a corner like he’s found something.

Mat shouts out ‘a-hah!’ before quickly shuttijg his mouth and staring at the ground, hoping that he hasn’t drawn any attention. “Oh, it was terrible, but someone told me I couldn’t do it, so of course I did!” You laugh and shake your head along with him when you see Mat tapping his toe in line, trying to avoid all eye contact and social interaction.

Brian walks up and whispers something to Mat before taking his place in line, and then Mat scurries back over to you, looking relieved. “He said he would order- sometimes he’s nice to have around- he’s never afraid to asl anyone for anything.” You nod, completely understanding how useful Brian’s boldness can be to someone with anxiety.

“Well fellas?” Brian walks over with a giant plate with an equally giant funnel cake, enough to feed a whole family. Maybe twice. He’s wearing a giant grin on his face. “Go big or go home, right?”

(You all got though about a third of the funnel cake before you couldn’t take anymore, you even begun pawning it off to any of the other dads you saw while walking. Your stomach sure was full for the day, and you remember Mat going back to ask for a recipe for the Coffee Spoon so he could make funnel cake for special occasions.)

The cool breeze hits you in just the right way as the hay ride stops, and you grin at the sound of everyone smiling and laughing. “So what do you guys think, one more time around on the hay ride?” Almost all of the other dads are grinning back, ready to tell some embarrassing kid stories on their way back around.

-Mod Arin

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Very well then, as one of my favorite youtuber says Let's fet started! Ok pink bubblegum cupcakes for Willy, Mississippi mud Pie for Ed, A vanilla fondant cake with Silver's insignia for him, Peanut butter cookies for Host, A large Lucky charms cake for the Googles to share among them selves, Chocolate covered strawberries for Dr.iplier, some snickerdoodles fom Bimmy and can't for get you Darkiplier! A lovley Devil's food cake made especially with lots for dark chocolate just for you! Enjoy!

Wilford inhales the cupcakes like a vacuum cleaner, and Ed grabs the biggest spoon in the kitchen to get started on the pie. Silver insists on taking pictures of the cake before eating. Host takes his cookies and enjoys them with a cup of tea and a good book. The Googles consume the box of Lucky Charms within minutes and then add the box to their growing fort made of empty boxes. Dr. Iplier swoons over the chocolate strawberries and insists he will eat them in moderation, but honestly, he’s lying. Bim just likes saying the word “snickerdoodle” over and over as he eats the tasty cookies, and Dark doesn’t answer when the cake is dropped onto his desk. But the plate mysteriously shows up, scraped clean, in the sink a few hours later…

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PInescone (again!) wiiiiith 27?

27: “Guess who~” - Pinescone

“Guess who~”

Wirt couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “Dipper, I know it’s you.”

“Aw,” Dipper pouted a little bit. “How did you know it was me? It could have been your brother.”

“Your hands are bigger than Greg’s and Greg isn’t tall enough to reach my eyes,” Wirt replied. “Plus, I spend so much time holding your hands that I know they’re yours.”

Dipper rolled his eyes and plonked himself down on Wirt’s bed, lying on his back with his arms and legs spread out.  “You always know that it’s me.”

“That’s because you’re the only one who does that, silly.” Wirt teased as he finished off the biology question he was answering and moved on to the next one. He’d just about finished that week’s homework from school but was very quickly running out of motivation to do it now that his boyfriend was here.

Dipper sat up on the bed with his legs splayed out in front of him. “Whatcha doing?”

“Homework,” Wirt replied. “It’s biology. I’m almost finished, actually.”

“Great. Once you’re done with those, we can go out to that cafe down the street for some lunch.” Dipper offered.

“That’s a real romantic idea,” Wirt remarked with only a hint of sarcasm. “What’s next? Are you going to propose to me?”

“I work at the paper shop, do you really think I can afford a ring?” Dipper laughed, flopping onto his back again. “Hurry up and finish your homework so we can go out.”

“It’s a little difficult with you distracting me.” Wirt shot back as he turned to look at the last few questions. He sighed and got up from his desk. “I can finish the last of it later. It’s not due for a few days anyway, so I don’t think it would hurt to leave it for now.”

“Oh?” Dipper’s eyes went wide in faux shock and surprise. “You? Leaving homework until later?!”

“Oh shush.” Wirt flicked his ear. “I’m only doing it this once because you’re distracting me.”

Dipper giggled a little, rubbing his ear. He hopped up from the bed and bowed in front of Wirt, offering him his hand. “Come with me, my darling.”

Wirt rolled his eyes and blushed slightly, taking Dipper’s hand rather graciously and letting the shorter boy lead him out of his bedroom. He grabbed his jacket and wallet on the way out the door. “Mum! Dipper and I are going to the cafe down the road!” He called into the kitchen as the pair headed for the front door.

“Alright, sweetheart, don’t be too long. Have fun!” Wirt’s mother called back. She soon appeared in the doorway, smiling at the two boys. “I’ll make us some chicken pie for dinner, that sound good? Dipper, would you like to join us?”

“I-if it’s not any trouble,” Dipper said, grinning sheepishly. “I wouldn’t want to bother you.”

“It’s no trouble at all! I’ll make up some extra filling then. You boys have fun!”

“Thanks, Mum!” Wirt grinned, letting Dipper lead him out of the front door and down the steps towards the pathway outside. Dipper held Wirt’s hand firmly in his own as they walked down the street.

“So how’s your homework coming along, Dipper?” Wirt asked, raising an eyebrow. “I bet you haven’t even started it yet and are waiting until the night before it’s due to get it all done.”

“Pssh,” Dipper scoffed, chuckling awkwardly. His cheeks flushed pink. “It’s all on my desk waiting to be done.”

“You’ve only got two and a half days to finish it all,” Wirt pointed out. “I saw how much you had in your backpack at school the other day and I doubt you’ll be able to get it all done in time.”

“I’ll be fine.” Dipper waved his concerns off with a casual hand gesture. “I’ve done it before and I can do it again.”

“You were in a mad rush to get an entire maths paper done in the half-hour we had at the break before the lesson,” Wirt pointed out. “You scrawled all over it like a madman. It looked almost like some of the pages from your uncle’s journal.”

“You calling my uncle a madman?”

“No, I’m just saying that the way you filled out that maths paper resembled half of his crazy scribbles throughout that book,” Wirt shrugged.

Dipper blushed a little bit. “That’s because I had put it in my bag and forgotten about it. I’d lost it amongst the other papers and didn’t see it until that break.”

“You made so many mistakes and skipped half the questions and failed the paper,” Wirt said, rolling his eyes. “You had to sit and redo the whole thing, all because you didn’t do it at home like everyone else did.”

“Oh shush.” Dipper blushed a little more. “Don’t act like you’ve never done the same thing.”

Wirt rolled his eyes, though the red tint to his cheeks indicated that Dipper was right. “That was one time, and it only happened because I was sick for a week.”

“You were stuck at home. That meant you had more time to do it,” Dipper pointed out.

“I was sick!” Wirt protested. “I was asleep all the time!”

“Not all the time.” Dipper elbowed him in the ribs gently. “I came to see you one day and you were playing video games!”

“Because I felt better.” Wirt stuck his tongue out at him with a frown.

Dipper giggled, leaning up to kiss him on the lips. “You still could’a done your homework, Wirt.”

Wirt rolled his eyes, slipping an arm around Dipper’s waist as they approached the cafe. The couple ordered a sandwich, a drink and a slice of cake each before taking a seat at one of the small metal tables outside. Their bickering had somewhat ceased and the two boys ended up discussing what they were going to do once they had finished high school. Several ideas were thrown around, involving Wirt going off to study English Literature and Language somewhere in Chicago while Dipper was talking about going somewhere involving scientific research similar to what his uncle studied, or maybe studying media and film production somewhere in Washington. Neither of them particularly wanted to move away from each other so they both agreed to look for good universities that supplied the courses they were looking for where they could both go.

The boys had soon finished their lunch and Dipper paid the bill (having had a recent pay rise from his paperboy job due to an influx of customers) and soon they were heading back to Wirt’s place. Hand in hand, the couple walked down the street, smiling and laughing amongst themselves.


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Thorin trying his hand at baking some cake- as an apology to Bilbo for something he did :p

The kitchens in Erebor were almost always busy. 

Thorin had been more than happy when he could provide Bilbo with a private kitchen within their rooms.

And as he stood in said kitchen, staring down the ingredients on the counter, he was thankful for the privacy it provided. He wasn’t as thankful that he did not have a plethora of chefs for help but… 

The dwarf sighed into his hands. 

Despite being married, the two had not bridged the difference between their cultures. Two days ago, Thorin had misstepped. 

Or at least, Bilbo thought he did. 

They’d recently established birthday celebrations being different between hobbits and dwarrow, but Thorin had insisted on celebrating Bilbo’s birthday as a dwarf would. 

Bilbo had agreed reluctantly, though he had expressed interest in their differences of celebration. 

He had ran out of their dinner, though, when the dinner had been served by Bombur. It had taken hours for Thorin to discover what exactly had upset Bilbo. 

Thus, Thorin resolutely took to trying to right his mistake. It seemed that in hobbit culture, intimate meals like their dinners were to be made by their hands alone. 

Thorin hoped the cake would mend the problem. 

A few hours later, when Bilbo was due back, Thorin found himself staring down a cake that did not look like it was to be eaten. He thought of throwing it out but as his eyes moved from the cake to the disposal, the door into their rooms opened. 

He listened nervously as Bilbo moved through their rooms. In a few minutes, he arrived in the kitchen. 

“Thorin? What…?” Bilbo eyed the cake then looked back at Thorin. “What is that?”

Thorin felt his face heat. “It is.. an apology. For your name day.”

“Oh!” Bilbo smiled, walking over and inspecting the cake before taking Thorin’s hand in his. “Thank you, dear.”

“I know it is terrible,” Thorin mumbled. 

Bilbo chuckled. “That’s hardly the point. But I think when we have dinner alone, I shall be the one to make our meals.”

“I believe that is fair,” Thorin said, kissing Bilbo lightly. 

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*holds up cake with silver birthday candles* Can I wish Silver Shepherd a happy late birthday?

Silver wiggles his fingers at the cake before taking it gently. He almost drops if before setting it safely on a nearby table, and then he gives you an awkward hug, blubbering, “Thank you so much!”

Frilly Cakes (Solavellan Fanfic)

Britannia had left for Val Royeaux along with Dorian and Vivienne to help her pick a dress for the ball coming up in Halamshiral. She always took Solas with her when she departed from Skyhold, but the other mages insisted he stay because of his lack of fashion. Dress shopping with two of the biggest Fashionistas in Thedas was quite exhausting.

Luckily, the two let her take a break as they continued to scour the Summer Bazaar for the perfect dress for her. She sighed as she stepped out of the shop, rubbing the back of her neck trying to relieve the tension. Her azure eyes fell upon the shop across the street and a smile spread across her features. It was a Frilly Cake shop.

She knew Solas adored Frilly Cakes. The young elf made her way to the dainty shop and purchased the biggest variety box they had. She felt bad for leaving Solas behind, so she decided to surprise him with his favorite treats as soon as she returned to Skyhold.


The sun was setting by the time the three mages arrived back in Skyhold. They managed to find one dress despite being in Val Royeaux nearly all day. Britannia departed from the two and headed towards the Rotunda with the box of sweets in hand. She had a bright smile upon her face as she entered the Rotunda quietly, holding the box behind her back.

Solas was seated at his desk studying a tome intensely. He was unaware of her presence when she approached his desk silently. She watched him for a moment. He was always working so hard and rarely took time for himself. Britannia decided that he needed a well-deserved break. She cleared her throat softly to get his attention.

Solas glanced up from his tome and a small smile graced his features when he saw her. “Vhenan…I see you have returned from Val Royeaux. How did your search go?” He inquired, turning to face her. Britannia simply sighed heavily, “Dorian and Vivienne spent all day searching and managed to find only one dress. So it was exhausting to say the least.”

Solas had noticed that she kept her hands behind her back like she was hiding something. “I’m sure you will look lovely in anything they’ve chosen.” He replied smoothly which brought a soft flush to her cheeks. “Sweet talker.” Her voice softened as she continued. “But the trip wasn’t all bad.” She moved her hands from behind her back, holding a box of Frilly Cakes in front of her.

“I found a lovely shop that sold all kinds of Frilly Cakes that I know you love so much.” She gently placed the box down on his desk. Solas’ face was equivalent to a child getting their favorite toy as he opened up the box and saw all the different types and flavors. “Ma serannas, Vhenan. You didn’t have to do this for me.” He looked at her lovingly. The look that made her heart race.

“I saw the shop and thought of you. I wanted to get you something nice.” Her cheeks were flushed a lovely shade of red as she tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. He reached out for her hand. “I’m touched, Vhenan. Ma serannas.” He moved her hand to his lips, placing a light kiss upon her skin. He grabbed the box with his other hand as he kept a gentle grip on her own, standing from his chair.

“Join me, ma lath. We can share.” He spoke as he lead her over to the couch, taking a seat and she soon followed. He let go of her hand to place the box in between them. Solas plucked one gently from the box. Strawberry topped with vanilla frosting was one of his favorites. Britannia always thought his sweet tooth was an endearing quality about him.

She picked one topped with chocolate and took a delicate bite. The flavor was so delightful. She made a small sound of approval. It was practically heaven made into a small cake. Solas chuckled softly before taking a bite of his own. He savored every bite. He noticed that some of the frosting coated his fingertips.

Britannia glanced over at him, opening her mouth to speak when she saw him slowly licking the frosting from one of his fingers. She instantly snapped her mouth shut, swallowing hard. Britannia felt her cheeks burning at the sight. She knew her thoughts were drifting somewhere inappropriate. She mentally chastised herself for thinking such things.

Solas looked over at her with a smile noticing her flushed cheeks. “Vhenan…You have some frosting on your face.” He chuckled softly as Britannia gasped softly. “Where?” This caused him to chuckle once again before leaning forward, cupping her cheek gently. “Here.” He captured her lips in a tender kiss which she eagerly returned. Perhaps she needed to buy him Frilly Cakes more often.

Weasley weddings // George x Reader

Hey! Don’t worry, tomorrow I will do requests again and I’m so sorry for the wait, but I had this idea I really liked and yeah, I just happened to write a bit haha x You’re with George at Bill and Fleur’s wedding and everything goes well until the message of Voldemort taking over the Ministry reaches you and you have to escape. I suppose there’s going to be a second part to this one soon! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! x

“Why are they taking so long?” – “Sh, Georgie, be quiet, they will be here in a second” George groaned as you told him to shush, but his discontent vanished as you put a finger onto his lips, looking into his eyes. Then, you grabbed his hand that rested softly on your thigh and intertwined your fingers with his. Fred, who was sitting next to him, whispered something into his ear which made both of them grin, but (luckily), their doings were interrupted by Fleur’s father, who lead Bill through the little aisle up until the front. He was looking relaxed and rather proud, even as Fred and George let out little cheers. “George, I’m telling you, don’t do this stuff with Fleur” you urged him before squeezing his hand. “She will kill you for sure” George grinned at the imagination of that for a second, but then he nodded in insight. “Wouldn’t want to risk that, to be honest. But where is she?” His voice rose as he spoke and you felt the need to put your finger on his lips again. He even seemed to like that since he was rather ogling you know. “Pull yourself together, Weasley” you mumbled and it surprised you that he actually straightened up when soft music started playing and Fleur was walking in behind her little sister and Ginny, looking beautiful as ever.

Both Fred and George grinned at their brother as he gave his wife-to-be a loving look. After all, they were nothing but caring for their family. You could feel George tightening his grip around your hand during the ceremony as you both watched the couple. It was beautiful and touching to you, whereas Fred and George silently groaned when they heard their mom sobbing after a minute in. Everything seemed to be in harmony nevertheless – and when the ceremony was over, you proudly watched Fred and George displaying their astonishing skills when it came to entertaining charms. The guests gasped and smiled at the fireworks and golden traces of light they set off so effortlessly into the air and around the aisle, making Fleur and Bill shine even more. You were the first one to clap when they had finished and found yourself next to George a moment later, whereupon he placed a nippy kiss on your cheek. “That was beautiful, you two” you grinned. George put his arm around you and slightly pulled you to him so you would face Fred as well. “Thank you very much, (Y/N)” Fred replied in a playfully pretentious voice before precisely examining the cake some waiters brought into the tent now. “If you don’t mind, I would really like to get some piece of that cake before Aunt Muriel is taking over the buffet” he grinned before all three of you chuckled. “Best make a move, brother, mum’s coming” George said, pointing at Mrs Weasley, who was still reddish around the eyes and seemingly greeted everyone enthusiastically. Fred gave both of you a terrified look and made his way to the buffet. You knew that the twins loved their mom, but they really did like to pull jokes about her sometimes overprotective, caring personality. “Georgie, (Y/N)” she smiled, her nose reddish from the handkerchief that had scraped it so often this evening. Mrs Weasley pulled both of you into a warm hug. She now devoted herself to you. “I’m so happy you’re here, darling. Oh, what a pretty one you chose to be with, George” – You smiled thankfully; there was something so innocent about her being happy about her family. “Thank you very much, Molly! I’m glad I was invited!” you replied, putting your hand on her shoulder to calm her down a bit. George was blushing slightly by now, but he had always been happy about his mom generally liking you a lot. “No worries, dear, no worries. You know, I’ve been thinking about you two getting married as well, oh, how wonderful it would be, Fred as the best man and we could build up a tent as well and-“ – “Mom!” George interrupted her. “Isn’t that Fleur’s grandmother over there? Better say hi to her!” The feigned, worried look on his face made you chuckle silently. “Oh, Merlin’s beard, I’m so sorry, children, but I’d better say hello to her before she feels offended” Molly said hastily and she quickly made her way through the crowd before giving them an apologizing glimpse. “Don’t say anything, George; your mom is treasure” you grinned as he opened his mouth. Your eyes met - he kept silent. “You’re right, you’re right, but she’s just a bit… too much, sometimes” he admitted quietly, blushing a bit. What she had said about marrying George had flattered you, for you could seriously imagine being with him for a long time. “I understand, darling, don’t worry. But her intentions are good and she really loves you two” you replied after a moment of silence. George smiled. “Yes, she does, but she loves you as well. Fred told me she quite likes gushing over our relationship. And then she comes up with things like that she would’ve never thought I’d find someone like you at this age and stuff… Rubbish, I even would have found you much sooner if I hadn’t been so busy all of the time” he protested, smirking. It made you feel warm inside to know that he put so much priority into the relationship you had. The lights were slowly dimming down and a band started to play. “You think so? I feel honored” you told George, chuckling as he took your hands into his. “100%” he grinned before leaning down to give you a soft kiss.

George had been separated from you since he had induced an improvised, what he called “salvage operation” to keep you away from some of his relatives. He and Fred had been piled up together and were now forced to hear endless stories about, mostly, utter nonsense. You had talked to Luna for a good amount of time before ending up at Hermione’s and Ginny’s table, where you felt quite good having a conversation with them. But soon, you had trouble spotting George through the crowd since he was practically surrounded by relatives that wanted to talk to him. It took some time until he finally managed to end a conversation and make his way toward the other side of the room again, where you and Ginny were now dancing together a bit. Ginny gave her brother a sharp look, demanding him to come here. He knew what she wanted him to do, after all. “I think George wants to dance with you” she smirked promptly. George’s ear turned red, and if there hadn’t been a bandage around his other one, you were sure it would have taken up a dark shade of red as well.

You grabbed his arms, smiling, and lightly pushed them back and forth to the rhythm. “How’re your relatives?” you asked, ogling him. “Mental. I wasn’t even joking with them most of the time. I told them that I was George and not Fred about a hundred times but they just looked at me for a second and then they kept blabbering. I prefer staying with you, to be honest” he responded. The look on his face made you chuckle at him brightly. “Is this one of the twins I see there? Haven’t seen you in ages, my boy, you know, last time I saw you, you were just half as tall-“ a middle-aged, high-spirited witch said and tactlessly bumped into several guests to make her way to George, who was now rolling his eyes. “Any chance you want to go outside?” he asked before you gave him a desperate nod.

George had pulled you out of the tent, his hand holding yours tightly and sighed as you found a silent place to rest. It was a comfortably warm summer’s night and the sky was clear, revealing hundreds of stars in the sky. “I’ve actually planned to do this much later, but it seems like improvising is my specialty today” he mumbled. “You’ve planned to do this?” you asked, not knowing what exactly he meant. His glimpse caught yours. “You know, going out for a while, have a good chat… snog for a bit… then go back in, stuff like that. It’s a wedding after all, isn’t it?” he said, raising his eyebrows. “And snogging outside the tent is the purpose of it?” you grinned cheekily before fumbling on his tie. “Very much, yes” George smirked back. A wave of warmth overcame you when your lips met a moment later and he was kissing you with quite a lot of heat. Your hand ran over his cheek, touching his bandage slightly, before sliding over his chest again and again. “You look beautiful, by the way, (Y/N)” he mumbled as he held you tightly in his grip. “Thank you, George. This tux doesn’t look bad on you either” – He grinned and pulled you close again, but as he was about to kiss you, you could hear people gasping inside. The shadows on the tent showed people slowly gathering up in the middle as if they were looking at something. “George-“ you said, but he had already taken your hand and was rushing into the tent with you by his side. There was a bright light in the middle of the room, a Patronus, as it seemed, and people were drawing nearer to it, wondering what it was. “The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming.”  a pervading voice said. And as the sentence was finished, you could hear the first gasps and screams, people started rushing and hurrying around, cracks caused by disapparating witches and wizards were audible now. George and you stood right in front of the entrance and you were parted as soon as people started running around. Black figures were appearing out of nowhere, casting spells and trying to vandalize. You drew out your wand and pointed it at a figure you knew was a Death Eater and stunned him with a jolt. Hermione was rushing to the centre and the a moment later, she had vanished with Ron and Harry next to her. It doomed to you why they were here. “Fred, George!” you heard someone shout. “Take Ginny and get her out of here, go somewhere safe!” Where were they? You had lingered on too long; a stun was hitting you into your chest, causing you to fall down. Legs were all you could see now. Desperately, you tried to get up, but the hurry made it almost impossible to rise up from the floor. “George!” you shouted out. He would be with Ginny and Fred, probably, you didn’t want him to leave just like that. Everything went so fast; you could feel another stun hitting you. “George?” you shouted out once again. Someone seized your arm and pulled you up; it was Ginny who had found you. A second later, someone put his arms around you and rushed you out of the tent as quickly as possible.

Fred, George, Ginny and you had ran as far as you could together; you had to create a distance somehow. When you were over the hill, behind the Burrow and the tent, you stopped and panted. “What about your family?” you asked breathlessly. “They will take care of them. We’ve discussed this already at home. They were prepared, somehow” Fred mumbled, but he looked quite anxious for a second. “Why didn’t you just disapparate? That would have been much safer. They could be following us at this very moment” George said to you. “What? I want to stick with you, that’s why” you replied in a determined voice. He sighed at your words. There was silence hanging between all of you now. But just as Fred opened his mouth, there was a jet of light missing him only by an inch. Death Eaters had followed them, as it seemed. He ducked and Ginny drew out her wand immediately, but you held out your hand. “We’re going to my place, you’re safe there” you whispered. Fred grabbed your hand, convinced that it was a good idea, so did George and Ginny was luckily quick enough as well. It was a matter of seconds, and moments before the Death Eaters had spotted you, you disapparated quickly to the house you called your own.

Ahahah, small city living is lovely. Someone saw me buy sprinkles and cream cheese yesterday and that piece of information passed down the grapevine. Neighbor “happened” to ask if I’m trying some new recipe, if I’d write it down for her, and if I’d like to come over for tea. :D