Teen loses arm to alligator: "God was with me," blames attack on alligator conservation
He and his buddies were drinking beer earlier, but he wasn't drunk when he decided to swim in a canal full of alligators at two in the morning. No, this is the fault of activists who saved the species from extinction, not his own poor judgment, or the overdevelopment of Florida's wetlands. He credits someone else for the fact that he survived--if I were his friends, I'd be mad: "It was us that pulled you out of that canal, dummy. God sent the alligator for your arm."
[LJ] Just Love Me Right

Title: Just Love Me Right
Author: sugarpopsicle in playboys0408
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chen, side!Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP, Smut, Office!AU
Warnings: Dirty Talk, Praise!Kink, mention of Crossdressing, dubcon
Summary: Not everything that comes out of Baekhyun’s mouth is crap, and Jongdae is too easily swayed by words.

Reasons Why You Submitted: BAEKCHEN (a new one). Also Chinguline and chooty, and this is both hot and hilarious at the same time. 

panic! at the disco songs + ryan’s livejournal parallels

so some of these are a little bit of a stretch, and others are ridiculously similar… i just went through and tried to find all that i could. enjoy!

livejournal // lyrics

the salt burned you right out of my eyes // i feel the salty waves come in

i just wanna have a good time // don’t threaten me with a good time

i don’t want to fall apart // the fear of falling apart

i’ve never been so alone // i’ve never been more scared to be alone

your taste in my mouth // and i’ll admire your expensive taste

“finding faith in bathroom stalls” // holding your hair back in a bathroom stall

she’s dreaming of him i’m dreamingofher // isn’t she a dream come true

second guesses haven’t gone unnoticed // there’s always time for second guesses

(bitter)sweetsixteensummers // (panic! song “bittersweet")

shootuptill5am // i only shoot up with your perfume

what all the other boys promised // (panic! song “all the boys”)

it’s the end of the things you know // (panic! song “end of all things”)

i’m thinking we move the band to l.a. // just another l.a. devotee

if we were to meet under the mistletoe, would you kiss me // would you kiss me or just leave me

i still hope you’d haunt the passenger seat // exchanging body heat in the passenger seat

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OF COURSE. I have shipped AS/S since before the final book was released. I ship it even harder now omg!! I will definitely be drawing these two precious beans in the near future. 

The King and The Lionheart (Sam/Dean)
Fic title: The King and The Lionheart
Author name:
External image
Artist name:
External image
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Word count: 46k.
Warnings: one scene of het sex.
Summary: Getting the Mark of Cain off Dean ended up being the last straw. Without allies or a reason to keep hunting, Sam and Dean Winchester leave their old life behind them in flames. They re-emerge from the ashes as Sam and Dean Wesson, residents of Misty Luna, Maine–a town with a personality all its own. As they settle into civilian life, they gain careers, a home, good friendships and the kind of fulfillment they never thought possible. But with nothing left to fight, the underbelly of their particular kind of love is thrown into sharp relief, especially considering the whole town thinks they’re married, anyway. After dancing around their feelings for the past twenty years, Sam and Dean find a peace they never knew existed, and through it all, they find each other again. And maybe, just maybe, forever. Curtain!fic. Canon divergence after 10x21, “Dark Dynasty.”
Link to fic: The King and The Lionheart.
Link to art: Nikki’s gorgeous art for The King and The Lionheart.

from Supernatural and J-Squared Big Bang Challenge!

Lmfao idk if the tumblr shutdown thing is true but I do have some other social media to where I post stuff:

Deviant art (fucking behind on uploading shit but I’ll get to it) 

Pixiv (contains mostly nsfw but has some sfw art).  Message me what it is and I’ll give it.  However please be over 18 if you are going to look at pixiv.  

Twitter: (username is Trinaofdoom).  I’ll probably start posting more sfw art there but of course that requires me to actually sit down and upload shit.  

You can also contact me at for any questions about commissions and stuff!  

[LJ] Cast Your Spell

Title: Cast Your Spell
Author: xkeirafanx in suhoneyfest
Pairing: Kris/Suho
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Harry Potter!AU
Warnings: Frottage, Homophobia

Summary: The Triwizard Tournament was every wizard and witches dream of fame and glory and Yifan anticipated proving himself. What he had not anticipated was for the Beauxbatons representative to turn his life around.

With all this talk about Yahoo! losing money over Tumblr and possibly shutdown, (I’m hoping it’s the latter and they just sell it off to someone else on Monday), I want to let all my followers know, if you want to follow me on FB (but I’m boring on there :P), Pinterest or correspond by e-mail, drop me a message and I’ll give you my info.

Is it too late to back to livejournal? I’d have to spiff up my account because it’s still there but I would happily go back there if it meant continuing fandom stuff because let’s be honest, there isn’t another fan-based social media platform like Tumblr, is there?

i was so bored i created a livejournal page

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