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((Disclaimer for my followers: I know I said I’d keep vore separate from this blog, but cakepony is one of my favorite vore blogs, so I gotta throw some in there!))

Battle intro: I’ve heard you even devoured the entirety of the wonderbolts. Prepare to be knocked down a rung on the food chain~

Victory: Urp! Ah~ You do taste like cake! Who’da thunk?

Defeat: *Muffled* Hey! Not so bad in here!

Assist: Help is on the way!

Taunt: I bet you’re delicious~

Reacting to Taunt: Yeah? Well you’re just a cupcake!

Tie: *Muffled* Well one of us has to let go.

Perfect Victory: Oh, uh. I didn’t mean to actually hurt you…

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You've got no picture? How are we supposed to know what you look like?

How I look? Well I’m an earth pony with a tan coat, long black mane and blue eyes. You could probably guess but my cutie mark is a cake. As for why I don’t have a picture? I… I’m actually really shy when I’m around people who are more confident than me. I’m using this job to get over it.

Thanks yee Cakepony, for fun times with linty and rocky uvu

Thanks yee Brony Deadpool, for somehow always having a deadpool response picture for every occasion, and it’s always delightful chatting with you uvu

Thanks yee Frau, for being a good friend uvu also for being so very squishy~

Thanks yee Gunny, you always have something interesting to say, and your artistic progression is very inspiring uvu

Thanks yee Chuck, Daphne and co., for both being absolutely adorable <3