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Belching? Not to doubt you but wouldn't that just mean getting rid of air? And letting you suffocate?

Well thats what it sounded like and how that Pinkie described it. At least I think it was the same Pinkie Pie. The force of the ‘Belch’ threw me so far all i knew was that she was a pink pony. Afterwards I asked around and she seemed to be the same one. Of course asking around is just good sense. It’s not like I want it to happen again… or something. That would just be strange. He he he.

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((Disclaimer for my followers: I know I said I’d keep vore separate from this blog, but cakepony is one of my favorite vore blogs, so I gotta throw some in there!))

Battle intro: I’ve heard you even devoured the entirety of the wonderbolts. Prepare to be knocked down a rung on the food chain~

Victory: Urp! Ah~ You do taste like cake! Who’da thunk?

Defeat: *Muffled* Hey! Not so bad in here!

Assist: Help is on the way!

Taunt: I bet you’re delicious~

Reacting to Taunt: Yeah? Well you’re just a cupcake!

Tie: *Muffled* Well one of us has to let go.

Perfect Victory: Oh, uh. I didn’t mean to actually hurt you…

((Cakepony cont'd.))

I’ve thought about trying the Everfree but I worry that I’d probably be killed by something before I get eaten. Thanks for-for not-not whoever your friends are their lucky to have you. There’s something else. I mentioned it before but there was this pirate pony that wanted to eat me. I think they were from an alternative universe and I haven’t been able to find them, so I’ve been looking for her counterpart to see if she shares the intrest. You don’t know of a rainbow maned pegasus do you?

“I do, her name is Rainbow Dash…” Applejack said, wondering how Rainbow would react to meeting with a pony such as himself.  "I dunno if'n you’ll have any luck, but she lives near Cloudsdale in a place all of her own.“ she smiled, helping Cakepony onto his hooves.  She smiled, still a bit weired out by the pony’s nature, but knew she had encountered far worse from times before.  "If that don’t work out, I reckon Pinkie Pie might be yer best bet, if y'all are in a cake ever again.” she said, then quickly shoved a hoof up to her mouth, unsure if she had reopened old wounds for him with that comment.

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Rapidfire: Hi Cakepony! Nice to see you again. Be nice to see the inside of you again as well

Lockheed: Yeah! Last time I saw you I got my entire head into..

Doc: Chrissakes! We share the same mod. Stop promotin yerself ya feckin attention wh..

(OOC: Calm down! Yes I run both blogs but this post does focus on you lot alright?!)

Doc: We don’t need no pity post.

uhh… where to start? so someone sent this cake, turns out there was a pony and a guy in a box thing, it was messy, in any other occasion I probably would have had to teach them a lesson or two… but their hearts were in the right place…I guess. (plus I love peppermint cake) the nurse didn’t let them stay long though.

Then this nice person came by, honestly after everything else beforehand, it was a relief that she just came by to wish me well…

and to top it all off a little chimera came by with flowers, followed by a unicorn shouting something about unlocking chaos and doom or something like that.

(( Thanks yee everyone~ also eris and gusty’s comments were just too perfect together~ ))