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Book of Mormon cake. The cake is a vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam and covered in fondant decorations. The book is made from shortbread and then covered in buttercream and fondant. The top of the cake is representative of the shirts worn in the musical and each side of the cake is themed around a different song. The door bell and speech bubbles are “Hello,” the light bulb and switch are “Turn it Off,” the frog and quote of “Jesus has Boba Fett turn them into” is “Making Things Up Again,” and the African background with the lion and bird silhouettes represent "Hasa Diga Eebowai.“

Here's A Candle (For Your Birthday Cake)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Here's A Candle (For Your Birthday Cake)

I got my candle for my birthday cake
I got my dream for the wish I made
I got my map for the road I’m on
Don’t need a map ‘cos I won’t be long
I got my mirror and my look of love
And I know you smile 'cos it’s me you’re dreaming of 

Love Letter.

An Isaac Lahey imagine.

A/N: This is a bit long and the ending could have been better, but overall, I think it’s cute, and I hope you enjoy it! :)

You had just finished putting up the Happy Birthday, Isaac! banner up in the living room of the McCall house when you heard Scott’s fast paced footsteps coming up behind you. “They’ll be here in twenty,” he told you as you stepped down from the ladder. You turned to face him as he continued talking. “I set out the snacks and refreshments, but still have to go get the cake real quick from the bakery up the street. I have the balloons and my gift wrapped in my room, you wanna get those out and finish setting up while I’m gone?” 

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Fic prompt: Z and V go to Nicole's wedding together, media have a field day?

A/N: I’m SO SORRY it took me forever and a half to answer this prompt. I’ve actually had most of it done for a while, but getting that last little bit managed to stump me. I got it though, and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. xo

It only makes sense that they’d go to Nicole’s wedding together.

Like, he was the whole reason she and Nicole had even met in the first place, so of course she’s going with him. Even if Nicole had sent her an invitation of her own allowing for a plus one if desired, it just makes sense, you know?

And really, what was she going to do? Invite some random guy that doesn’t even know the Volynets’? Bring one of her friends? They all knew Nicole, of course, but it just seemed sort of pointless to bring along someone when her night would be spent with him anyway.

He has to attend. He’s in the wedding party after all, and Nicole is as much his sister as Tony is his brother, which is really no different than his tie to Maks so of course he’s going. And even though they don’t have quite the history that she and Val have, Nicole is still her sister too and short of a worldwide crisis, nothing is keeping her from this wedding.

It’s trick, of course, because her schedule is pretty much booked solid and with the tour going on he’s lucky to break away for a day or so to attend the festivities. But it was a part of his agreement when signing on- no matter what, he couldn’t miss this wedding. The tour was amazing and being able to thank the fans for such an amazing season in person was something he couldn’t have been happier about, but family was always first. Always.

They arrive on the island of Curacao only hours apart, taking the awaiting car to their hotel where nearly an entire floor has been rented out for the Gamer-Volynets event alone. The evening is spent in Maks and Val’s shared room with the fam, swapping stories and sharing laughs until finally the jetlag wins out and they’re all forced to bed just after midnight.

The following day is filled with activity, so much that they barely have time to talk between the rehearsals and the tours of the island and time spent at the pool trying to avoid Henry’s constant splashing. Zendaya catches up with Peta and Sharna and listens with glee to Tony’s wife telling hilarious stories of their children, even managing to grab the bride herself for a few moments and let her know just how happy she is to be there.

They don’t get to arrive together since Val is a part of the wedding party, and Zendaya spends her morning with the bridesmaids anyway after Jhana told, not asked, the previous evening that she was expected to arrive alongside Sharna and Peta.

The point is, they don’t even get to really see each other until he walks out into the beautifully lit venue and finds her in the second row. Their eyes lock and almost involuntarily he finds himself grinning. The strapless red gown is stunning on her, he can tell even from the space between them, and she would be lying if she didn’t say the yarmulke on his head made him even more adorable.

Nicole is a vision is white and not a dry eye can be found as she weds under the setting sky. The reception is quick to follow in the nearby banquet hall, and after a delicious meal and the traditional cutting of the cake, the music flares up and the party really begins.

This is when he’s finally able to fulfill his role of gentleman, his work as a member of the bridal party now complete and attention free to turn to her. And, she being a lady and all, politely accepts his offered hand and accompanies him onto the dance floor.

That’s probably not what gets them in trouble though. The dancing is to be expected- it’s practically required, really. And they deliver, as always: some cha cha, a little salsa, a few tango moves, hip hop with the crew, and the classics like the Macarena and electric slide. Partners come and go, from friends to family and even a few unfamiliar faces, but always back to each other. The dancing is more than covered.

What gets them in trouble, probably, are the stolen kisses. Mostly on cheeks, several on clasped hands, a few pecks on the shoulder or neck or head, twice on her nose. It’s probably the whispers exchanged during moments up close, or the way he slips his arms around her waste from behind when they take a break to rehydrate. It might be the way he playfully bites at her shoulder as the song switches or the way his hands literally appear to be magnetically attached to some part of her body the instant his role as groomsman has ended, or the light in two sets of eyes so bright you’d think they were the ones celebrating their nuptials.

Or maybe it’s the fact that near the end of the night, he plants one on her right smack dab in the center of the dance floor after hearing the first few bars of Treasure. That might also have something to do with it.

The headlines will pop up in a matter of hours, filling news sites and gossip rags and about a million of those crazy fangirls’ Tumblr pages. Her dad will likely have an aneurysm of some sort, and the amount of clean-up their teams will have to do is astronomical.

The thing is though, in this moment, right here, right now, with the music playing and the twinkling lights and the cheers filling their ears from friends and family looking on, and the all the possibilities ahead… they just can’t bring themselves to care.