Food For Thought

This week I want to encourage you all how to think outside the box and get creative with your food.   I wanted to post this fabulous burger cake, or should I say cake burger…  The fries, garnish and condiments all edible.  For a burger fan there is no better cause for celebration.  Get creative and put your own foodie spin on a dish with a twist and send me your photos, also upcoming this week an article on a Saturday roast club and the secret lunch box challenge.


HA HA HA I was going through Facebook to find pictures to share for the last post when I came across this from my birthday 2009.

I requested a beefcake and a cakeburger.

It was pretty funny when I saw the beefcake item on the GISHWHES 2013 list because… We had done it before!

Pfft … In my moms opinion, these are not good pictures of me.

I think they are wonderful.

Emily made the #EmmyBurger in #cake form for @gothamburgersocialclub last week. They rated us one of the best in the city so thankfully we didn’t have to hit them in the face with it! 😜 #pizzalovesemily #🍕♥️E #bestburger #cakeburger #ricecrispytreats #buttercream #burger #pretzelbun #hamburger #🍔 #🍰 #eeeeeats by pizzalovesemily