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Hi everyone! I’m really sickened to hear that some members of our fan base are being triggered by anti-Reylo assholes.

I made this LJ community with moderated membership and posting privileges for members only so that Reylo fans can have a safe place on the internet.

Please join! Getting a LJ is free if you don’t have one!

Title: Andante Again

Author: supergelie

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete 

Rating: G

Genre: AU, School!AU, Romance, Drama

Summary: Chanyeol sees endings in just sixty seconds. But with Baekhyun, it takes longer than that.

Notes: this fic is beautiful it’s so amazing ;AA; prof yeol and student baek chase their love inside stereotypical walls but like love wins but ending and like whaat? oh ookaayy shit. a fic that makes you go thru a rollercoaster ride. loved the tempo references just ugh beautiful please do read - Admin Rose


anonymous asked:

Do you have many potterlock fics?

There’s a couple of asks looking for potterlock, so here we go! 

Five Fingers (T - 9098)

Each finger on our hand means something different. This is what they meant to two young wizards.

Shrivelfigs (T - 4547)

John and Sherlock were not a couple, ta very much. They were friends–close friends, best friends. But that was it. Just friends. If you asked John, he’d assure you that was the case. But if you got him on the right side of a couple firewhiskies, well, he might be inclined to tell you he thought it was a damn shame they were only best friends.

Orchideous (T - 4060)

Before learning how to control his powers, Sherlock turns his back on the magical world. Although he never progresses past the earliest stage of magical development, he manages to suppress his outbursts for quite some time.And then John Watson walks into his life.

Five Times John Saw Sherlock’s Wand (T - 2778)

Three times Sherlock hid his wand from John, and two times he didn’t.

The Case of the Unwelcome Owl (PG - 7458)

(No Summary)

And a couple popular ones always worth mentioning: 

The Magic of Deduction (T - 65 635)

John Watson spends seven years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he meets the boy who will become the greatest man he’ll ever know.

A Study in Magic (T - 516 000)

When Professor McGonagall went to visit Harry Watson, son of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, to deliver his Hogwarts letter, she was in the mindset of performing a familiar if stressful annual routine. Consequently she was unprepared for the shock of finding the cause behind Harry Potter’s disappearance.

Theres a small mix of sites there, too, for the anon looking! 

- Kat

Connecting More Dots

I am experimenting with the machinery of the vast and mighty internet once again. I’m not sure it will actually come to anything, but it will be interesting. Ok - it will be interesting to me - maybe not to you.

Seeing as each common blogging platform has a different community within it, I am going to see what happens if I cross post the same content to each of them. The words that originate at Squarespace will flow out across Wordpress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and Tumblr. I you’re a user at any of them, feel free to add, friend, follow, or subscribe in each place.

Yes, I am mad - but it makes one thing certain - this blog ( is the centre of the maelstrom. This blog is where the words come from, and where they will always be. Sure, Tumblr might get photos from instagram, and LiveJournal might get the odd “extra” post when I’m annoyed with the universe, but I think overall this is a half-decent idea.

All I am really doing is a manual version of what Posterous once did - you could write in one place and it would mechanically post to everywhere else for you. Copying the post out to the four corners of the blogosphere takes no longer than a minute or two though, so I can’t see the harm in doing it.

Online publishing zealots would probably argue that I’m “diluting my brand”, but let’s be real - this is an online journal that’s usually mundane beyond belief. That anybody reads it is at all is surprising enough.

So there you go. Time to go make a coffee. Coffee is always a good idea.

[FIC] Bright Darkness | 01 | Jongkey

Title: Bright Darkness | Chapter one
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jonghyun/Key
Summary: Kibum’s current relationship is lacking spice, among other things. To safe his relationship, he calls his boyfriend for an intimate phone conversation, but the one at the other side isn’t his boyfriend… It’s a boy called Jonghyun.

Read on: Livejournal | AFF 

A/N: So I finally uploaded another fic (even though the other ones are still on going) but this one is actually already finished, and will be 9 chapters filled with smut and romance of my OTP ~ 

So idk if anyone has any music-related hopes for phase 4 but I would be reaaally excited if there were more complicated and/or OTT bass lines this era….like maybe some more funk inspired riffs or Murdoc channeling his inner Les Claypool or something. Idk! But everything we’ve been hearing about this phase suggests that it’s going to dialed up to unprecedented levels: we’re supposed to be getting more humor, everyone is singing (allegedly), the music will be faster, a little Broadway inspired (maybe) etc. Looking at the art, Noodle seems to be hitting a new stride and trying out new styles, 2D, well, something is happening to 2D and he seems to be hyped up in a way we’ve never seen and idk about Russel but he seems happy. Everything about this phase reads as new, loud and dynamic.

So where does that leave Murdoc? I wasn’t a part of fandom for the previous album releases but it also seemed like, at his baseline, Murdoc was always able to (as annoying as I know that it got for some people) direct all the attention to himself in performances and interviews. But now, with the theme of everyone “finding their unique voice” and seemingly undergoing new character developments how does Murdoc expect to out-extra them now?? Yes, the recent pictures also suggest that he, too, has shown no signs of slowing down but with everything else being so high-octane, typical Murdoc may not make as much of an impact. So what other ways can he have influence? Besides finally hearing (and we better because it was promised!! lmao) his singing voice, I’m hoping that that we also hear new things from him musically.

Lots of bass players have made names for themselves through their technique and for this phase, I want to hear more of what Murdoc can do because we already know he has the experience. Maybe, instead of hogging interviews, he can let his playing do some of the talking (but not all of the talking because I still want to hear from his interviews too haha!)